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chapter 6 He's my Secret

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History class brings up unpleasant...Histories.

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I was ten minutes late for math, the nurse annoying the shit out of him to see if he was okay. But all in all, it wasn't that bad. I wasn't hurt, I don't get hurt easily (By human standards), but I think Frank might be hurting a little bit. I don't see him until second hour History class, all patched up and talking to a girl. A pretty girl, with bra-strap length curly bue hair, pale-ish skin(not like mine, though) and a smirk almost identical to the one Franks seems to show off. I feel a pang in my chest. She's probably his girlfriend.
"Hey."I say, sliding into one of the two vacant seats at the table. The one next to Franks girlfriend, whom I can be venemous towards. Frank, me and venom don't go well together, in case you haven't noticed.
"Ooooooh, is this Mr. Prince Charming?" The girl with the ocean colored hair giggles at Frank, earning her a punch.
"Prince Charming?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. A blush from Frank. My heart goes leaping in my chest.
"Um...Yeah, 'cause you saved me." I chuckle, knowing the only thing keeping my heart from suddenly hemorrhaging is the fact I know he's lying. You can usually hear it in a human's voice. But I do wonder how 'charming' got in there. I haven't really been all that nice.
"I'm Raven, Frankie here's told me about you." she says. Frankie(kinda cute, eh?) is talking about me?!
"Gerard." I say. she says something along the lines of 'well, duh.'
"Oh, you tell HER your name when you just said 'so' to me!?" Frankie exclaims. It really is a cute nickname.
"She said you talked about me, so I kinda assumed she already knew my name, and there's no getting out of the hole of people talking about other people." I reply, kinda confusing everyone. "I wasn't really planning on making friends at the time. But Mikey liked you, so I figured I could at least try to be nice." I say, sugar coating the stellar performance of my life with yet another lie.
"So you're friends with me because of your brother?" He asks, looking a bit hurt. I feel bad, but I nod.
Raven looks at me for a moment. I think she discovers something after a bit because what she says next literally starts to erode my perfect pretense of calmness.
"Look, I don't know what your damage is, what happened to you in the past or whatever, but that's no reason to be an evil bastard to Frankie." She practically spits those words at me. I don't know why, but start to see her in a new light. And that is a very bad thing for me.
"My damage?" I laugh."The man I loved was killed simply because I loved him." I say, telling all the story they can live and know. Oops, I realize. I just told them I was gay and my life's biggest tragedy. Fucking muffin Fucker.
I immediately bite my lip and run my hand through my hair.The image of innocence... yeah, right."Sorry.I shouldn't have said that."
"I'm so sorry. We didn't know." Raven says, reaching out to put her pale hand on my even paler arm. I let her. I feel like crying. I haven't cried since before Ed died...
"No, no, NO!" I scream, pulling away, even standing up, toppling the little blue chair previously inhabited by yours truly. But I don't give a damn."Don't touch me! They could kill you too! You can't touch someone like me and expect not to end up hurt or dead! They won't allow it!" I yell, tears leaking out my hazel eyes.
"Freak." A plastic person mutters.
I run out of the room, but I really don't make it far. I'm right outside the door when I collapse into body quaking sobs.
They can't be nice to me. Not after what happened to Ed. What if it happens again? I could potentially be sending everyone at this school to an early grave, just being here.
"I can hear the history teacher(Mrs.Smitt I think) going off on Frankie and Mikey. I just can't find it in me to care. I pull my knees up to my chest, and rock back and forth, trying too calm, stop the crying, stop the pain, stop the everything. I should just go home. I want to, I really do, but Frankie probably shouldn't go out alone until I kill those bastards that attacked him this morning. I'' kill them eventually, I know I will. I'll keep Frankie safe.
I hear a shriek from Mrs.Smitt as Frankie bursts out of the classroom, his head turnig every which way until he finally sees me.
"Hey, Gee." He says, using Mikey, and even Ed's old nickname for me. It makes me cry harder, his endearment of me. He squats down next to me.
"Thanks for telling me." He finally says, after a minute of silence. "Raven's really sorry..." I don't answer, just try to stop cryimg.
"If it isn't to difficult...Can you tell me what you meant by saying 'They killed him because he loved me'?" He asks, curiosity and kindness displayed across his face. Weird mix much?
"Because we were gay." It isn't exactly a lie. This little fact just added salt to the wounds. Ed died,in reality, because I broke the rules.
"Hey, I'm gay too. I don't seem to be getting too many legit death threats." He smiles. wait- did he just say he's gay?"When was this, a hundred years ago?" He continues, but I'm not really paying attention. Frankie's gay! And just like that, I jump up, tears no longer falling from my face. Frank's a bit startled by my sudden burst of energy-not to mention happiness- That he falls back on his butt. Laughing, I offer him a hand.
"Mood swings much?" He asks me, accepting my hand-no,not like we're getting married, sheesh. I laugh again at his question.
"I just remembered to think of what I usually think of when this happens. It always helps." I lie.
"What's that?" He asks, curious.
"It's a secret." I say. A secret I would rather he not know. the secret: He's my secret.

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