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Chapter 21

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Doubts are never a good thing. Gerard has them.

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Hey guys. Really sorry that it took me so long to write this, especially considering how short it is. Life is overly crazy at the moment and I always seem to have something better to do... Sorry! I've got a bit of writer's block on this story but I'm sticking at it so...... Ignore that! The moment I wrote it down I realised what the next chapter's gonna be about. Thought I'd leave it in to scare you though. XP I'm mean like that! I say that a lot... And use ... a lot. I have no idea what that's called though. Meh. So I'm gonna stop with this ridiculously long A/N and start with the story. Make sure you read the one at the bottom though - it's important!

Oh and as you may guess I had a shit load of sugar before writing this.


>Gerard's POV<

I woke up the next morning to find Frank nestled into my side on the oversized brown sofa in Phin's lounge. Only the black top of his head was visible under the covers.

The room was still dark, but I could see the outlines of sleeping people, still one the sofas and huddled under thick duvets and blankets. Thankfully, there was an illuminous clock informing me that it wasn't as early as it felt - it was actually half twelve.

Careful not to wake Frank, I rolled off of the sofa and stood next to it. I was still only in my boxers, but in the dim light I could see two pairs of jeans hanging over the back of the couch. I walked round it to find that they were mine and Frank's jean - clean (from the smell of them anyway) and dry. I sent a silent 'thank you' out to whoever had bothered to wash them over night. I pulled mine on, and found my black t-shirt underneath. Usually, I wouldn't put an A/N in the middle of a chapter but whatever. You nearly ended up with the lyrics to Underneath Your Clothes there. Don't ask. My music taste is metal/rock/punk and Shakira. I'm just strange like that. And a cat nearly came into my house. And my mum's allergic. Ok, A/N over. Sorry Had to let y'all know.

Using my hands and the small beam of light that was let through a chink in the curtains, I found my way around the sofas and sleeping people and out into the hallway.

Here, I could the sound of soft music and quiet chatter. I closed the lounge door behind me and made my way into the kitchen, where the noise seemed to be coming from. In there I found Bob, Andy, Ollie, Jared and a large pot of coffee. My mouth started watering (at the coffee!).

"Morn'," Bob said when he saw me.

"Morning." I replied then got to the important part: "Where are the mugs? I want coffee!" The other boys laughed.

"That cupboard." Ollie said, pointing. "And surely it's afternoon by now."

"Nah - it's half twelve." Andy said, taking a sip of his coffee.

"That is the afternoon!"

"What? No it isn't."

"Yes - it is! Isn't Bob?"

"Yeah. Sorry mate but the kid's right."

"Great." Andy said wearily, drinking more coffee. "Whatever - it's too early to think."

"It's the afternoon bro'!"' Jared chuckled. Andy just flipped him off.

"So, d'ya enjoy last night Gerard?" Bob asked me.

I took a mouthful of coffee (burning my tongue slightly) and replied. "Yeah, it was great. Do you do that every year?"

"For the last three." Jared awnsered. "Phin became really good friends with Frank, so for his fourteenth birthday I guess it was, we all turned up round his in costume and went round trick-or-treating. Really immature, I know but we were like thirteen, fourteen at the time. Anyway, we all went out and had a great time so it became a tradition." He shrugged at the end. "Best fun we have all year without getting laid or pissed." I laughed at that.

"Isn't that how you got kicked out of your old school?" Bob asked.

"Yeah," Jared, sipped his coffee, looking into the distance. Then, seeing my confused look, he continued. "Me, Lissa, Ollie, Phin and Frank all went to the same school until high school. Then all of us but Ollie ended up at some stuck up school that didn't apprciate us coming in in full vampire mode. Long story short - we all got kicked out and ended up at the school we're at now. 'Rentals weren't too happy!"

"I'll bet." I muttered. "You guys are mental."

"Don't we know it!" Ollie said and I laughed again. Fuck only knows why I was in such a good mood again this morning. Probably because I wasn't hungover.

"Weren't you going out with Phin then?" Bob asked Jared.

"Yeah, but we split after 'bout a month. Better off being good mates we figured."

"Did Phin and Frank ever go out?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. I noticed Andy sit up a little straighter at my question. Looks like I wasn't the only jealous one over Phin and my boyfriend.

"Oooh - getting jealous are we?" Ollie teased and Jared grinned at the question.

"Well they supposedly did a while back." The elder said slowly. "But I think that might have been just to stop people shitting on Frank."

"I can't imagine that." I mused.

