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chapter 3 Why my bedroom wall has a hole in it.

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History class, then a surprise after school!

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As soon as the bell rings, I "blow the Popsicle joint" that is math, as Mikey would say.
I end up late for my next class, History, as I get lost along the way. I'm not the most coordinated vampire in existence, so I have to try not to flush when I do something stupid. No one ever needs to see my fucking emotion, except Mikey.
I walk into class, approaching a vulture-like woman boring the class with an explanation of a group project. I look around the mint colored rectangular room, it's filled with square and circle tables. All the tables are full but one, which houses- wait for it- Frank Iero. Fuck.
"Hello, Mrs..." I say to the Vulture-woman.
"Smitt.. Mrs.Smitt. You must be Gerard." I nod. "Let's see... you can sit in the back with Frank Iero. We don't have assigned seats in this class, but everywhere else is full. limit of 4 to a table." She says to me. I comply, and as I sit down Frank flips me off. I feel bad, but don't say anything as I feel my heart ache.
"You'll be working on your project with your table group. You have this week in class to work on it, and it's due next Monday! Better get started!" Mrs.Smitt says to the class. I inwardly groan. I hear Frank mutter 'Fuck' under his breath, and almost smile. Damn this boy, he keeps on weakening my defenses with with the way he bites his lip ring and how...Wow. I am sooooo fucked. Go me.
"Know much about the civil war?" Frank asks me.
"A bit." I lie. I know a lot about it, having lived through it and all.
"Since you ever so kindly missed the explanation of our project, I'll fucking explain the details to you. We need to make two poster boards, trying to get rich folks to donate money for each cause, the north and south." He says, maybe setting a record for most sarcasm in a couple sentences ever.
"Ah." I say, ever so intelligently.
"You work on the South and I'll work on the North." Frank says, as Mrs.Smitt comes up behind him.
"Franklin, you need to work together. He's new here so help him out, or God so help me, I will flunk you." Mrs.Smitt says. Frank frowns, and curses. "Don't you have to get at least a B or you can't go to that Misfits concert you were talking to Raven about? I trust Raven will be here tomorrow, and she can join your group." Mrs.Smitt walks away as Frank strings a sentence of swears together.
"We should get started." I say, my heart knotting itself up inside my chest. He hates me. He should. But...
Frank Iero is in almost every one of my classes today, I've found out. Isn't that just fucking dandy?
Isn't it great? A voice in my head asks.
No! I snap back, busying myself with starting the process of making cold press to distract my conscious or whatever that voice is. I should probably explain why I'm making coffee. Well, even Vampires can eat food. It tastes the same as before the change, but holds no nutritional value... Kinda like fast food, I guess. Anyway, Mikey and I really like coffee. It's just so addicting.
I go upstairs to my room, and realize just how fucked I am. I want to be nice to a human! To something that isn't my little brother! I haven't felt this way in a long time, not since...
Frustrated, I walk across my room(from my bed) over to the wall. Then I promptly punch the wall, hard, and my hand goes through the black paint and various other things until my fist has broken into Mikey's neighboring room.
"Fuck." I mutter. It's going to be hard to cover that up.
"Gerard?" I hear Mikey say, and suddenly he's looking through the hole I just created.
"Um...Yeah?" I ask.
"Did you just punch a hole through our wall?" He asks.
"Maybe?" I say almost meekly.
"Did something bad, or I suppose in your case, good, happen at school today?" He asks, excited.
"No." I say.
"Are you sure?" He asks.
I nod.
"Hm..." He says, a little more than suspicious.
"Nothing happened!" I almost yell, flushing.
"Oh. My. God! Did you just blush!?!" He almost yells, excited. I turn away, exiting my room and going down stairs. I check on the cold press, and start making a pot of hot black coffee.
Mikey comes down stairs not too quietly, I might add, as he trips on a stair. I hear him fall, curse(Fucking fuck turds, in case you were wondering), and get up, clutching his shoulder like he hit it. It's unlikely that he did, but knowing my brother...
"What happened at school today?" He asks, knowing the easiest way to wiggle information out of me is to start with the big picture.
