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Chapter 19

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At school and the boys get a bit closer.

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>Gerard's POV<

I couldn't help but be jealous when I walked over to the gang at lunch time and saw Phin and Frank cozied up by a tree not to far away. She had her arm around my boyfriend and again I couldn't help but think how perfect they were together. They were both beautiful, confident, tanned, popular and generally perfect human beings. I certainly had nothing on Phin - I was pale, greasy haired, shy and a tagalong with the popular group. So yeah; I was jealous.

Andy didn't look too happy about it either. He wasn't being obvious by glaring at the couple or anything - he just looked kinda sad and kinda angry at the same time. I tried not to let it bug me too much. After all, fuck only knows what Frank dreamed about last night and Phin was his best friend. I was in a good mood - the lessons that morning had been very fun, although there had been a lot of comments about the hickey on my neck. God knows I had tried to cover it up, but someone had noticed in every lesson. One girl asked me who had given it to me. I had blushed and someone had answered 'Frank' for me. After that, they didn't make too many comments about it, other than light teasing. I could deal with that; hell, some of it had even made me laugh. I sat down by Bob and Lissa as I usually did.

"Know what that's about?" I asked, jerking my head in the direction of Phin and Frank. The couple shrugged.

"I guess something's up with Frank," Lissa said. "He didn't look to happy earlier. Still don't." Hmm, I'd thought that he was fine that morning.

"Are you ok, man?" Bob shot at me.

"Yeah - I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well you were looking really rough yesterday-"

"Thanks Bob."

"No problem. I'm sorry 'bout that actually. Shoulda kept an eye on you at the party."

"It's fine, whatever."

"Good. Anyway, you're going out with Frank, which is a recipe for disaster in itself and now, he's over there with Phin - doing goodness only knows what!" Bob finished.

I stared at him for a moment before Lissa began speaking. "Bob!" She snapped. "Seriously, I've know Phin since she moved from England - she isn't like that. She could have had Frank anytime she wanted and she wouldn't choose the moment he'd got a boyfriend if she wanted to! Anyway, there is no way she'd cheat on Andy. Phin and Frank are just really good friends and you know that, so stop talking shit!"

Needless to say, Bob shut up. I couldn't help but notice though, that through all of that, Lissa didn't say anything about Frank not cheating on me. Great. What had I gotten myself into?

"Oh and nice hickey by the way." Bob said and I blushed.

It was at that moment that the two of them decided to reappear. Phin sat next to Andy as per norm and stole his cigarette from between his lips. I expected Frank to follow her, but instead he flopped down in front of me and lay back, so his head was in my lap.

"Miss me?" he grinned up at me. Despite my doubts about him, I couldn't help but smile back.

"Of course," I responded sarcastically and Frank chuckled up at me. He remained in my lap for the rest of lunch, dozing in the warm sun. I didn't blame him - the heat was enough to make anyone tired and he probably didn't get half as much sleep last night as he should have. It did however, make smoking really difficult as I was terrified of dropping ash onto his face.

Lunch passed the way it usually did - too fucking fast. It seemed like minutes we were hauling ourselves back to our feet and head to the last three classes of the day. I considered bunking but it was too late get get off school without being noticed. Anyway, it would be a shame to miss art.

So I went to math with Phin and Lissa. We took our usual seats at the back and started with our usual routine of talking over the teacher, Phin getting on with the work, Lissa trying to understand how the hell you figured this shit out, and me being completely stumped. Thank God I sat next to Phin over wise I would be failing miserably. Ok, talking at the beginning of every lesson probably didn't help but it was a lot more interesting than listening to the teacher drone on.

After math, was PE - a lesson that must of been created by the devil. I tried to keep myself to myself, and since everyone knew I was in with Phin and Frank's group, the taunts weren't too bad. Still enough to make me wanna pull my hair out though. Today was particularly bad. A 'hardnut' type guy pulled a basket ball hoop off of the wall (how is that even possible?) and blamed it on me.

