Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) aweirdtree 2011-10-30

yayyy, i liked this chapter! ^^ thanks (: your writing is just somehow getting better and better everytime xd

and thanks for the image of Mikey fro Way; i didn't think about it while reading the chapter but now that you mentioned it i can't get it out of my fucking head!

and am not going to wear anything particular on Halloween... mostly because Finland is an abandoned place where people don't celebrate Halloween ): fuuck... maybe i just put on extra eyeliner tomorrow at school... xd perhaps that'll do (:

HAPPY IEROWEEN, by the way! :D

Author's response

Thank you! It actually took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what you meant by 'Ieroween'. Great. Lol :P.

And Mikey with a 'fro? I actually love that. If I ever meet him I'll be like "you should grow afro". After having a teenie fit of course.

And you live in Finland? Man, that's awesome. I assure, it cannot be any more dead then where I live. Well, unless you live in the middle of the countryside. I dunno. Are you native by the way? Or did you live in England first? 'Cos your English is really good. I suppose it's now that I find out they speak English in Finland. Meh.

Happy Ieroween to yourself too. :)