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Chapter 7 Outrun their guns

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Gerard comes home, only to find Mikey...

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Don't you breathe for me
Undeserving of your sympathy
'Cause there ain't no way that I'm sorry for what I've done

I walk Frankie home, making sure those thugs from this morning don't follow him. I don't even see them.
I'm walking to my house now, from Frankie's, and my one, basic desire is to sing 'Frankie is gay' all the way home. I really want to yell it, excited I have a chance! (did I just think that? no, no no!) I feel like a pansy. Besides, when Ed died I promised I wouldn't sing again. But I really, really want to sing. I haven't wanted to sing since Ed died, so I'm surprised I want to. Singing reminds me of Ed, happiness and love. Probably why I want to sing right now.
I open the front door to my house."Miiikey, I'm hooome!" I yell, almost singing but not quite.
"G..Gee..." I hear Mikey croak.
"What's wrong, Mikey?" I ask, walking into the living room. I see Mikey, sprawled across the floor, bleeding from various wounds along his chest and thighs.
"There were...Vampires here..." He says.
"I'll call the Vampire Council. Maybe they'll know about this. I say, going for my phone.(Never mind my half dead brother bleeding on the floor.)
"No, Gee, don't." He croaks.
"But we have to find out who did this to you!" I say.
"I already know." He beckons me next to him. "Blood..." He requests.
I use my nails, and cut a wound in my pale wrist. Dark red blood seeps from the wound, and I press my wrist to Mikey's mouth. We stay like that for a minute, him no doubt giving me a hickey trying to drink as much blood as possible. I pull, away, a bit dizzy and tired from the blood loss.
"Who was it?" I ask him, as soon as I see his wounds starting to heal.
"The vampire supremacists." He says.
I shake my head. "Why?" I ask.
"They said... that you're getting to close to the boy, Frank or whatever. They said that if you so much as kissed him, he'd end up dead by their hands. I think this attack was suggested to them by the council..." He explains.
"The...The council? But we had a deal...They have to leave you alone...they said they would..."I mumble.
"They didn't say they'd keep mindless idiots out of it. The supremacists don't technically work for the Council. They also said to stop randomly killing people to protect Frank. I think you should listen." Mikey says, sitting up.
I run my hand through my hair. "I need to feed." I say, then leave, slamming the door on my way out.
I'm really tired from losing so much blood to Mikey, but that doesn't stop me from "coincidentally" finding the three thugs from earlier and making them my twilight snack. It's not like I tracked them down because they could hurt Frankie or anything.
I'm mean to Frankie the next day. It really hurts inside, but there's no way I can let that show. Here's an example conversation in History.
Frankie: Hey, thanks for walking me home yesterday. I was scared those thugs would come back.
Me: Fuck off.
Frankie:Did I do something wrong?
Me: Yes, Frank, you did everything wrong. So fuck off.
Raven: Oh no, you didn't! Don't you DARE talk to Frankie like that!
Me: You have no idea as to what I'd dare to do.
Raven: And we were nice to you! Frankie got a detention on your behalf! You mother fucking cunt!
Me:...Fuck off.
I want to hug Frankie, pick his small body up in my arms and kiss him. But I can't. If I do Frankie will die, and I can't have that happening. I can't handle that, even though I've known him maybe 2 days.

There you have it. Personally, not my favorite chapter. Oh well. I hope you liked it, please rate and review. I have a 5 day break from school because of an unknown reason, but I love this unknown reason very much. I'll probably post the next chapter soon, I'm almost done with the first draft XD!
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