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Chapter 20

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Frank's birthday. Even if it is four days late.

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Hey guys. Long time no see. Sorry 'bout that. This chapter is reeeaaally long though, so I hope that makes up for it. It's been really crazy around here so I've had barely any time to write. Ummm, the second part of the chapter may or may not be based on what I did on Halloween. Bar the making out with Gerard bit (unfortunately). Me and mates went all zombie. It was so cool! I'd be lying if I said we didn't look awesome. The best bit was - I got to do everyone's make-up, including the guys'. They looked freaking amazing. Actually, one of them looked like Jimmy Urine (from Mindless Self Indulgence). How were your Halloweens? Dress up as anything cool? Get a lot of sweets?

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. On with the chapter!


>Gerard's POV<

The week following my attack was fairly uneventful compared to the 'action-packed' first day. Me and Frank worked out our over time and hung round at various people's houses after the job finished.

The weekend was spent at the shopping mall weirdly enough. We didn't do much actual shopping, just hung around the Starbucks there for a change in scenery.

I didn't mind the slow pace though. After the mental weekend we'd had, it was actually quite pleasant. And I grew closer and closer to Frank during that time. We always sat together (or on each other) at lunch, and when we went out. He came into my room a couple of nights to give and receive hand and/or blowjobs. Sometimes we'd just lie there kissing, but it was rare that one of us would leave the room the following morning without a hickey. John never commented - thank God - but we did get some dirty looks in school. I didn't mind though; everything was going slow and easily. Frank had even stopped having nightmares. Well, he may not have - but if he did he never told me.

The next week was a bit more exciting - Jared had another fight with some girl's boyfriend. He had managed to talk the guy down before it turned violent but it was still the talking point of the school. Kyle had also had a massive fight with some guy in the year above us and was excluded. Apparently the dude had been mouthing off Adrian and Kyle had found it necessary to punch him. The guy retaliated and next think we knew it was one of the fiercest punch ups I'd seen in a while.

Fortunately, I saw the three guys who beat me up only a couple of times, and they kept their distance. I guessed Phin's reputation was the cause of this, but I still had seen any reason why she was seen as being such a bad-ass. Frank kept pestering me to tell me who the guys were, but I refused. I didn't want another fight to start up because of me. Phin said she'd tell him and they'd get the trio if they hurt me again. I couldn't see what I could do to stop them.

On Friday, we went to a local club and basically got wasted. Me and Frank ended up crashing at Bob's house with Lissa. Oddly enough, Phin went straight home after we'd left and didn't reappear until Sunday. Bob and I kinda figured out why, but Frank was clueless. Bit dim on his part really. I didn't mind - it meant I could have him, without worrying and getting jealous about the girl.

And recently, I had been getting very jealous. It was Sunday and tomorrow was Frank's birthday. That's where Phin had disappeared to on yesterday - buying his presents. We had all chipped in a tenner to buy him a guitar he had apparently been drooling over and Phin had brought a pair of amps. Everyone had felt slightly guilty that they had spent so much less money than her, but as she had put it - it wasn't as though it was any shit off her arse. But still - Frank was my boyfriend - surely I should be the one getting him the best present? I wanted to, but I really didn't have the money. To make up for it, I brought him a couple of CDs and a pair of skinny jeans. Ok, I hate to admit it, but the jeans were partially for my benefit. I could already tell he was going to look hot in those things. I put a lot of effort into the card though. I was good at art, so I had decorated the inside.

At that point in time, I was lounging on my bed, emailing Mikey. I had asked John if he could come and stay over for a bit. He had said yes, so in two weeks time, my little brother would be spending a week in California with me. I could hardly wait.

"What you doing?" A distraction in the form of Frank asked. He was leaning against the door frame, wearing a loose pair of sweat pants. It was late, so I guessed I was gonna be sleeping in them. But right now, he just looked fucking hot.

"Emailing my brother - he's coming over in two weeks." I replied.

"Cool." Frank came in and sat on my bed next to me. I finished my message and sat up.

