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Chapter 13 The Cat Started It

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Mikey...gets a...a...I can't say it.

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Gerard's P.O.V.
Mikey announced it. I didn't believe him at first, when he said it was happening. He said it would be good for us. He said it would open my heart further, I wanted my heart sealed. He also said Frankie and I have to take care of it, together.
We were getting a cat.
"Her name is Snowball." Mikey said. It was a fully grown cat, with short black hairs and green eyes, looking nothing like a snowball. "She'll need to be fed, and her litter box attended. You'll have to pet her, and play with her sometimes." He handed me the cat. "He's yours, and Frankie's now."
Now I'm sitting on my bed, holding Snowball by her chest/front paws, talking to her.
"You know, Snowball, Mikey's becoming stranger by the year. He almost dies, then he gets a cat. Why do you think he suddenly decided we need a cat? He's not even taking care of it, having Frankie and I do you. I mean, what's with the sudden animal desire? We haven't had an animal since Betsy, a black lab. She had similar fur to you, but her eyes were brown, not green. I don't think she would have liked you, but she really didn't like anyone but Mikey and I. Speaking of liking people, I wonder if Frankie likes me..." It's the first time I've said his nickname out loud. It's so fitting, so cute.
"Um...Gee?" I hear Mikey say. Oh shit, I haven't fixed the hole in our wall yet! I need to do that...
"...Yeah?" I ask, semi-pretending I was NOT just talking to a cat.
"You know, the Arlireum and the Council shouldn't stop you from being with someone you love." He says.
"Maybe they shouldn't, but they still do." I say. It's the sad truth.
"Yeah, but if you really like Frankie, then you should just...Go for it."
"I can't 'go for it', Mikes, if it will get you both killed. If it doesn't work out, you're dead and so is Frankie. Even if it does work out between us, you're stil dead and so is Frankie, and I'm left alive." I say sadly."I'd be digging your graves and picking out your coffins."
"You sort of already did that when you made Frankie a vampire." Mikey says. I bite my lip.
"Well, I would rather have him die later, rather than sooner. If the Council finds out about it, they'll only kill him." I say.
"Would they? I don't know if the council would kill him. He has your blood, and maybe your ability, to a lesser extent. They wouldn't risk that. They'd kill me."
"Mikey, I didn't think about it like that! I'm so sorry! I can't change it, but...I really am sorry..." I say, realizing the danger he's in.
He chuckles. "Gee, you know it'll be fine. It always is. Besides, if you and Frankie fall totally in love, the Council and the Arlireum will be powerless against you. You could even rule over vampire kind, if you wanted to."
"I don't want to rule. And I don't want too take a chance with Frankie's life." I say, my lip now bleeding from all the chewing of it I have been doing,
"Gee, the moment you turned him into a vampire you w=made a huge gamble. There will, at least for now, be risks when you are with or even near Frankie. Just tell him how you feel, see what happens. The best scenario, you and Frankie live on, with me of course. Worst case scenario, Frankie and I are dead and you're left to grieve us."
"Mikey... I can't." I say.
"Urgh! Grow a set, Gerard! I know you want to be with Frankie!" He practically shouts.
"I want to be with Frankie, but I love him too much to let him be killed because of me. If I have to, I'll wait until the world forgets about me, be it in a hundred, or a thousand years, and I will then ask for his love, They can't keep apart even if they won't stop breaking us down." I say, realizing it's true.
"Gee, if you're together, love will be your resistance. Your ability, when you're in love, is stronger than the world and you know it. I think Frankie can give you an undefiable love." He says.
"Yeah, maybe, but i don't think..."
"Gee, every time you look at the boy your eyes say you're falling in love. You're falling in love with Frankie, you're a queer and so is he. He at least likes you too. He hugged you at his house, didn't Raven say he was upset after you started being mean to people? He likes you, Gee." The wall/Mikey says. "What more could you ask for?"
"Frankie's perfect..." I admit."But..."
"Gee! Just ask the goddamn boy out already!"
"Um...yeah. I will."

Hello, all. There was no note last time. I almost missed my bus, and that would equal no computer for a week, so, no note. Anyway, this chapter. I didn't like it. I was staring at a blank page for a while, my cat playing with my hair, when I asked my sister (Who doesn't read my story) what should happen. She said cats should fall on their heads. So they got a cat. The rest was because I was listening to MUSE's The Resistance (Song), and it says 'Love is our Resistance' in the lyrics, I think. So yeah, here's a shitty chapter delivered to you straight from boredom, random sisters and the Resistance. Oh life. Well, PLEASE R&R!!!!!!! I WILL EAT YOU IF YOU DON'T!(well, maybe not, but still!)
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