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chapter 14 Love Is Our Resistance.

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Council members come to the Way household...

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I half walk, half skip, and half drag my feet down the stairs. So I'm going down in three different ways all at once. I bite my lip. What if he doesn't feel the same? What is Frankie just wants to be friends? Maybe I shouldn't tell him...
No, I need to tell him.
This can only end badly.
This CAN end well, and it will.
How can you be so sure?
It'll work out! It has to!
Maybe it won't...
I stop walking down the stairs when I smell pine coming from the living room. Pine, that means...
"F...Frank?" I ask, hoping he's just wearing cologne or something.
"In here." I hear an unfamiliar voice answer. My insides freeze. Why are they here? Who exactly are they? I wonder as I walk into the living room, where the voice came from. There are around 7 vampires there, one of them (a blue eyed brown haired man) pinning Frankie to the wall by his neck. I look at Frankie. He's crying, trying to get the man's hand off his throat.
"Put him down." I spit. The blue eyed man laughs, and drops Frankie, who comes running over to me. He hides behind my back, clutching his throat.
"My name is Jared Leronzo, and I am here today for the Council to asses your living situation." The blue eyed man says, matter-of-factly. "You are Gerard Way?"
I nod. "What do you want?"
He ignores my question."You have turned Franklin Iero into a vampire, thus breaking the rules we have set for you. There will be a punishment administered."
"I didn't turn him." I lie.
"Yes, you did! The boy himself is proof! And he's obviously attached to you." He says, annoyed.
"Maybe he's attached to me because my brother took him in after his mum kicked him out. Then my BROTHER turned him into a vampire. We do share blood, but not like that." I lie. Frankie has the good sense to not look confused.
"But...He!...You!..Argh! Fine! You're lucky you and your brother are freaks who share the same blood patterns so we can't tell with a blood test!" He says, almost shouting. He then composes himself. "Good day." He says, leaving the room, then the house, taking his vampire friends with him.
"Gee..." Frankie says, now that they're gone. I turn to face him. "Why did you turn me...If you knew it'd cost you this much?" He asks.
"I turned you because..." I think about how to answer it. Heck, it's my life. It's now or never. "Because I love you." I finally manage to get out.
His light brown eyes widen, looking up at me. Oh god, he's going to say he doesn't like me...I look away, biting my lip.
"Gee, look at me." The sternness in his voice shocks me into looking. But I don't really look, because his lips are mashed against mine, his hands in my hair, pulling me closer. I reach my arms up, wrapping them around his torso, trying to make him be as close to me as possible. I kiss him back with force, emotion, as our tongues explore each others mouths.
I hear the front door burst open, but I pay little attention. Jared Lorenzo and his minions are back, and I sadly break the kiss that Frank and I were entwined in.
I sigh. I'm now only holding Frankie's hand, and Jared is looking at us, a truimphant grin on his face. But I don't care. I can feel a knot in my heart loosening, and pure power rushing through my veins.
"Gerard Way, you are under arrest for being sexually involved with someone. Frank Iero, you are under arrest for being sexually involved with Gerard Way." Jared says, but I pay him little attention.
"We only kissed!" Frank says, though I can tell by the scarlet of his face it was a big deal to him.
I start laughing. Frankie gives me a worried look, almost hurt, like he's starting to question that I meant the kiss. I did, so I stop laughing and pull him into a hug. "It'll be okay,I've got this." I whisper in his ear, then break the hug.
"You can't arrest us." I tell Jared.
"Yes, we have the authority." He says, not getting my point.
"The authority, yes. The power...Not so much." I chuckle.
A look of confusion passes over them. Then to Jared, a look of horror.
"Oh God, no...Men! Kill Frank Iero, now!" He yells.
I then break the promise I made at Edward's funeral, the promise that I would never sing again. I promised not to, but some promises have to be broken.
"I never said I'd lie in wait forever
If I died we'd be together
I can't always forget him
But he can try" I sing, ignoring the screams of the Council's dogs. Frankie looks scared, he doesn't get what's going on. I pull him to my chest as I continue to sing.
"At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are never coming home
Could I? Should I?" I sing. This is a song my Ed taught me. Ed had an ability, like me. He could hear the music of the future, and he taught me some of the songs he'd heard. I know all of them by heart, and this is one of my favorites. I stop singing, though the song isn't over. The vampires who came here with Jared are all dead on the floor.
"What happened?" Frankie asks, breaking our hug to look around. "Why are they all dead?" He asks. He's not used to death, and I can see tears in his eyes.
"Gee, I think it's about time you told Frankie your life's story." I hear Mikey say from the hallway. I turn around, and sure enough, there he is, leaning in the doorway.
I sigh.

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