Of course, I was nowhere near the hoop but I still got in trouble for it. I had to run fucking laps for the rest of the lesson. So I ended a good five minutes after everyone else.

Back in the changing rooms, I struggled back into my black t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans, and re-did my eyeliner. It still looked fairly shit with my sweaty face, but I didn't have much time so I shoved my PE stuff into it's bag and ran for the door to the changing rooms. Despite my rushing I was late for art. Only by about five minutes, but the teacher said I had to stay after school to make up for missed time. God I hated Mondays. I just hoped that Frank wouldn't ditch me.

I calmed down during art. It was my favourite lesson for obvious reasons - I loved drawing and people tended to be nicer in this class. That might have been because of the uber strict teacher though. I just sketched random shit out, drawing more for myself than the lesson. It was good though, and the teacher was impressed. Still didn't let me off at the end of the day though.

When the last bell rang, everyone packed away their stuff. I wondered if I could sneak out, but the teacher yelled "You were told to stay, Gerard Way." Hey - that rhymes! I sunk back into my seat and continued drawing. I didn't mind too much. Hell, in all honesty, I was enjoying myself. I hadn't drawn anything in ages. Well, a good four days. That was a long time for me.

The teacher finally dismissed me and I packed my stuff up. As I walked back down the corridors to the parking lot, I felt rather pleased with myself. I managed to get through another Monday without anything awful happening. Well running laps for half an hour was pretty bad but not dire. Frank's wake up had made up for it anyway. And thanks to that, everyone knew I was his. It had been a good day all in all.

Turns out I spoke too soon. I was barely out of the art corridor when three guys jumped me and pressed my back against the wall. I didn't fight back - I was too surprised. This was the first time anything other than a few words threatened me. To be true, it was probably a good thing I didn't try and swing a punch at them. I wasn't the strongest guy in the world and the even smallest of the trio was twice the size of me.

"What do you?" Very original Gerard.

"Nothing - we just don't like your type in this school!" The one holding me said.

"M-my type?"

"Yeah, you know, faggots!" Great being cornered after school by a bunch of homophobes. Just my luck.

"Look at you - parading around school all day with that thing on your neck! It's disgusting!" The smallest (but still massive) guy sneered.

"We know you run with Phin's group, but if you dare tell her or any of your little wussy friends, this'll be a lot worse next time." Another sneered. I nodded. I mean - what the fuck was I supposed to do? They were bigger than me and had me pinned to a wall. All I could do was pray that a teacher would appear.

"Good," one said in response to my nod. "Just wait queer; you ain't gonna forget this!" I closed my eyes and waited for the punch.

>Frank's POV<

I walked towards the art corridor, wondering what on Earth was taking Gerard so long. My day had got progressively worse and I just wanted to calm down for a bit before work. Especially as our shifts would be an hour longer.

I had nearly reached the art block when I heard their voices. I kinda recognised them as belonging to three of the 'hard nuts' in the year above me, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I cautiously approached, trying to decipher the words.

"Yeah, you know, faggots!" Suddenly I wished I couldn't make out the words. I know it was weak of me, but I just wanted to get away. I had a bad enough day, and after last night's dream, getting into a fight with a load of homophobic bastards was the last thing I wanted.

The next words stopped me. "Look at you - parading around school all day with that thing on your neck! It's disgusting!" Aww, shit. That must be Gerard. Oh God - what was I gonna do? I wanted to help, I really did. i just didn't have it in me. Hearing abuse like that just brought that day back and I could not handle it. I was gonna be weak for the rest of my life because of those bastards.

I took a step forward, wanting to go and help my boyfriend. I heard the idiots' attacking him low voices and froze in fear. This was stupid - I could take on those jerks, I knew I could. What was stopping me? Only myself.

I hovered by the corner for ages, trying to decide what to do. Then the sound of muffled yelps and fists connecting with skin reached me. It just made me more frightened, but oh shit - I had to help.

