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Chapter 2 it's a start

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Gee goes to school!! Frank is-oh my shit- There! That's never happened in a fanfic before!

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I walk into school, saying nothing of the human's ugly glares or obvious disdain. I reach the main office, and open the caramel colored door into a mid-size room.
"I'll be with you in a sec, hon." A lady I assume is a receptionist says, one ear on a phone.
I sit in a blue plastic chair by the door. It's not very comfortable but I can deal, the same way I can deal with anything. In silence. I think about the humans, the filthy creatures lining the halls, and, frankly, lining everywhere. All the ones I saw in the hallways didn't seem to look like me. Their skin isn't pale, not really, and most of them have brown or blond hair, not the inky black spill I had falling down my face. They dressed in colors. I dressed in black. We really couldn't be more different. Could we?
"Okay, what do ya need?" I hear the receptionist say. To get out of this place.
"I need my schedule." I say.
"Ah, fresh meat. And your name is?" She asks, looking at me with big brown eyes.
"Way. Gerard." I say.
"Let's see... Oh, here we are! You're a 3rd year... I got it printed out somewhere..."She says, not looking at what I assume is my record on her computer anymore.
"Ah, here it is!" she says, finding it in her desk drawer.
"..." She hands me the schedule. I have math first hour. "Where's the math room?" I ask.
"Which math teacher you have?" She asks.
I look at the slip of paper. "Mr.Arnoe."
"Ah, room 216. Up one floor and to the left." She tells me. I leave.
"What, no 'thank you'?" I hear her mutter. No, no 'thank you.'
I get to my math class just as the bell rings. I walk in the door, looking for the teacher. I see him, Mr.Arnoe, a red headed man around 35 years of age, I'd say.
"Mr.Arnoe?" I ask him. He smiles. "You must be Gerard. Why don't you sit down." He says. I do. There are only seats available in the back, so that's where I sit.
"Now, today we will be working on the uses of--" Mr.Arnoe starts, but then is cut off when a boy walks into class. A boy that makes my stomach flip over.
"Sorry I'm late, Mister Arnoe." He says. He has black and red hair, black skinnies and a Misfits shirt. Also, poking out of his skin, a silver lip ring. Pretty.
"That's the third time in the last week!" Mr.Arnoe says. "You can sit in the back, next to the new student, Frank. Don't be late again or you'll get a detention."
The boy makes his way through the rows of desks, getting looked at the same way I did by his peers. The kid looks me over as he sits down.
"I'm Frank." He says, reaching out to shake my hand.
I look at him. My shell seems to soften. I almost reach out and say 'Gerard.' But then I remember who I am. Instead of being nice, I say "So?"
And a silence is brought about."Fuck you, too." He says. I can feel the blood churning in his body, almost hear it, smell it's sweetness... I run my hand through my hair.
I haven't felt so strongly about wanting to be nice in ages. I shouldn't want this. It's wrong for me to want it. I look over at him, doodling in a math book. Doodling music notes, and I realize he reminds me of someone...
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