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Chapter 22

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Tension mounts and Frank's cruel.

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Well.... WooooooW is all I'm gonna say. And yeah, I'm referring to 30 Seconds To Mars who I saw Sunday night. It was beyond amazing (if you wanna read a full review, look at my profile ;]) and at one point - well three songs - I was about five meters away from Jared Leto. He is just so gorgeous. Sorry, he just is. The whole concert was incredible. No mosh pits unfortunately but there was a crowd crush every few minutes which was hilarious, if a little scary!

Also, thank-you to everyone who is reading this. As I said at the beginning, I haven't written anything in forever and it is amazing how much positive feedback this is getting. I have started writing the prequel so be sure to check that out and tell me what you think!

Love you all.


>Frank's POV<

Wednesday was an odd day to go to a club really. Smack bang in the middle of the working week - getting pissed, high and laid would usually be the last thing on people's minds. But then - thanks to our stunt on Monday - we had no school! And the club was heaving. Tonight was going to be good.

Gerard stood next to me, looking rather nervous. The pulsating lights lit up his skin in bright colours, and displaying the tension in his body. He got like this last time we went to a club as well. After a few drinks he was ok though, but he always looked really guilty after downing the first couple of shots. I guess it was because he got kicked out for drinking but he generally loosened up after a few swigs of the strong stuff. And a couple of pills.

I wasn't really in the mood for waiting around. Everyone else - well everyone else who hadn't been grounded for getting kicked out of school - was already here and on the dance floor. "C'mon!" I shouted over the music, tugging on my boyfriend's sleeve. I dragged him down to where everyone was was dancing and grinding against each other. The DJ wasn't playing particularly amazing music but we could fix that. Eventually, we found Lena and Amy dancing, and giving two boys eyes across the dance floor.

"Hey guys!" I yelled.

"Hi!" Amy shouted back over the pounding music.

"Have you guys not requested any decent shit yet?"

"Yeah - Motorhead a while back but you know. It's all mainstream shit now!"

"Tell me about it." Of course, it was at that moment The Ace Of Spades came on. "Great - now we just look like hypocrites!" I shouted in despair.

"Shut up and enjoy the music!" Lena yelled back and we all began head banging.

Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again,

Head bang to guitar solo

I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,

Even more mental head banging to guitar solo.

The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be,
The Ace Of Spades
The Ace Of Spades

Surprisingly enough, Motorhead went down extremely well. I guess people are beginning to appreciate good music again, as opposed to the fucked-up mess of Eminem and Justin Beiber. So the DJ played more head bangers. The four of us, just stayed in the middle of the floor, pounding our heads back and forth and screaming the lyrics in between huge guitar solos. One of the many reasons to love heavy metal.

"Frank!" Gerard, yelled in my ear after a good half hour. He was grinning; ecstatic from the dancing and awesome music.

"What is it?"

"Can we get something to drink?"

"Yeah, sure!" I shouted. We made our way over to the bar and ordered a couple of beers. The idiots that work here are really stupid - they never bother to ID anyone, even short-arses like me who blatantly aren't twenty-one. I sat with Gerard for a while, sipping our drinks and laughing at people's dancing. There really were some maniacs out there.

"Heyya Frankie!" Lissa and Phin appeared in front of us suddenly. I started, then laughed at my shock.

"Hello dudettes!" I called back.

"Hi," I heard Gerard say, but he seemed less than happy at the girl's appearance.

Phin seemed oblivious, but I knew there was no way she wouldn't have picked it up. "Come on - why aren't you dancing?" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me off my barstool; towards the dance floor. "Lissa, Gerard - come on!"

>Gerard's POV<

They're just good friends. I told myself as Phin pulled my boyfriend off. Just good friends. But that wasn't the easiest thing in the world to convince myself.

"You ok?" Lissa asked me, her dark skin looking extremely odd in the coloured flashing lights. Almost other worldly. She was holding two beers, one of which she was holding out to me. I accepted and opened the lid with a twist.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I answer in a monotone. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because Phin just disappeared off with your boyfriend?" Well that was harsh.

"Great." I said bitterly. "Just perfect."

Lissa rolled her eyes. "Look, neither Phin or Frank has been able to date anyone without their boy or girlfriend getting jealous of the other person."

"I'm not surprised."

"Neither. The point is - they're genuinely just good friends. Phin wouldn't cheat on Andy anyway. I've never seen her like that about a guy; usually they're just an amusement until she gets bored."

"What about Frank?" I asked.

"What about him?" Lissa asked, her voice tiny bit too innocent.

"Would he cheat on me?"

She took a sip of her beer before replying. "I don't know. To be honest, I wouldn't like to say. You know he likes to sleep around... he also likes to mess with people's heads. I just don't know."

"Great!" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Look, if you want my advice - take it easy. Mess around with the guy and have fun and sex and whatever, just don't get too attached. That way if it ends messily, you won't get hurt too much."

I sighed, thinking that it was way too late to not get attached. I'd been attracted to Frank from the first moment I saw him, and now my feelings went beyond that. I wasn't about to say I loved him, or any shit like that, but I sure as hell didn't want to lose him. I wanted him to be mine, and stay that way. I didn't say this of course. "Thanks Liss'. I have no idea what to do though."

"Get smashed?" She shrugged.

I could deal with that. "Best idea I've heard all day!"

