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Chapter 16 Take Them Down

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Everyone's sitting about the table when an unexpected surprise appears.

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Frankie and I picked out a new door. It was more sturdy than the last one, and we also got better hinges and an extra lock. They will probably still be able to get in our house, though. The Council, and the Arlireum. I've been staying in Frankie's room, in case they break in at night. I can tell he doesn't mind the arrangements, but doesn't like the situation as a whole.
"Are we always going to live like this?" Frankie asks. We're at the kitchen table, Mikey, Frankie and I.
Mikey shrugs.
"No. No, we're not. We'll....I don't know. The only thing I can think of to do is eliminate the Council, but that wouldn't be good..." I sigh.
"Why don't you just kill the ones that want you killed?" Frankie asks. Ah, he's become a bit changed in the last few weeks. After about three Arlireum attacks and four more Council attacks, he's become a bit more accustomed to death.
"Because, some of them are really good at what they do. It's not personal to them, I'm just a topic of the council's interest, and they want you dead and me locked up." I say. It would be so much better if I could just disappear. If I could just-
"OW!" I yell, clutching my now aching head in my hands.
"What happened?" Frankie asks, eyes wide in concern.
"Nothing..." I say, through the pounding headache.
"You thought about it, didn't you? About dying." Mikey says. It's not really a question, he know I did. I rub my temples, my headache clearing.
"Meh." I say, trying to dismiss the topic.
"You shouldn't be thinking about that!" Frankie exclaims, punctuating his words with his hands.
"I can't really help what I think about...Ow!" I say, the headache coming back.
"Let's talk about something else, then. So, Frankie, do you play any instruments?" Mikey says.
"Um, yeah. Guitar. I was borrowing one from the school." I didn't know Frankie played guitar. I wonder if he's any good.
'Oh, really? I play bass. My friend Ray plays guitar, too." Mikey says.
"We haven't seen Ray in years..." I say, my headache gone.
"Yeah, he's with Bob or something. Bob plays the drums." He tells Frankie the last bit. "They wanted to start a band, last I heard."
I laugh. "Yeah, that could be interesting."
"Why don't you all start a band together?" Frankie asks.
Mikey and I look at him. "We...never thought of it. I don't think the Council would've liked it much, though. With Gee and all. But now, I guess Gee is already a big concern. hm...they shouldn't be into this mess."
"Yeah, I suppose..." Frankie says.
"Maybe in a couple years, the three of us can start a band. I suppose we could write down some of the songs Ed taught me..." Ed. I miss him. I di love him, but now that I think on it, I love Frankie much more than I ever loved Ed. I would die if I lost Frankie. I didn't die when I lost Ed.
"Maybe you should ask permission first." A voice I haven't heard in a long while says. His voice is soft, yet harsh at the same time. He's almost mocking me. It can't be him, no it can't.
I slowly turn my head to the kitchen door. And there he is.

Well, you've probably guessed who just made an appearance. I had writers block until now, and I was just like BING! Idea! And thus, you have this rather short chapter. I went to the school dance, and requested 'na' to be played, and the DJ said he didn't have it. But then he played 'I'm Not Okay' and I almost died. I was like the only one dancing because everyone at my school is a stick in the mud. They can just die for not dancing in that awesome sauce spill. Well, please R&R, or I will eat your face straight off your face. ;)
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