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Chapter 23

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Fluff. Can't really say anything else about this. An important A/N at the bottom!

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Hey dudes. Long time no see. Yeah, sorry about that. Life is crrrraaaaazzy! Isn't it always. And I gotta get up at half four in the freaking morning tomorrow. I should be in bed right now. I HATE MORNINGS! On the bright side, I'm back at like twelve tomorrow, so I'mm be doing a lot of writing tomorrow - assuming I'm not too tired. Or I'll just read Kerrang! One of the two.

Anyway. There is a very important (to me at least) author's note at the bottom, so please read it.

Also, if you have not already, make sure you read First Of The Gang To Die, by unitedsuck007. It is the best story I have ever read. And I do mean that literally. I was on the verge of tears when I finished reading it because I was so sad it was over. You can find a link in my Favourite Stories tab. And whilst you're on there, if you're feeling particularly horny, read Heaven Help Us. It is the Goddamn hottest thing I've ever read!

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Sorry about how short this is.


>Frank's POV<

Well, this wasn't exactly how I planned on the evening playing out. Ok, I don't know what I expected after making out with that guy in the club, but not Gerard bursting into tears and me having to grovel to stop him. Admittedly, I expected that I may have to do a bit of grovelling - but not him crying. That just wasn't normal... Then it dawned on me; he had taken something. One of those pills that Bob handed out like candy, or a joint that always seemed to be passed around at a place like that. This town was famous for its drug addiction, and how easy it was to get your hands on the things. What was I going to do with this kid?

Breaking up with him would be really awkward - after all, we lived in the same house. What made me think it'd be a good idea to go out with him in the first place? I mean, I was gonna wreck things beyond repair sooner or later - intentionally or not. We'd break up but he wasn't gonna disappear like the other people whose heads I'd fucked with.

I glanced over to where Gerard was passed out in the passenger seat. I was driving home, which was probably the worst idea I'd had all night (including kissing that guy... whose name I couldn't even remember) because I was more than slightly drunk. I'd probably get us both killed, or end up accidently driving down to Mexico. If that was even possible in one night with less than half a tank of fuel.

But looking at my passenger made me realise something. As fun as tonight had been, and as much as I hated apologising, I didn't want to break up with Gerard. Not just because it'd make living with him awkward, but because I didn't want to lose him. I cared about him, and hadn't got bored of dating him yet. A lot of boy and girlfriends didn't last even this long with me. Well with any luck he wouldn't remember tonight. Or me kissing that dude atleast.

Surprisingly enough, I managed to drive home without getting arrested, or crashing and killing myself. I parked a little sloppily in the driveway and killed the engine. Now I had to wake my boyfriend (possibly ex) up. And he was probably still high from whatever he had taken. Fuck it.

I was exhausted and completely wasted (yeah, I really shouldn't have been driving) so I just sat back in my seat for a while and stared at Gerard. His pale skin was glowing under the orange street light that was filtering through the window his head was leaning on. The black mop of hair was curling around his face, partially hinding it from me. Occasionally, his breathe would disturb a strand and it would flutter in the air he was exhaling. His legs were sprawled out infront of him, but his arms were folded arcoss his chest - as if to protect himself. He looked so peaceful; just sitting there with his eyes closed, dreaming about whatever it is high people dream about. Through my experience - purple unicorns that breathe fire and eat zombies. Guessing through the serene expression on Gerard's face, that was not what he was dreaming about. Unfortunatly, I had to disturb that peace and drag him back into the big bad world.

"Ger'. Gerard - you gotta wake up." I said, reaching over to shake his shoulder. He mumbled something and blinked, surprisingly awake considering he had been completely out of it half a minute ago. "Come on, dude." I murmured, before tanking the keys out of the ignition. I climbed out of the car and crossed over to the over side of it, then opened Gerard's car door. He flopped out. He must have been leaning on the door when I opened it. I bent down and caught him quickly, struggling under his weight. Thankfully, he still had his seatbelt on, so he didn't fall out completely. "Geraraaard..." I groaned, annoyed at him.