"Halloween tomorrow!" I announced. I fucking loved Halloween - only day of the year a freak like me could wear exactly what he wanted and not get weird looks. Ok; at seventeen, I was probably too old for that, but still... The TVs also played an excess of horror movies. Which you couldn't not love.

"Oh God - don't tell me you're planning on going trick-or-treating!"

"Of course!" I laughed. "Dressing up and everything!" Frank laughed. "Seriously though, what do you wanna do? I mean - it's your birthday and all."

The guy grinned. "Oh I'm happy with playing dress up. As long as I get to choose your costume!" Frank's voice got unbelievably sexy as he he that and I practically melted there and then. Thankfully, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss.

I responded, opening my mouth when I felt his tongue against my lips. Frank's hot breathe flooded into my mouth and I sighed happily. He shifted so he was straddling my hips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I pressed against him, trying to win the battle our kisses always seemed to become for once. I lost.

I didn't mind though, as Frank chose that moment to push me backwards so we were lying on my bed. The weight of his small body pressed down on me and I could feel my heart racing as his hot hands ran down the length of my body.

I wrapped one hand around his waist and used the other to grip the back of his neck, and hold his hot wet lips to mine. He moaned into my mouth and I shivered. Since, the day after Phin's party, I'd come to the conclusion that Frank Iero was the hottest thing on the whole Goddamn planet.

Pushing one of his hands down my pants just proved my point. My blood rushed south as he gripped my length and I gasped at the feeling. He let go and stroked down my cock with just one finger, making me writhe on the sheet and press against the boy. I felt him smirk into my mouth and draw his finger back up, letting the nail drag along my erect length. I shuddered.

"Please, stop being such a bloody tease Iero!!" I broke the kiss to pant.

"You know you love it," he whispered back then captured my lips again. I didn't bother deny what Frank had just said. Yeah, it bugged the hell out of me, him dragging the pleasure out like this, but there was no way I could say I didn't like it. Love it,

My thoughts were cut off as Frank began to push his fingers around the very top of my cock, continuing with his teasing. I bucked into his hand, but he just used it to push me back down. He withdrew his hand and began grinding down on me. The feeling of his hardness moving against mine was amazing, even through the layers of clothing we were wearing. I wanted nothing more than to remove those clothes, feel him against me. Inside me.

As though he could read my mind, Frank jumped off me the moment I thought that. It was slightly worrying.

It reassured my paranoid mind to see he was grinning cheekily at me. I pulled myself off the bed to try and kiss him again, but the moment I got near, Frank just took a step back, still grinning.

"What's up?" I asked curiously.

"The sky." He replied and I snorted. "Seriously though, I'm tired and it's my birthday tomorrow. See you in the morning." And then he left.

I collapsed back on to my bed, hoping he'd come back. He didn't. My boyfriend was such a fucking tease, leaving me hard like this. I resorted to spend the next half hour jacking off, Frank's face firmly in my mind.

>Frank's POV<

I slept surprising well after leaving Gerard. I jacked off first - grinding down on him like that had left me with a painful erection, but it was worth it to tease him.

It was six in the morning when I woke up. I didn't usually get up at this time, but... it was my birthday! I was seventeen!

Fuelled by excitement that more would be more suited to someone ten years younger than me, I ran into Gerard's room and sat on him. He groaned and I grinned.

"Morning!" I yelled.

"Piss off Frank!" He muttered and tried to squirm under his covers. To stop him, I leaned forward and began placing kisses all over his kiss. He groaned again but didn't try to move any more. "Happy birthday," he murmured and I grinned happily and pressed my lips against his. Gerard wrapped his warm arms around me and I melted into the kiss. I cupped his face with my hands, allowing my fingers to to brush the black hair that had fallen on to his face.

Eventually, he stirred and broke the kiss. I was so happy and warm lying there so I didn't move, just lay with my forehead resting on the crook of his shoulder. "Frankie, move."

"No," I murmured in reply.