"What people shitting on Frank?" I nodded at Ollie's words. "Well, it's like I said a few weeks back - after the truth or dare disaster. The dude didn't use to be half as tough as he is now."

"Yeah," Jared continued. I think he likes the sound of his own voice a little too much. "When he started hanging with us, I was kinda like what the fuck? But he's turned out to be a pretty square guy."

"What did people tease him about?" Andy asked the question I wanted the answer to.

"Yah know - the usual. Being short, being bi, having a 'lame' music taste, dressing like an 'emo'." Ollie sneered in disgust.

"That pretty much stopped once he started dating Phin though." Jared cut in again. "She had a rep' even back then. Knew judo or some shit and one broke some guy's arm who was twice the size of her. Not to mention the fact that pretty much every guy wanted her. She'd go through one every few months. I'm amazed Andy's managed to stick with her this long."

Everyone turned to Phin's boyfriend at that. He shrugged. "I'm amazed as you are."

Bob laughed. "Remember how embaressed you were to ask her out."

"Oh, shut it Robert. You weren't much better over Lissa. Going on and on for weeks about how gorgeous she is, and how she's never gonna go out with you."

"Ok - you shut up."


"Whilst on the conversation of couples, what's happening between you 'n' Frank, Ger'?" Ollie asked me. I blushed.

"Well, good, I guess."

"Hmph," Bob made a strange noise of disbelief and we all looked at him. "What? Everyone knows Frank's just as much a slut as Phin is. Uh, no offence Andy."

"None taken."

"My point is, Frank likes play 'round with people. I'd just be careful Gerard."

I fidgited uncomfortably. I wanted to yell at Bob and say that me and Frank were great with eachother, but from the few short months I'd known him, it was obvious what Frank was saying was true. I mean, he'd been out on one night stands with some random guy or girl every other night before... Before his flashback at Phin's house. Hmmm.

"Look, Bob - it's not really any of your business." Jared spoke up for me.

I nodded in agreement but added a "Thanks anyway, dude." to him. The blonde nodded back at me and we turned the conversation to lighter topics whilst drinking our coffees. Damn, did I love that stuff.

"Who'd you reckon looked best yesterday?" Ollie asked.

"Adrian looked awesome." Bob said. "I mean, I kept expecting his skin to fall off."

"You looked pretty cool actually Andy." I told him.

"Thanks dude. You looked fairly cool too. Although, I have to say - Phin made one sexy zombie."

"I have to agree." Came an English accent from the door way. She still had green and black smeared on her face. "And please don't tell me you've drunk all of the coffee." Phin walked over to the pot and poured herself a cup. "I'm guessing you guys havn't eaten yet." We shook our heads. "Well grab some cereal or something, 'cos I ain't cooking."

"What?" Lena, Lissa and Lee walked in. It had been the first girl who had spoken. Her usually sleek platinum head was still messy and red. "I'm starved dude."

"Tough." Phin responded and stuck her tongue out.

Over the next half hour, the rest of the gang arrived. Most still had part of their Halloween make-up on, horribly smudged around their faces. When Frank came in, he walked straight over to me and wrapped his tattooed arms around me. I flushed, but in pleasure as opposed to embarressment.

"Morning, or afternoon, or whatever time it is." He mumbled sleepily into my shoulder.

Time... that got me thinking. Oh shit!

"Bloody hell Frank. We gotta be at my uncle's shop by two!"

"Fuck it. What time is it?"

I glanced at the wall mounted clock over Lee's head. "Quarter past one. And we still gotta get home and changed and there!"

"Shit." My thoughts exactly. "Hey, Phin." Frank yelled as he turned around.


"Me and Gee gotta go! Work and shit like that."

"Ok, see you later!"

"Thanks for everything. Bye."

With that my boyfriend pulled me out of the kitchen, whilst I tried to shout a 'thanks' over my shoulder. I heard laughter following me as I was pulled out of Phin's massive house and into Frank's car.

Right, in school I had this idea. Would you (being readers of this amazing - not vain at all - story) like me to make another one with things before Gerard came into the picture? It'll be stuff like how Phin and Frank met, what happened to have Frank kicked out, how Bob asked Lissa out, the four guys getting kicked out of school. You know - shit like that. What do you think - good idea, bad idea? Obviously, this'll be the priority.

I'm gonna start the next chapter now but can't promise an update until like Tuesday... Guess why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I'm going to see 30 motherfucking Seconds To Mars!! I cannot fucking wait. Guess what the next A/N is gonna be about? I am so excited!

And I just wanna, who do people think is fitter - Frank or Gerard?

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