It was at that moment Phin and Andy appeared. I swear that girl is an angel at times. She was always in the right place when I needed help. She saw me, and I beckoned her over. She grabbed hold of her boyfriend's hand and walked over to me, Andy in tow.

"What's up?" Phin asked when I was in hearing range. I gestured round the corner to where Gerard was being beaten up. She raised an eyebrow and walked towards it. Her expression darkened when she saw what was going on and Phin strode forwards with a determined look on her face. God, did I love that girl sometimes.

>Gerard's POV<

The guy's fist swung into my stomach again, and I screamed - the sound muffled by the hand over my mouth. I swear I was about to puke, I had been hit there so many times.

Suddenly, the blows stopped coming and I was released. I slipped down the wall on to the floor and squinted up to see why they'd stopped with their beating.

The three boys were standing there, looking extremely shocked.

"Very brave boys - congratulations!" said a sarcastic female voice with a posh English accent. "Three on one - and he's half the size of you! You're getting braver every day!"

"Just teaching a fag a lesson," one of the boys muttered.

"Really? I make out with girls. Am I a fag? You gonna beat me up?"

The three shook their heads and shifted uncomfortably.

"Didn't think so. If you have done any permanent damage to that boy, I swear I'm gonna castrate you. That is, if you actually have anything down there! Which I highly doubt. Three on one - seriously? Now scram!" And they legged it. "You ok, kid?" Phin asked walking over to me and helping to pull me up. I nodded.

"How the fuck did you manage that?" I questioned her.

She shrugged. "Got a reputation. Comes in handy at times like that. I would have fought them if I had to, but it's messy so ya know."

I nodded again and winced at the pain in my stomach as I tried to walk. "Shit, that hurts!"

"You ok, dude?" I looked up to see Andy and Frank walking towards us. Andy was looking at the younger guy as if confused, Frank was ignoring him.

"I'm really not o-fucking-k!" I snapped. I expected one of them to yell back, but Frank just walked over and wrapped his arm around my waist. I hooked mine round his shoulders so I was leaning on him instead of Phin.

"What happened?" Andy asked.

"I was late out of art and the idiots surprised me."

"Typical. Then they put their tails between their legs and run the moment someone even slightly tough enters the scene." He snorted. Again, I wondered where Phin got her tough reputation. With her eyeliner and massive boots, she looked it, but the girl was extremely petit and couldn't have much muscle on her.

The four of us walked out of school on silence and went our separate ways.

"Who was it who beat you up?" Frank asked when we were in the car.

"I dunno - three jerks. I'd recognise them if I saw them, but no idea what their names are."

"Fair enough - it's a big school."


"Are you gonna be up for work? I can tell John what happened - he won't mind."

"I don't really think it's fair after skiving on Saturday." I admitted.

"True. Look when we get home just chill and we'll see what happens."

"Cool, it's mostly my stomach that hurts though."

Frank glanced at me and smiled sympathetically. "I'm sorry dude. I wish I could've helped."

"S'not your fault - you weren't there." Frank just nodded and we drove home in silence, my boyfriend apparently deep in thought.

When we arrived at John's we went up to our rooms. Frank disappeared in his to do goodness only knows what and I went in mine to check my emails. I was surprised to see I had five new ones from Mikey. I clicked on the oldest one.

It was mainly based on 'how's life' and 'have you asked John whether I can come and stay?' So I clicked on the next one. That was kinda the same only with a report on how he got into an argument with a teacher about whether or not Anthrax was decent music. Needless to say, I agreed with Mikey - Anthrax was very good.

The third email made me laugh. It was sent yesterday afternoon and my younger brother was panicking about why I hadn't replied. He seemed worried that I was either dead, stoned, or California had become part of a zombie apocalypse and the undead creatures had shut down all outside communication. The next two emails were along similar lines, only more frantic. I was trying my hardest not to laugh at Mikey's stupidity because it was killing my stomach.