"Fine, I guess you just won't get your present then!"

I leaped off of him at that. Gerard chuckled and rolled out of bed, yawning. I grinned, especially when I realised that he wasn't wearing a top. Then again, neither was I. Gerard opened his cupboard and began digging through the bottom of it. He pulled two packages out and crossed back over to me.

"It's not much," he muttered, fixing his gaze on the floor.

I was too excited to try spout the sentimental crap a boyfriend probably should. "Gimme!" Was all I shouted and stretched my hand out. Gerard handed me the packages, keeping his gaze glued to the floor. I pulled him over to the bed and sat down. He sat next to me, but kept his gaze down. God, was it really that bad?

I opened the card first. On the front were two cartoon dogs talking to each other. The caption read: "What do you call a zoo with no animals? A shit zoo!" I chuckled lightly at it, then opened the folded card. I gasped. The inside was covered in loads of little sketches. They were all drawn in cartoon style and coloured in carefully. They really were amazing. They were dark images, but truefully incredible.

"Gerard, this is awesome." I told him. He looked up hopefully. I smiled at him and kissed him softly. "I had no idea you were so good at art."

"I'm not that good. I mean - I only ever draw dark shit, which is kinda depressing for a birthday but..."

"Dude - I love it. Seriously. I'm into dark shit. Even if your presents are shit, this'll make up for it." Gerard blushed and I laughed inside. The last bit was a complete over-exaggeration, no matter how cool the card was. "So on to the main event." I said and reached over to one of the packages. It was soft and floppy - clearly clothes.

I ripped the wrapping open to reveal a pair of jeans. I held them up and realised they were skinnies. There were rips over the knees and thighs and were clearly a size small. I guessed they were for him as much as me. They would definitely look good on me.

"These are awesome! Thanks dude."

Gerard giggled (yes, giggled). "I'm glad you like them." He was still looking at the floor.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the next package. It was a large box, and rattled slightly when I handled it. I tore off the wrapping to find a cardboard box. I glanced at Gerard - who was still gazing at the floor, his hair falling over his face - before opening it. Inside were no less than five CDs. And they were all ones I really wanted. I grinned. This kid knew me freakishly well considering we'd met little over a month ago.

"Thank-you Gerard," I murmured sincerely. "Really, thank-you."

He looked up at me when I said that. "It's nothing. I'm glad you like it." I smiled again and kissed him. It was slow and warm; my way of thanking him.

By the time we broke apart, it was seven - time to get ready for school. I reluctantly left Gerard to get changed - putting on the jeans he had bought for me. Then I went to the wardrobe. As a tradition, our gang always dressed up for school on my birthday - being Halloween and all. In the end, I chose a ripped up black top and smeared red eye-shadow around my eyes, down to my cheeks. I drew on thicker, darker eye liner than I usually would. I looked at my reflection at this point, then decided to rub the eye liner on to my lips until they were darker than my eyes. Then I back combed the back of my hair and stepped back to admire the effect.

I ran down to the kitchen. Gerard was already there - probably because he hadn't bothered to dress up. Weirdly enough, he was talking on the phone but hung up the moment I came in. I raised an eyebrow at me questioningly. He just shrugged and I guessed it had something to do with my birthday.

John came in at that point. I was kinda shocked - the guy usually slept in until noon. One of the perks of owning a tattoo parlour I guess; no one ever comes in the morning.

"Morning boys," he said, yawing and running a hand through his bed head.

"Morning!" I replied, happily. Gerard just nodded and mimicked his uncle by yawning.

"I just wanted to let you know you two can have the day off. It's Frank's birthday after all. Just go out and do what ever it is that kids your age do."

"Thanks!" I positively beamed.

"No probs. Oh and if you want another tatt' it's on the house. Happy birthday kid!"

"Thanks loads John!"

"Pleasure. I'm going back to bed now though." And with that, he left, yawning widely as he went.

I chuckled as I went over to the fridge to pull the milk out and help myself to cereal. Gerard's voice interrupted me. "Uh, why are you dressed like that?"