"Nothing much. Went there, had math, a stupid project with Frank in history class, and..." I stop, knowing I was instantly screwed the moment I said the name Frank. Fuck.
"And this, ahem, Frank, was he maybe the reason you crazy murdered our wall? Oooh, I'm shocked you remembered anyone's name! Frank must be..." He wiggles his eyebrows.
"Shut up. I remember my math teacher's name...It's Mrs...Arna?" I guess.
Mikey laughs. "I read your schedule when you got back. It's Mr. Arnoe! Jeez, you fail at names Gee!" He says, almost doubling over from laughing.
"Whatever." I say, oh so smoothly. I look outside, it's dark now. I can see a figure running, but pay it little attention.
"So. This Frank...Is he cute? Loveable? Whatever you think about other guys?" Mikey asks.
"Just some kid in a lot of my classes so far." I say.
"And..?" Mikey prompts.
"And nothing!" I say, as I hear a frantic knock on my door.
"God, You gotta let me in! Please, I need help!" I hear a familiar voice say. I'm almost instantly at the door, pulling Frank inside.
"Why are you here?" I ask him.
"Gerard? I, uh, didn't know this was your house." He says dumbly.
"Why are you here?" I repeat. I'm holding Frank by the collar.
"I was in the ghetto when I uh, accidentally pissed off some kids. I started running when they pulled out their guns... They're after me! Please let me hide here for a while! Thanks for letting me in, man. I swear I didn't know you lived here." I believe him, so I drop his collar as Mikey pops into the mudroom.
"Who was it?" He asks, then his eyes widen.
"Gee...You actually let someone in our house?"
I shrug.
"First the wall and now this...Ya know, I'm going to star getting the idea you have actual feelings if you keep doing stuff like this!" Mikey exclaims, shocked, serious and teasing all at once. I shrug.
"Frank, this is Mikey, my brother. Mikey this is-"
"Frank from school?" Mikey says, cutting me off.
"If you mean the school where your brother and I have almost every fucking class together, then yes. I am Frank from school, I'd suppose." Frank says. Mikey wiggles his eyebrows at me. I almost roll my eyes.
"Want some coffee?" Mikey asks Frank,leading him to the kitchen.
"Sure." Frank says, biting on his lip ring, looking over at me before disappearing into the kitchen.
I hear a knock on the door. I open it to find two African American youths standing on my door. They have irrationally baggy pants, huge hoodies and both have guns pointed at me.
"Open up. We know you got the faggot." One of them says. At hearing that word, I get mad. you see, it's the word humans used before killing my former lover.
I grab the boy closest to me by the hair, and rake my long nails across his neck, killing him almost instantly.
The other goes to shoot me, but I plunge my hand into his chest before he can pull the trigger. I crush his heart. I pick up both bodies and throw them out of town, into the surrounding wheat fields. It's a vampire thing.
I run upstairs, quickly washing the blood of my body and hands via the sink. Such a lovely invention, running water through houses...
I go back downstairs, only to find Frank relaxing in Mikey's company. My stomach clenches.
I know Mikey can smell the blood on me, but I see he's looking relaxed all the same.
"I'm surprised my brother opened the door for you. He must like you." I hear Mikey say.
"Nah, I don't think he does. I think he thinks he's superior and I'm a lame pathetic person.
Mikey laughs. "Gee's good at making people feel like that, it's actually why he's going to your school. He made everyone feel inferior, and they didn't like that. Let's just say it got a little out of control."
"No, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me. He acts like he doesn't care." Frank says, and I feel my stomach knotting. They haven't noticed me, hovering in the doorway.
"Gee's always been good at acting. He secretly likes you, and I'm sure the hole in the wall between our bedrooms would agree!" Mikey says.
"Hole?" Frank asks.
"Gee got mad and punched it. You should have seen the look on his face. He swore, too! I haven't heard a proper swear from him in a long, long time." Mikey says, his face that of reminiscence.
I walk in proper now.
"Hey Gee. I like your friend. You two should hang out more often." He says, trying(and failing) to discreetly wiggle his eyebrows at me. "Oh, I know! Why don't we all watch a movie together?"
"I can make you popcorn." I say.
"You have to watch too!" Mikey half says, half pleads.
"Fine, I will." I say.

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