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Chapter 1/ epilogue

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After pissing off the Vampire council, vampires Mikey and Gerard Way are sentenced to high school! Gerard is cold, human hating. But when he meets Frank...Let's just say things change.

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My brother had fucked up big time. After it became clear to the Vampire council my brother Gerard was emotionally detached to the world, the council sentenced him to 2 years of human high school! Oh, and here's a kicker- he's sun fearing vampire!
**Gerard's P.O.V.
My brother is being nice to me. I hate it when he does that, tries to make it better. But it won't. Ever. Get. Better.
Now I have to go to a human school. The kind with humans in it. The same kind of humans that murdered...
Mikey volunteered to go with me to school, but he was being nice again. I hate it when he's nice. I mean, I love him to death yet I really wish I didn't. I don't think it's a good idea for my brother to be around someone like me. Someone who loves him, and depends on him. I would be nothing without my brother. I wouldn't be alive now, if it weren't for him.
I've gotten a bloodstone for school, a stone that will make it so I don't burn up in the bright sun. I got Mikey one too. He likes the day, and his old one was starting to fade. Tomorrow my second hell will begin.
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