After I calmed down, I began typing out a reply.

Yes Mikey. I died yesterday and got recruited to the army of the undead. Watch out! We're on our way to NJ next! -Gerard :)

I didn't have to wait long for a reply. Apparently my socially retarded brother had nothing better to do than search the web after school. Ok - that was probably a tiny bit hypocritical.

I thought it'd be something like that. No, seriously Gee - what's up? You haven't sent me a single email since Friday, and even that was tiny. The usual excitement over here! Yes, I am being sarcastic. Although, Ray did get a girlfriend. Who knew afros could attract girls? -Mikey

I laughed again and immediately regretted it. I swear my brother may actually be as mental as I am.

I never would have guessed! Are you sure the girl's not blind? And deaf for that matter? And extremely dumb?
Sorry 'bout not emailing. Been really busy with shit over here. Slept over at Phin's house on Friday and then party at hers on Sat. Was absolutely exhausted the next day and she made us help her tidy up! Actually, I got out of that by being asleep. :D The party was fun though and didn't get back 'til 'bout eight. So I didn't really have much time to check my emails. School today on top of that and gotta go to work in about an hour so reeeaaaalllly busy! -G

I sent the email and waited for his reply.

No - she's not actually blind! Or deaf so I'm guessing really dumb! After all she is really pretty. Maybe I should grow an afro?
So you spent the whole weekend at this Phin girl's house. Ooooh! I'm sensing romance! ;D Is she pretty? What's she like? Spill!
And how was the party? Please tell me you didn't do anything. By which I mean booze, drugs, whatever.
I mean, you're my brother so I trust you and all, but I really want you home so please don't fall into that trap of partying and getting stoned again! -Mikey

Guilt hit me as I read the last two paragraphs of Mikey's email. How was I supposed to say I was smoking weed almost daily in school and got completely smashed at the party. Not to mention the fact that I got given beer constantly by almost everyone in the gang? So I took the chicken's route out and lied my sorry arse off.

No -- I didn't get high/stoned/drunk/whatever. I kept clean - I wanna go home too! Miss you bro :(
Hahahaha! I'd hate to see what'd happen if I made a move on Phin. Her boyfriend is extremely jealous (which is kinda ironic 'cos she makes-out with anything that moves - and she was the one who said that). Who'd win in a fight is beyond me but I'd deffo get shit for it.
However... there was romance over the last weekend. ;) -G

I hoped Mikey wouldn't see through the first line of lies and be distracted by the 'romance'.

I was in luck.

ROMANCE? You? Do tell. Oh God - please say it's one of those really hot Californian girls you see on TV! -M

Tiny bit off bro'. And it's deffo not one of those 'really hot Californian girls'. Partly because my school has no lack of them and they are all incredibly shallow. Partly because it's a dude. -Gx

WHAT?! The suspense is killing me. What happened. -M

I was extremely tempted to reply, telling Mikey I had to go to work, just to wind him up. However, I did have another half hour to kill and I kinda wanted to talk about Frank. Considering everyone in school who I was friendly enough to talk to about him, had known the guy a hell of a lot longer than they had known me, so were better friends with him, and would probably tell.

Well, I'm kinda dating Frank. -G

Again: WHAT?! Please don't say as in Frank Iero who you live with and have been bitching about for the last month? -M

Yeah. Him. -G

What happened? -M

I don't really know. He was coming on to me all weekend, then on Sunday we just sorta made out for ages. Last night I helped him out with something and he slept in my bed. Now we're together I guess. -G

You 'helped him out with something'? What did he wet the bed? :S -M

Nah. That would have been quite funny though. He had a nightmare. I know it sounds kinda pathetic but something happened to him when he was younger. Don't ask what - I have no idea. He keeps on having flashbacks and stuff and it's really bad.
He won't tell be what it is, so I have no idea how to help. Phin knows though, and they disappear off together whenever he has a flashback. It's really annoying. -G

