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Chapter 12 Faster than my bullet

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Frankie moves in...

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Gerard's P.O.V.
"You can sleep here." I say, opening the door to one of the two spare bedrooms that are in Mikey and my house. It's a dark green room, with one black tinted window and a queen sized dark red sheeted bed. (The comforter is, however, black.)
"Thanks, Gee." Frankie says quietly. His eyes are just barely holding back tears. I want to sweep him into my arms and hug him tight...but I can't, I just can't, or I would regret it for the rest of my life. I'll have to let him cry alone.
"If you need anything else, tell me. The bathroom is down the hall to the left." I say, plopping one of his bags down on his new bed. "My room is down the hall to the right, the first door you'll see. Mikey's is right next to it. I'm going to go out, get you a proper and new bloodstone. Mikey's here, so holler for him if you need anything."
XXXX Frankie's P.O.V.
I hear a banging on the door, and scrambling of feet. I'm laying on the huge bed Gee's let me have, in this room he's also let me borrow. He's really being nice. I think I'm starting to understand him better. He doesn't hate me, he just doesn't want to love me, or have me think he would ever go out with someone like me.
"Frankie, go in my room and hide. Don't come out until Gee or I find you." I hear Mikey whisper outside my door, then he seems to make his way to the stairs, judging by his footsteps.
I get off the bed, alarmed, and exit my room, entering the room Gee said was Mikey's. I enter the room, and notice a curious hole in one of the deep red walls. Hm. I climb under the bed, even though it's a bit cramped. I hear a crash.
"What the bloody HELL does your idiot brother think he's DOING?!" I hear a male voice yell from downstairs yell.
"Gee hasn't done anything wrong!" I hear Mikey squeak.
"Maybe he hasn't, but if patterns repeat then he will! According to reports he's become soft on one Franklin Iero, and you know what will happen if they're together! Don't you know what the council would DO if Gerard fell in love again? If they hear so much as a rumor, there's going to be a full investigation on Gerard. And we know investigations plus your brother never end well! The council would kill this Frank boy, and they won't be lenient this time! They'd kill you too, Micheal. You're supposed to keep your brother safe! You can't do that if you're dead, unless he's dead too! Arlireum sends a message. For your brother. If he so much as touches this Frank kid, he's going to regret it for the rest of his afterlife. Last time, just Edward died. If history repeats, it'll be you and Lover Boy. That can't happen." I hear the man(presumably) yell. I hear a crash, and a slash, then a scream. A scream, that is no doubt, made by Mikey. I hear the front door slam, and silence.
I know Mikey said to stay put, but I can't. Not after that scream. I run down the stairs, but my sock gets caught on a protruding nail and I tumble down the last steps.
I get up off the floor, and half walk/limp into the hallway.
I see Mikey, leaned up against the blood splattered wall, covered in blood. He's not breathing, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to vampires.
"Mikey! Are you alright!?" I ask, running over to him. Dumb question.
"No..." He says. I see so much blood, I can't find a wound.
"I should call 911, or... You're a vampire? Who do I call for medical assistance?" I almost cry the words.
"Call Gerard..." He says.
"I'll be back." I say, and run into the kitchen(where the home phone is), and dial up the number labeled GERARD that's taped to the wall.
"Hello? Mikey? Do you need something?" He answers.
"Gee, it's Mikey, he's hurt, I dunno what to do..." I say, barely keeping myself from crying. What if Mikey dies?
"Frank? What happened?" He asks, concern in his voice.
"I don't know, someone was here, blood everywhere, and I-"
"I'll be there in one minute." Gee says, hanging up.
XXXX Gee's P.O.V. XXXX One minute later
I open the door, briefly fumbling with the keys. Frankie sounded so upset, but it's Frankie, it might not be that bad...
As soon as I open the door, I can smell all of the blood in the hallway. I see Frankie first, desperately trying not to cry, clutching Mikey's hand like it's his life line. Then I see Mikey, propped against the wall...I see more blood than Mikey.
"Frank, go into the basement's mini-fridge and get me three jugs of blood." I command. Frankie scurries off, and as he turns I see the tears finally fall from his eyes. "Mikey will be fine."
I crouch down next to Mikey after Frankie's gone.
"Who did it?" I ask.
"It was...James...He was delivering a message for the Arlireum...." Mikey croaks.
"They did it last time, too, didn't they?" I ask. He nods.
"And they even used James..." I start to rant, but Mikey cuts me off.
"The Arlireum wanted you to know...That if you even touched Frankie...They'd kill him and torture him too..also...They will" Mikey croaks. I think this over for a second, and at the end of the second Frankie walks into the room with the bottles of blood in his arms.
After Mikey has drunk all the blood, Frankie starts with the questions, some of them I knew would come eventually.
Frankie's P.O.V.
"Who did this to you? Who are the Arlireum? Why can't Gee be in love? What did that person mean, last time? And who's Edward?"
Mikey sighs."James Belecourt did this to me, he's the man who turned me into a vampire. The Arlireum is a hit-crew made up of vampires that works for the council. It doesn't officially exist, though...As to why Gee can't be in love, Gee can answer that." He sighs again.
I look over at Gee, who is avoiding my gaze at almost any cost, it seems. Mikey nudges him. Gee sighs.
"I can't be in love because my ability can only be used when I feel an emotion completely. Love is considered the highest emotion. Last time, referring to the last time I fell in love, they were tortured then killed. And that person's name was Edward.
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