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chapter 4 salt

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Frank is watching a movie with Mikey...

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I am eerily aware of Frank, who is sitting next to Mikey, who is sitting next to me. So yeah, there IS a Mikey in between us but that doesn't mean I don't notice every time Frank shifts his weight. I'm almost jealous of Mikey sitting next to him. Sitting next to that small but powerful body, easily being able to see that gorgeous hair, those intense yet beautiful eyes...At least I know Mikey's straight. I have no idea if Frank is.
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I shouldn't be thinking about this! I run my hand through my hair, contemplating what I'm going to do next.
I get up off my black couch. "I'm going to get another cup of coffee. Anyone want some?" I ask.
"I'll take a cup."Mikey says.
"Don't you guys ever sleep?" Frank asks, laughing. He must be comfortable in Mikey's presence.
"No." I say. Not coldly, but I say it like it's a secret."Don't tell anyone."
He laughs."I don't need a cup. Math first thing tomorrow morning!" I groan. out loud. WHAT THE FLYING FUCKS IS WRONG WITH ME???
I walk into the kitchen, grabbing two mugs out of the oak cupboards I remember buying. I pour semi-hot coffee into them, and add something extra to Mikey's. A lot of something extra.
I walk into the living room, handing Mikey his coffee as i sit down next to him. He gladly accepts it, not knowing it's laced with sweet revenge. Revenge for being nice to Frank, for having us all watch this stupid movie that I don't even know what is, revenge for letting Frank in through the front door. Okay, the last one was me but I can still blame it on him.
I almost smile as I see him bring the coffee to his lips.
"BLUUUUGH!" He yells, almost causing Frank to have a panic attack. I suppress an evil laugh."GERARD FUCKING WAY! Did you put SALT in my COFFEE?!"
"No, I would never do something that would hurt my dear brother as this obviously does." I say. Not a very convincing answer.
"You did!" He yells, jumping on me.
"Get off!" I say a bit loudly(so yeah, I shout) as he tries to give me a vampire noogie (a really strong version of a human one).
I finally manage to push him off me, us both breathing heavily(some types of vampires, the me and Mike type do breathe. It's weird.) as we have a stare down. Frank is the one to break the silence by laughing. I chuckle, after a few seconds, and soon Mikey is belly laughing. He likes Frank too. Wait, too? I don't bloody like Frank!
You know you do says the mysterious voice in my head. Can you get these voices surgically removed yet?
Nope! Says the voice, happy as can be.
"Great..." I mutter out loud.
"Well, I'm going to go get another cup of coffee."Mikey announces, standing up fast, the loss of weight on the couch almost making me fall."You two have fun." He says not so cryptically, leaving the purple painted living room. I watch him walk out of the room until he's gone. My lifeline is gone. ARGH!!! How stupid can I be! I don't want to be alone with Frank! I just had to put salt in Mikey's coffee, didn't I? yes, I did.
"Mikey said you rarely open the door for anyone. Why'd you open it for me?" Frank asks.
I shrug, then find myself blurting out"Because I like you!" Oh shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. Fuck. I could go on all night.
"I gotta go." I say, getting up and rushing out the door, even grabbing my schoolbag on my way out. There's no way I'm coming back tonight, not with Frank here.
"Where are you going?" I hear Mikey ask me.
"Out." I say, rushing past him. I'll feed tonight. With Frank involved, accidentally biting someone at school seemed possible.
I rush out the door, disappearing into the night.

I have a bad habit of writing things, then typing them half as long. I'm proud to say this is longer and better than the original. Sorry for not updating sooner, I might not update for a bit because I need some advice on how the story should play out. luv ya, reviews are appreciated.
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