Lissa laughed and bought two shots of vodka. "Cheers!" She said and we clinked the glasses together, before downing them. The strong alcohol burned my throat on the way down, but I welcomed the sensation. It meant that soon my brain would disengage and I wouldn't have to think anymore. I'd barely finished the drink when Lissa was ordering a second round. The bartender gave her an odd look, but handed the glasses over anyway, full to the brim with deceptively clear liquid.

"So where's Bob?" I asked, after my second shot.

"Parents grounded him. For getting suspended you know. Mine weren't too impressed either, but they're used to Halloween being a riot."

"Lucky you! My parents wouldn't be too happy with me. Sure as hell wouldn't let me go to a club."

"Well mine just think I'm round Phin's. I'm bunking there tonight anyway, so not really lying."

"Fair enough."

"I wanna dance." Lissa announced. "You coming?"

I shook my head. She smiled sadly at me then disappeared into the mass of swaying bodies. The music was good, and I wondered why I didn't just join her. Truthfully, I had no idea.

I got up off of my seat and began to wander around the edge of the dance floor. We'd been here for about an hour and a half now and during that time more and more people had poured in. The heat was stifling, the music loud and my head was spinning. Nothing felt real, and the smoke machines and pulsating lights only added to that effect. They made everyone's skin look so weird.

The wall was lined with large holes, a bench lining the inside of each of then. People were sitting on the benches - groups of friend laughing and drinking, couples wrapped around each other and kissing passionately. I sighed, thinking of my own boyfriend and how unsure I was of him. It was almost as if thinking that caused what I saw next.

Frank my boyfriend was sitting in one of the booths, his arms wrapped around some guy I'd never seen before today. I clenched my fists in anger. That bastard. He was supposed to be dating me. Did that mean nothing?

Furious, I stormed over to the two boys. I wanted to tear that little fuck to shreds, but instead I simply put my hand on Frank's shoulder and jabbed his neck to get his attention.

Slowly, he pulled off of the other guy and looked up at me. A dopey grin stretched across his face. "Hey Gee!" He slurred and I wondered how much he'd had to drink.

"What are you doing?" I snarled, trying to keep my temper under control.

I'm amazed that he heard me over the music, but Frank smiled up at me, a teasing glint in his eye. "It's called kissing. I can teach you if you like."

I gritted my teeth. I was not going to punch him. "I'm going home and I'm taking the car. Feel free to come." And I walked away. Part of me hoped he'd stay with that idiotic, confused expression on his face. The larger part of me hoped he'd come running after he. Yes, I was angry, but that didn't mean I wanted to break up with him.

I stormed out into the car park. The nights were still warm, but compared to the heat of the club, it was freezing outside. I stumbled over to where the car was parked. It was only at this point I remembered that it was Frank's car - he had the keys. Typical. Well, I wasn't about to go back inside. He's just see me, know that he'd won and go back to making out with strangers.

Sighing, I sat down on the ground and leaned against the car. The cold nipped at me and I shivered. Only my pride was preventing me from going back into the club. Not that I was much better out here. It was dark, and desolate and depressing. I'd rather be inside, but there was no way in hell, I was facing Frank again sooner than I could help it.

At least I had a pack of fags in my pocket. I fished a cigarette out of the small cardboard box and put it into my mouth. Then, I searched around in my jean and jacket for a lighter. Typically, I didn't have one. Gre-eat! Then my hand found something. In the inside pocket of my jacket was a small plastic bag. Inside of that was eight little blue pills. Ecstasy. I wasn't sure where I had got them from - probably one of the gang at some party. As always, I hesitated before taking any. Thinking of my parents, of New Jersey, of Mikey. He was coming over the week after the next. And as always, the these thoughts weren't enough to stop me swallowing two of the pills.

Within a few minutes, I was high as a kite. What a stupid expression. I wasn't a kite - they were stupid flappy things that got blown about in the wind. Or was that flags? Black Flag! That was a good band... or was it? Who knows... Who cares... No one cares about poor ickle Gerard that's for sure! Neither do I!

I sat there for a good hour before Frank finally came out of the club. Amy, Lissa, Lena and Phin were with him. I leaned my head back against the car and spaced out again.

Next think I knew, Frank was right in front of me. And then, for no apparent reason, I burst into tears.

"Oh God, Gerard. What's wrong?" Frank murmured in my ear, snaking his arms around my waist. I tried to push him away, but my attempt was so feeble, me probably didn't even notice.

"Y-you!" I stuttered, the tears coming thick and fast.

"What have I done?" He sounded defensive and pulled back, which only made me cry harder. He didn't care that I was hurt, only that the blame was on him.

"K-kiss-sed that g-guy!"

Frank frowned, then wrapped his arms back around me. "Look Gerard." He said sternly. "I'm a slut. I'll admit it - it's only the truth. But I don't care about anyone I kiss. Apart from you."

I hiccupped. "B-but, why?"

"I enjoy it. What more can I say?" Frank rolled his eyes. "Come on - let's go home. You'll feel better in the morning!" I nodded and allowed my boyfriend to pull me to my feet. I swayed and leaned on him, which was entirely uncomfortable as he was so short. "And Gerard?"


"I'm sorry, ok?" I nodded again and he pressed his lips against mine in a short, ashamed kiss. I closed my eyes and tasted him. His breathe stunk of beer, but I didn't mind - mine probably wasn't much better.

Frank pulled back, and helped me into the car. I'd barely collapsed on the seat when I passed out.

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