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chapter 5 What I accidentally inflicted on Frankie

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Remember those kids Gerard killed? Well, it turns out they've got friends.

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I go to school today, the day after I kinda ran out of the house. I'm eager, yet dreading, seeing Frank, and I know it's going to happen eventually but I still decide to enter my school from the back entrance.
I walk towards the back entrance, along the side of the two story windowless prison hoping not to bump into Frank. Yet hoping for it. I really can't see him. I can't stand him! But because the universe hates me (Like, WTF?) I see him. But he's not alone. He's pinned to the wall by a muscular African American man, mid twenties. There are two other men keeping watch, they look similar to the man holding Frank.
"You're the faggot my brother was chasing yesterday before he fucking disappeared! WHERE IS HE!??" The man pinning Frank to the wall demands, quiet yet powerful. Remind you of anyone?
"I-I don't know! I crashed at a friends, I didn't see them after I was in his house!" I feel butterflies in my stomach. Frank called me a friend. Or maybe he was referring to Mikey. Whatevs, the butterflies were still there. Frank's eyes are wide anxiously looking around for someone to help him. His eyes widen when he sees me. I guess I don't look very tough, with my skinny frame and pale skin. Help! His eyes plead, while simultaneously telling me to run.
"The boys yesterday?" I ask innocently, finally being noticed by the shitty watchmen. I feel one of them force me against the wall next to Frank.
"You know where they are?" He spits, hissing the poison filled words into my face. His breath is not attractive.
The laughing starts in the center of my stomach, shaking up my body until it finally erupts through my throat, and I know I must be a crazy sight to see. I've always held title for evilest laugh in class. And now these humans, no, worms, get to hear it in an unfriendly scenario.
"Are you shitting us? Why the fuck are you laughing?" The worm holding Frank asks me.
"Because," I say, my voice sticky and sweet."They're dead." I laugh again, realizing I probably AM insane. It'll only make life more interesting.
Everyone's eyes widen, even Franks. The worm holding me whispers"You killed Chauntcee's brother?" Then he hits me, and I don't even so much as flinch as his fist collides with my stomach. I see the worm previously holding on to Frank, who I now presume is named Chauntcee, hitting Frank. I can't let that happen. I punch the worm attempting to hurt me, sending him sprawling across the pavement very far from where I now stand, pulling Frank and Chauntcee apart. I hit Chauntcee in the gut, and again quickly in the chest, and he's in a heap on top of the man who was holding me down.
Shitty guard man rushes over, trying to overtake me in a whirl of fists, but I easily dodge and elbow his back, collapsing him.
"Let's go!" I demand of Frank, grabbing his hand and running him inside the school.
"H-how did you know those boys were dead?" He asks me, looking kind of scared.
"I saw it on the news. I guess they're not minors, 'cause the news station even said how they died. Shot each other." I lie.
"Yeah. okay...But how did you know it was them if you'd never seen them before?" Luckily I have another lie.
"I did see them, chasing you. How do you think I got to the door so fast?" I lie easily.
I look over at him. I'd been observing the students giving us funny looks. I wonder why they're looking at us. Anyway, as soon as I look at Frank all of the glares and questioning looks are lost on me.
His lip is busted, his lip ring is gone, there's a cut on his forehead bleeding down into a black eye."I should get you to the nurse." I decide.
"No, I'm fine." He says, then looses his balance and starts to fall. I catch him, my arm supporting his mid-back. I lean over and put my other arm behind his knees, then stand up. He gasps, as I'm now carrying him. I can't help but be inwardly excited as I force him to direct me to the nurse. Frank is blushing, but he needs to get there and maybe shouldn't walk.
"Gay freaks." I hear a plastic-like girl mutter. Oh. This must be why Frank's blushing.
I really need to get over him. like now.

Okay, don't kill me! I'm not trying to offend anyone with any of this, and I'm sorry if you don't like it!! Reviews are, as always, appreciated.
In the last chapter, I said I was going to take some time to think about the plot. I asked my amazing friends what should happen, and since only two(I only really have 2) read this, it was a split fucking decision. Please review, and don't be afraid to rip a hole in my heart! Also, don't be shy to nag me about miss-use of words or spelling and shit. I'm usually very particular about others people's spelling, so go on and bit my bloody head off!

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