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Chapter 15 The Beginning of Death

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Gee explains a bit about his 'ability', and his human life.

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"I'm not going to tell you when I was born, but note that it was quite a while ago."
I start.
"You just don't want to seem old." Mikey cuts in, chuckling. I glare at him.
"Shut up. Anyway, at first, when our story starts, it was Mikey, our mum and I all living together. Our father was off at war. It was around this time when the council started to gift humans with abilities. The Council stole us from our mother. Well, they actually bought us from our landlord. They turned Mikey into a vampire almost immediately, saying he had some special 'quality'." I continue.
"Actually, my body just wasn't compatable with the ability program." Mikey interjects.
"I didn't know that." I say, honestly surprised. Mikey shrugs. "Anyway, the Council gave me an ability. The ability was, well, is conditional though. You see, when I sing, if I feel one pure emotion strongly enough, I can send people to the other side of the life|Death veil. But I can only change the fate of those on my side of the veil. So, because I'm alive, I can send people to death. But if I'm dead...I can bring people, and vampires, back to life. The Council can't have that, having me bring their enemies back from the grave. That's why they hurt the ones I love, not me. They don't want me to die, they want me to live a miserable existence forever."
"Oh, and Gee can't commit suicide. The Council, as soon as Gee came about, started developing a technology they insert in your brain. If you so much as contemplate suicide, it'll scramble your thoughts." Mikey adds. I nod.
"Oh." Frankie says. "But why did they give you an ability they didn't want to exist?"
"Because, they only give a potential ability. The rest is based on my character or something, I guess. Well, on with the story, I guess. Since the Council didn't like my ability, they decided to isolate me and Mikes in a cottage in the woods. I was fine with that. They gave me stuff to do. That's where I first learned to draw." I explain.
"You draw?" Frankie asks, surprised.
I nod. "I can show you sometime if you want." He nods.
"Back to the story." Mikey demands. I give him a look, which he blatantly ignores.
"Fine. Mikey was out in the woods one day, feeding, I think?" He nods."And a wounded vampire came across me, all alone in a cottage in the woods. He thought to heal his wounds, so he drank my blood. He said in return for my sacrifice,he'd make me a vampire. I, of course, had no say in the matter. I became a vampire. The Council soon found out about my vampirism. I believe they executed the man who turned me. Which was kind of dumb, considering they were likely going to turn me anyway."
"They shouldn't have killed him." Mikey says, frowning. Frankie has wide eyes, like he can hardly believe it.
I shrug. "I didn't like him."
"Of course you didn't. He turned you into a vampire, raped you and left." MIkey says nonchalantly.
"Mikey!" I hiss.
"He raped you!?" Frankie exclaims. I sigh.
"Yes, he did. ANYWAY, the Council gave me a set of rules that I must follow, or be severely punished. One) NEVER turn a human into a vampire. They were worried that that vampire could inherit my ability. It's happened, I guess. Two) Never stay in the same urban area for more than two years. They thought I'd get too attached to the neighbors or something silly. Rule three) Never fall in love with anyone, or be sexually involved with anyone." I say my rules out loud, and I can see Frankie looking horrified over the last one.
"You...You've broken two rules with me, haven't you?" Frankie asks me. I nod.
"I'll break the third if you so desire." He blushed. "But for right now, we might want to move houses. Or clean up the bodies. And get a new door. Our door has been broken through what, three times?"
"Four, if you count the time you broke it down." Mikey informs me. He then sighs. "I like this house. I think we should stay. Get a stronger door. Or have two doors."
"I think we should stay here too..." Frankie says, looking around the kitchen.
I walk into school with Frankie, holding hands, ignoring insults made by the lower beings.
"why do we still have to go to school? I mean, I'm fucking dead!" Frankie complains.
"You need to finish your education, and I need to keep the Council away." I explain for what seems like the millionth time. "Don't you want to see Raven?" I ask, finally finding my trump card.
"Yes! I can't believe I forgot about her. There was just so much going on! That sounded mean." He reflects. "I want to tell her I'm a vampire. That we're together, and we're gay fucking vampires."
I chuckle. "I don't think that would go over well."
'yeah, I'd imagine so..." He loses himself in thought as we part our way to get to our respective lockers.
I haven't seen Frankie since our last class, and it's lunch. He's not here. I exit the lunchroom to investigate. I stop looking when I smell blood, and just track the scent. The blood has Frankie's scent on it, though it's not Frankie's blood. I would know if it was.
I find Frankie outside behind the school, on his knees, crying, surrounded by the bodies of some of the jocks at our school.
"Frankie..." I whisper, walking over to him. I bend down, wrapping my arm around his back, pulling him into my chest.
"Gee...I didn't mean it...They were teasing me, they one of them hit me and I..I lost it!" he cries harder, soaking my shirt.
"It's fine. It's not as if many vampires have a clean slate when it comes to murder." I joke. He cries even harder. I pat-rub his back, trying to comfort him.
"We're going to have to change schools now aren't we? They'll link me to this, and we won't be together..." Crying as hard as vampiricly possible.
"No, it'll be fine. Vampire particulates evaporate after 3 hours of not being attached to it's owner. They won't know you did it. We'll be together." I pull him closer to me, wrapping both arms around him.
"But Gee...I killed them. I have to pay..." He cries.
"Would they think about paying for killing you? No, you're a good person. It just takes a lot of practice to defeat your nature." I say softly.
"But Gee, I don't want to be like this, killing people." he cries.
"Frankie, I'll be here to stop you for as long as you'll keep me." I say.
He slowly stops crying. "You think I'd ever let you go?" he asks.
"I don't know. But I'll never leave, as long as you want me."
"So you plan on staying with me forever?" He asks, hopeful.
"Of course."

Anyway, I realize that my kiss scene last chapter might not have been that realistic. I have never properly kissed anyone, so piss of please. Ah, anyway, you should R&R because you know you love meXP. Now, do it or die! Okay, I know most of you don't but please. Oh, and I have two alternate endings, so it can end in like, two chapters or more. Please tell me what you want. R&bloodyR
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