"What my usual sexy self?"

"You don't normally wear black stuff on your lips."

"True but it's a tradition to dress up weirdly on Halloween."

"Oh." Gerard paused. "Is everyone gonna dress like that?"

"Uhuh!" I replied, munching on my Cheerio's. They were yummy. Then something occurred to me. "Can I dress you up?" Gerard grinned sheepishly then shook his head. "Come on!! I whined and pouted. "It's my birthday!" My boyfriend rolled his eyes but grinned.

"Fine!" He consented finally.

"You know I love you!" I shouted, then grabbed his wrist and pulled him back upstairs. "Pick out your weirdest clothes, put them on, then meet me in the bathroom."

I ran into my room, excitedly. This was going to be fun. I grabbed my make-up bag, went into the bathroom then started to rummage through the cupboards. To my delight, I found various coloured washout hair gel. Gerard hadn't arrived yet so I smeared the green into the back of my hair and messed it up even further. There was also some ancient face paints.

My boyfriend came in at that point, wearing a black top with 'blood' splattered all over it. He was wearing grey skinny jeans which were ripped and covered in silver chains. He looked freaking hot.

I pushed Gerard on to the toilet, and straddled him. I used the white face paint, to make his skin as pale as possible (not that it took much work), then grabbed the black liner and began to draw increasingly thick, dark circles around his eyes. It looked fucking awesome. Then I grabbed the blue gel and messed his hair up, running the bright colour through it as I did so. That just added to the effect.

I pulled off of him and we stood next to each other, and admired the effect in the mirror. We looked insane. But then, that was the idea.

After a hurried breakfast, me and Gerard drove into school. My gang was waiting out front, all looking equally mental. Lena had back-combed her platinum hair and dyed it red. Phin had smeared green across her face and wore large black circles around her eyes. Andy had fake blood dripping down his chin. Lissa had coated her dark skin in white powder, giving her a very eerie look. Adrian had splashed out on face make-up; his face looked as though it was about to fall off. In conclusion - they were amazing.

We hung round by the school gates, getting 'freak' looks. Like any of us cared. It was Halloween and my birthday - if we didn't have the right to act and dress like idiots, no one did. I kept on dropping hints that I wanted my presents - most of them extremely obvious - but to my disappointment, everyone pretended not to notice. This carried on until the bell signalling the start of the day rang.

Of course, we stepped into the school building a teacher began shouting at us. "That is not appropriate dress for school! Go home and change now! You all have detentions for the rest of the week!" The woman screaming like a deranged lunatic, was a math teacher. I stared at her chins wobbling when she shouted. Her face also turned bright red. Talk about not needing a Halloween mask - she'd terrify the life out of any kid. Surely people like that shouldn't be working in schools?

"Why, Miss?" Ollie asked, innocently (well as innocently as anyone can who looked like they had just escaped a nuclear apocalypse). "We usually look like this!"

"If you look like this normally I'd recommend seeing a doctor!" The teacher screamed. "You look like members of the undead." We all started sniggering at that, changing the sentence in our heads so it was perverse.

Then Lee said: "That's kinda the point, Miss." And we all burst out into deranged laughs.

"That's it!" She yelled. "Principal's office now!"

"Yes, Sir!" Phin mock saluted and we all made our way to the office, laughing as we went. Getting kicked out of school was another tradition of Halloween.

The summary of the forty-five minute meeting with the Principal was that we were excluded for the rest of the week. We had to apologise to the math teacher we were rude to and if we ever came to school 'inappropriately dressed' again, we would be expelled. In other words - it couldn't have turned out better.

After our long and boring lecture on misconduct, we went out to the car park and drove to Phin's. Free for a whole week! I was laughing to Gerard about it as I gunned the accelerator; we were racing again. The adrenaline of driving fast, it being my birthday and being defiant in school had made me practically high, and I was driving like the lunatic I was.