Thankfully, the sound of my voice seemed to bring him back to Earth, because he sat up abruptly and blinked the sleep from his eyes. He kinda looked like a startled deer. Except I'm not usually sexually attracted to startled deer. Scratch that - I'm never attracted to deer, startled or not.

"You ok?" I asked, standed up and leaning on the doorframe.

"No - thanks to you." He replied, his voice full of anger and vemon. Gerard was glaring at me, and if looks could kill...

"Seriously!" I snapped. Suddenly, I was filled with anger at the boy sitting in the passenger seat of my car. I mean it's not like I fucked someone behind his back or beat him up. Why the fuck was he so annoyed? "Because I made out with some other dude?"

"Yes! We're going out! You're not supposed to do shit like that!" He shouted at me. Great, he was gonna wake someone up, and then we'd have an audience to the little soap opera palying out on the street.

"Why the hell not? I was just having fun - I don't give a flying fuck about that guy!" I was yelling now. "I can't even remember his name!"

"Great... That's such a relief." Gerard's voice was heavily sarcastic, but I could catch sadness behind it. He was hurting and I was the cause of that. I was almost too angry to care, but something inside me gave me the common sense to know that this was because of the shots I'd taken earlier. It was the alcohol making me angry, and if I carried on this way, there was no way that Gerard was going to remain my boyfriend.

"It should be!" I sighed. "Look, I mess around with other guys and girls - I ain't gonna lie about it. But you're the only one I really care about. I don't regret kissing that guy - but I wish I didn't 'cos it hurt you. So I guess I do regret it." This speech was a slightly slurred babble. "Fuck - I'm wasted."

Gerard giggled at that. "Atleast you're not high!"

"Are you still?"

"As a kite!" I laughed when he said that.

"C'mon." I slurred. "Let's go upstairs."

"And have wild, raging sex!" Gerard announced at the top of his lungs. I just looked at him. Usually, I would never turn down an offer like that, but I knew that there was no way I could do that and still looks at my boyfriend straight in the eye the following morning. More importatly, I wasn't entirely sure I'd actually be able to do anything, I was so drunk.

"Uhhhh, yeaaahhh...." I said.

"Don't you want me?" My boyfriend pouted, looking up at me from where he was seated.

"Yeah, but I'm pissed and you're high, so it's not the best idea in the world. Infact, right now, all I want to do is pass out."

"N'awwww. When did you become so boring, Frankie?" He whined.

"No idea. Now come on - let's go to bed.... And sleep."

"Ok. I still think sex sounds like a better idea though."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Gerard's arm to pull him out of the car. It was surprisingly easy, but when he leant on me it was harder. I may be stronger than him, but i was still shorter, and he weighed more than I thought. Not to mention the fact that I was boardering on legless from drinking waaaay too much booze.

Struggling slightly, I clicked the button on the key to lock the door and stumbled into the house. Gerard was still leaning on me and I had to half carry him up the stairs to our rooms. From there, I dragged him into my room and we collapsed on my bed. I was ready to go to sleep fully clothes, but knew I'd regret it in the morning. I sat up and pulled my shirt and jeans off. My boyfriend was already snoring.

"C'mon, Gee." I muttered. I shook him slightly, and he stirred. With him still half asleep, I helped him out of his sweaty clothes and pulled him into bed. Then I slid in next to him.

It wasn't really big enough for the two of us, being a single, but I didn't mind. I pulled Gerard over, so that his head was resting on my chest. He sniffled and wrapped around my body, breathing deeply. He was already asleep again. I hadn't bothered to turn the lights on when I entered the room, so just sunk down into my matress and joined my boyfriend in dreamland.

Hope you enjoyed. Sorry it was so horribly short. I'm ashamed of it.

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