You've been going out with the guy for two days and are already getting jealous? This is doomed to fail. :L And I thought you said that Phin had a boyfriend who got jealous? -M

Thanks for that Mikey. Really helped my self-esteem. And Andy does get really jealous. It was Phin and Frank disappearing off together that I found out. -G

Oh. So do these flashback things happen often? -M

Twice since I have arrived. Once on Wednesday, once last night. They might have happened before that, I just didn't notice. The curiosity is driving me insane though. -G

I'm not surprised. Are you sure you should be going out with this dude though? If he's that messed up and going round with other people's girlfriends?
You said that he was a whore anyway - always going out with other guys. I mean, what if he's got something? -M

[I shuddered at the last line, remembering yesterday in the steam room. I mean it wasn't like I'd had sex with him or anything, but still... I grimaced and typed out my next reply, glancing at the clock as I did so. Looked like this was gonna be my last email.

I dunno Mikes. I mean it's not like we're fucking or anything. I don't think he's stupid enough to have caught something, even if he does sleep around.
I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I wanna go out with him but it's not exactly the most sensible thing I've ever done. In fact it's probably one of the top ten 'Most Fucked Up Things Gerard Way Has Done'!
Look, I gotta go to work now anyway so speak later, yeah? And are you ok? -G

Thanks for the mental image from the first line; I really needed that. Note the sarcasm.
And I trust you Gee, if you don't think going out with Frank is good for you - ditch him. If not, just follow your nose.
And now you ask how I am? Great! (Again with the sarcasm) I'm fine thanks though. Bored outta my brains though. Make sure you write back later - my life is oh so exciting! Miss you -Mikey :D

Miss you too. I'll ask John 'bout you staying. See you soon. -Gerard.

>Frank's POV<

I lay on my bed, listening to music, beating myself up inside. I still couldn't believe I didn't have the guts to defend my boyfriend. I was as tough as Phin, I could have easily taken one of those shit eaters. Oh well, I'd get them for beating up Gerard later.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the music. It was heavy and screaming and could easily distract you from an unwanted train of thoughts. Which is exactly what I needed right at that moment.

My peace was disturbed by a sharp poke in my side. I open my eyes to see Gerard's hazel ones shining down at me. I couldn't help but smile. I pulled my headphones off, before sitting up and kissing him. Some how, I didn't have the heart to fuck this kid's head up. He was too kind, too innocent. Oh well, I'm sure my mind would change at a later date, once I got bored of fucking his body. I smiled at the thought, my sadistic nature breaking through again.

"What do you want?" I asked, after breaking the kiss.

"Nice thing to say!" Gerard said back then grinned. He sat down next to me and pressed our lips together again. "We need to go to work."

I groaned and collapsed back on to the bed. Gerard laughed at me, then winced. "What's up?" I asked, pulling up again slowly.

"My stomach hurts from those idiots earlier."

I frowned and leaned forwards to pull the front of his top up. The pale skin was covered in marks, deep purple bruises swelling beneath the surface. I gritted my teeth. "They're gonna pay!"

"No - Frank, don't get yourself into trouble. Just leave it. Please." Gerard begged me.

I stared at him. "No way dude. No fucked up jerk is gonna beat one of my mates, or boyfriend for that matter and get away with it."

"It's fine. Just leave it!"

"Not gonna happen."

Gerard sighed. "Fine let's go to John's and we can sort this out later."

I nodded and climbed off of the bed, Gerard following.

We reached the garage and got into the car, me driving. On the journey to the tattoo parlour, the silence between us was awkward. My mind was blank for anything to say, but I couldn't stand the lack of noise. I think my radio was broken, or I would've turned it on, politeness be fucked.

"Soooo...." I said eventually. "Bar being beaten up, how was school?"

Gerard laughed, winced and a friendly conversation began. He was easy to talk to and we were still chatting when we reached John's shop. Then he split us up to do separate jobs. All through our shifts though, we were catching each other's eye and laughing.

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