We arrived at Phin's house third and all went in without waiting for the others. It wasn't even ten yet, so we didn't crack out the beers like I wanted to, just feasted on soft drinks and sugary sweets. Someone had texted Kyle to come round (he was till excluded from the fight) and he arrived in full zombie costume. Phin decided to attack him for copying her.

Then Jared popped the question I'd been waiting all day for: "Will you marry me?" Of course, I said yes. No, I'm joking - it would have been funny if he did though. "You want your presents?" Was what Jared really said.

I immediately jumped off the counter I was sitting on and shouted "Yes!" I probably looked like a four year old on Christmas morning. I felt like one.

"Come on then!" Phin shouted from the doorway and we all sprinted upstairs like a herd of wild animals. To be fair, the description was probably quite accurate. I followed Phin into her room, where two huge boxes were waiting for me. This was going to be good.

I waited until everyone was in, then was towards the larger of the two.

"Hey, be careful with the wrapping - it took us forever!" Bob yelled at me from where he was sitting with Lissa across the room. They had perched on Phin's desk, scattering paper covered in writing everywhere. I vaguely wondered what they said, but was too preoccupied with the box. It was roughly cubic and half the height of me. Everyone was giggling - they were clearly all in on this.

Deciding not to tease myself any further, I ripped the wrapping off, then stepped back to read the cardboard box. In it was a pair of massive amplifiers. Holy shit - they must have cost a Goddamn fortune. They were certainly a posh make.

"Thanks guys!" I said, meaning it. "Thank-you so much!"

"That's from Phin," Lissa told me. "Because she's a rich bitch. The other one is from all of us."

"Ok, thank-you Phin then!" I said, reaching out and hugging her.

"It's nada, dude. Open the other one. I can genuinely say I had nothing to do with that. Well, not much at least."

I laughed and turned to the other package. It was smaller that the first, flatter and slimmer. I knelt down next to it and tore the wrapping off. Then I gasped.

It was one of the guitars I had seen whilst shopping the day of Phin's party. It was beautiful - black and glossy. And brand new. And posh. It made the amps look cheap.

I laughed. Looked like I wasn't worthless after all; no matter what those cretins told me in my sleep. My friends cared.


We spent the rest of the day hanging out at Phin's. I was itching to start playing my new guitar, but figured it would be rude to ditch the gang.

I hated to admit it, but I was also kinda disappointed my parents hadn't called. I had my mobile on had had been answering it all day to people wanting to say 'Happy Birthday!' but couldn't be arsed to actually come and see me. Nothing from my parents though. Was what I'd done really that bad? It wasn't in my mind, but clearly they didn't share that opinion.

My mates managed to keep my mind off it though. Everyone was acting really immature for no apparent reason. We were all rugby tackling each other for no reason, squeezing plastic bottles people were drinking from, knocking food out of their hands and playing songs we knew other people hated.

At around midday we started telling 'scary' stories. Most were just side splittingly funny. Then we watched the Addams Family. I hadn't seen it in ages so was laughing along like a little kid. It was ok though - so was everyone else.

It began to get dark around six. Time for the games to begin. We all went in to one of the many bathrooms in Phin's house to fix our make-up and make ourselves look generally more ghoulish. Amy had actually bought a huge trunk full of Halloween dress up stuff, so we helped ourselves to vampire teeth, fake blood, those nail-through-head things, black veils, bat wings and fake cobwebs. I'd be lying if I said we didn't look mental.

The girls then insisted we needed a photo shoot. For the next half hour we were all either screaming at the camera, or laughing at how ridiculous we were being. I flicked through some of the photos afterwards. We actually looked quite scary in a few.

In our costumes, we left Phin's and began our journey through the dark streets. It was only about eight at this point so there were still a lot of little kids about. Kyle and Jared knew all of the backstreets, so we took the darkest, spookiest routes possible. Lena had brought her iPod and some speakers and was playing the spookiest music possible. I wasn't too happy about this, it kinda brought back memories but I couldn't be scared when going around with this bunch. None of them would hurt me, and we all protected each other from shit. Plus, the sound of our laughs filled the alleys, so they weren't really that scary. And I was no longer a thirteen year old kid. I didn't need to be worried.

In our maturity, we knocked on every door with a pumpkin outside. Needless to say, most people were surprised to see a bunch of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year olds trick-or-treating. It must have been kinda daunting for some of them, but we were all laughing so hard, they just smiled and gave us sweets for the most part. We ate them as we went along, getting higher and crazier from the sugar as we did so.

Eventually, Andy announced that the bag full of candy that he was carrying was getting way too heavy, so we stopped outside an old cemetery. Collapsing on the grassy bank, we feasted on the deliciously sugary sweets we had scrounged. We were still talking and laughing about random shit (like what a good house where we were sitting would make), in between stealing each others sweets and sliding down the steep slope. By the time we'd eaten about half of the sweets, Bob insisted that his supply was too low and we had to get some more.

At around twelve (thank goodness we didn't have to go to school tomorrow), we ended up on the beach. It was one of the smaller, less tourist-y ones, so it was very dark and completely deserted. The black water lapped at the pale, moonlit sand; creating the illusion of danger and peace simultaneously.

The peaceful illusion didn't last long. Ollie ran down on to the soft sand and began spinning and whooping until he collapsed from dizziness. Some idiot decided this would be very amusing, and we ended up holding a contest to see who could spin the longest without collapsing. I dread to think what anyone watching would have thought. The really weird thing was, none of us had actually had anything to drink all day.

Obviously, the game didn't last very long. In minutes, we'd all collapsed on to the sand in an exhausted heap. Trying to keep any sort of speed up when the ground disappeared beneath your feet was impossible. For a while, we just lay there in silence, enjoying the warm night and sound of the sea rushing over the sand.

"I really feel like going for a swim,"

I looked over at Lissa in shock when she said that. Swimming was the last thing I felt like doing. God knew what was beneath that inky surface.

"You know what..." Kyle said. "I agree."

"Yeah, same."


"Let's swim then!" Phin shouted, jumping to her feet. Around me, everyone but Gerard and Andy were also standing.

"What!? No way - the water's gonna be freezing!" Gerard protested.

"And?" Kyle shot back. Everyone was struggling out of their clothes, stripping to their underwear. Lissa and Amy were done first and raced down the beach to the water. Their screams reached us as they crashed through the surf. Bob, Adrian, Ollie and Kyle were close behind.

Phin on the other hand, was pulling a protesting Andy to his feet. "Face it dude - you're coming in!"

"No way! Phin, leave it - I'm happy here!"

"Nope!" They were both grinning as they argued, not really bothered by the fact the other wasn't doing what they wanted. Then Jared cut in and together, him and Phin, pulled a kicking and screaming Andy down to the water. When they got there, they allowed him to strip down to his pants before throwing him in. Me and Gerard were laughing at the sight, as Phin and Jared crashed in after him.

Everyone but us were in the water at this point. I lay back on the soft sand, grabbing Gerard's arm and pulling him down with me. It was a clear night and as I relaxed in the sand, I gazed at the the black sky, scattered with the white punctures of stars. The night sky had always been used as a romantic back drop, unsurprisingly. I wasn't exactly a mushy guy, but even I had to admit to it's beauty. It was a peaceful sight - ironic really, considering those things I was currently entranced by were nuclear explosions, burning hydrogen at an unimaginable temperature. Or so Phin told me. I swear she doesn't have a romantic bone in her body. And she was the girl out of the two of us!

I sighed and forced the thoughts of my best friend from my mind. I didn't care what she said - the stars I was looking at now were beautiful. And romantic.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked Gerard softly.

"The stars. It sounds corny but they are beautiful." He murmured back softly.

"Yeah, I agree." I glanced at him when I whispered that. He looked amazing. Gerard's skin was flawless and pale under the moon light. His eyes looked dark, dangerous almost. And the ripped black clothes only added to that effect. He was gorgeous. Suddenly, I had the over whelming desire to rip his clothes of and just fuck him there and then. But considering my mates were less than twenty meters down the beach, it would've been entirely awkward. So I settled for the next best thing.

I rolled over to Gerard and lay on top of him before crashing our lips together. He was slightly surprised by the fierceness of it, but responded by opening his mouth and pushing his tongue into mine, before I could do the same to him.

It was perfect really - Lena's iPod playing haunting music, the sound of the waves tumbling over the shore, the warmth of a Californian night and stars staring down us, kissing on the pale sand. His hot breathe leaked into my mouth and I entwined our tongues and moaned. I ran my hands over his body, feeling the muscles under the skin and the smoothness of his body. Gerard had wrapped his arms around my waist, as he had this morning, his hands stroking my back. They left hot trails of desire wherever they touched.

We just lay there, kissing for I don't know how long. I would've been happy to stay there all night. Needless to say, it wasn't gonna happen.

After - what was in my opinion - an annoying short time, I felt a pair of hands under my armpits. I lashed out, on the verge of another flack back, when the happy sound of laughs and giggles hit me. Not evil, mocking laughter.

I screamed as I was jerked up and off Gerard. I was being held up by at least four pairs of hands. I struggled, trying to break loose, but I was laughing as I did so. I glanced up to see my boyfriend in a similar situation. Phin, Kyle, Lissa, Lena and Ollie were hanging on to him, keeping his bod suspended above the ground. He was struggling and laughing, but the five were slowly dragging him down the beach. Towards the water.

When I realised where we were heading, I redoubled my efforts to get free, but my so-called friends just laughed and held on to me tighter.

By the time we reached the water line, I was soaked already from the wet hands grabbing me. Unlike Phin and Jared had with Andy, the people dragging me didn't give me a chance to strip off, just threw me in fully clothed.

I was instantly submerged in cold black water. It pressed against my face and the salt brushed against my taste buds and stung my eyes. My feet thrashed in the water for a few wild seconds, then found the bottom and pushing up. I emerged from the coldness spluttering and swearing. A few feet away from me, Gerard's head broke the surface of the water. He coughed and shouted "You mother fuckers!"

Everyone around me was laughing, so I launched myself at Bob - who was closest - and pushed him under. He wrapped his arm around my arm and pulled me down with him.

A huge water-wrestling match started and we struggled with each other for a good half hour, before calling quits. Exhausted, we crawled back on to the beach and made our way wearily back to Phin's, deciding it would be easier to crash there rather than face the people back home by arriving at half one in the morning.

About halfway back, Kyle announced he'd lost his phone and that we had to go back to the beach to get it. So we went back, everyone moaning at the guy about how stupid he was. Back at the beach, it took us about twenty minutes to find his phone. Jared tried calling it, but it was on silent so we had to use our eyes. Considering how much ground we had to cover (thank goodness it was only a small beach), and that it was the middle of the night, we actually found it fairly quickly. Actually, Lena found it. As a reward, Kyle gave a piggy-back home. We were all exhausted, and entirely jealous of the girl. As we'd all been swimming, we were all also freezing - particularly me and Gerard, who didn't have a spare change of clothes - and although the night had been great, all anyone wanted to do was get to Phin's and sleep.

At last we arrived back at her's and trooped into the lounge with its many colossal sofas. Me and Gerard had no choice but to strip down to our underwear because our clothes were still soaked. Phin grabbed some pillows, throw rugs, blankets and duvets and brought them down to where we were all collapsing on various sofas.

Obviously, me and Gerard crashed on the same one. Phin gave us the thickest duvet because we were still shivering. When the lights went out, we curled up on the sofa. We warmed up fast enough, sharing body heat like that. His head was resting in the crook of my shoulder and I curled up next to my boyfriend, feeling safe and warm.

"Goodnight Gerard." I whispered and pressed a kiss to his soft black hair.

"'Night, Frankie." He murmured back. "And Frank?"


"Happy birthday,"

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