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Chapter 18

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I really seem to have it in for Frank in my stories...

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So seventeen chapters down and Frank and Gerard have only just got together. I know stories where that happens in the space of two. And then it's over. Don't worry though people - just because our two favourite boys are together doesn't mean we're anywhere near the end. :) So here we go again...

In advance, apologies for the shortness of this chapter. It's a filler but I am finding it really difficult to write at the moment. Don't worry though, I've got my ideas and they are going into the story Goddammit! So yeah - this is gonna be a long story. So I may as well get on with it! Read, enjoy, rate and review. And major thank you to AlysonRose for rating the last chapter up to five and reviewing pretty much every single one so far! And ditto to aweirdtree (love your user name btw). Hell - thanks to everyone. Should we ever meet in person I'll give you all cookies and chocolate!


>Frank's POV<

I woke up on Monday morning shaking slightly. Despite sleeping in Gerard's arms I still had weird dreams. Disturbing actually. They weren't as bad as the previous one, but enough to haunt my mind and freak me out. I glanced at the alarm clock next to the bed - half six. Another half hour before we had to get up and get ready for school.

I just lay there, listening to Gerard's deep breathing and trying to calm down a little. His warm arms around me felt nice, reassuring me with the knowledge I wasn't alone. I some how still managed to feel it though. I was gonna have to talk to Phin today. She was the only one who knew my secret - the only one who'd be able to help me get my thoughts in order. Even my boyfriend wouldn't be able to do that for me.
When it was nearly seven, I decided it would be a good idea to wake Gerard up. I needed something to distract me from my thoughts anyway.

I pressed my lips to his chest. He was wearing a t-shirt but the material was only thin so I knew he'd be able to feel me. I worked my way up Gerard's body until I reached his neck. I nipped and sucked at the pale skin there. Soon enough, the kid began to stir under me. I carried on attacking his neck, determined to make the hickey there as big as possible before he was fully awake. The skin was soft and it felt so nice being in control like this.

Gerard shifted his weight and wrapped his arms around me tighter. "Morning," he murmured. I just moaned against his skin in response. "Oh fuck Frank, that feels amazing." I sucked harder at the skin, pulling blood closer to the surface. We spent a few more minutes like that; my tongue, lips, teeth working at his mouth, him just lying there and moaning occasionally.

When I was done I pulled back to examine my work. The hickey was an impressive purple against Gerard's otherwise pale skin. Actually, he wasn't white anymore - certainly darker than he was when he first arrived. I grinned. He was gonna hate that.

"What's so funny?" The boy I was currently lying on top of asked.

"You've got a tan!" I laughed. He scowled and lifted his hand from my waist to inspect it.

"God damnit!"

I laughed again. "Yeah, and it goes brilliantly with the hickey I just gave you!"

"What?!" He was slightly angry, something I really didn't want.

I didn't say anything, just stared at Gerard until he looked down from his hand to where I was lying on his chest. I was giving him my best puppy-dog eyes, which I happen to know to be extremely good. He sighed and I pouted at him. "I only wanted to let people know you're mine."

He smiled and kissed me. "You are too adorable for your own good."

"I know!" I said, jumping out of bed. "That's why you love me!" Gerard just groaned and muttered something about going back to sleep. I laughed and began shaking him. "Come one!" I whined. "I didn't give you that hickey for nothing ya know!" He groaned again but rolled out of bed. Still sleepy.

I bounded back into my own room to get ready. After I was dressed, had done my eye-liner and brushed my hair I ran back into Gerard's room. He wasn't there so I decided to go and investigate the bathroom. He was in there, desperately brushing his hair which remained sticking up in all directions. I laughed and ran my hands over his head, destroying whatever improvement he had made.

"Frank!" He whined, trying to hit me with his brush.

"What? You look hot with bed-hair!" I responded, jumping out of the way.

Gerard rolled his eyes, looked back in the mirror and decided to give up. "How do you have this much energy in the morning? It's not natural, I swear."

"No - you're the unnatural one!"

"Well we already knew that!" He smiled and I laughed again. Who knew giving someone a hickey could result in such a mood reversal? We went downstairs and chatted and ate. Toast and cereal and eggs and pop tarts and coffee! I'm not sure how we had time to eat it all, but that may have been why we ended up late for school.

I drove like a lunatic on the way in and sang along to the radio at the tops of my lungs. Gerard was laughing and swearing in the passenger seat as I gunned the engine and turned corners way over the speed limit. I'm honestly amazed we weren't stopped by the cops. By the time we got to school, we were both high on adrenaline and fell through the front doors laughing. Luckily there weren't to many people about, but that was probably because the final bell rung and we had to run to our homerooms.

Outside of Gerard's, I pulled him to a halt and pressed my lips against his. The kiss was hurried as less than a second later I was dashing off again to my homeroom.

>Gerard's POV<

My mind still buzzing slightly from the quick kiss, I walked into the classroom. Phin and the gang were sitting around the usual table and I hurried over to then, hoping that the teacher wouldn't notice my lateness.

As usual, the group was in a heated discussion about something; arguments being passed back and forth at 100mph. God only knows what it was about - probably whether Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden were better, or whether pink or blue hair would look best on Jared. I grinned at how childish the group could be and sat there for several minutes before they actually noticed me.

"Gerard!" Lissa shouted eventually and I nodded.

"How long have you been sitting there?" Kyle asked, apparently amazed.

"Half an hour," I shrugged.

The group laughed and began to hurl abuse at me for lying. I just smiled. I loved having friends like this. Not that Ray and Mikey weren't cool. It was just nice, being in with the popular group and being accepted by the masses. And having a super hot boyfriend for that matter.

Kyle interrupted my mental rambles. "So, I'm guessing you're with Frank then? If that bruise is anything to go by!" He smirked and I blushed, but his comment brought back something Frank had said to me that morning.

"Guys," I said slowly. "Do you think I'm tanned?" The group looked at me silently. Then they looked at each other. Then they burst out laughing.

"Yes Gerard - as tanned as a sheet of paper!" Phin giggled at me. I blushed again. "What on Earth gave you that idea?"

"Just summin' Frank said to me..." I muttered.

Phin laughed. "Just ignore him - believe it or not, he has a habit of winding people up." Then she stopped laughing and stared hard at me, squinting slightly. "Mind you; you do look a bit darker..."

I frowned. Great. Then she began to laugh again and I guessed she was joking.

We carried on talking about random shit (as you do) until the bell rung, signifying the start of the first lesson of the day. I left with Phin, Lena and Kyle for English. Strangely enough, I was looking forward to the day. Especially lunch, when I was going to see Frank again. I smiled when I thought of that. Great I was behaving like some sort of love struck teenager. Screw that - I was a love struck teenager.

>Frank's POV<

I wasn't too late at the beginning of the day. The teacher in my homeroom didn't say anything - just rolled her eyes when I came in. I smirked at Adrian and Ollie who were sitting at a table near the back of the room.

I pulled up a chair and collapsed into it, grinning. They immediately began questioning me about Phin's party. Neither of them had been able to go after being suspended for punching some dude up. I think it was a bit unfair to the two of them - he had been calling them emos for wearing eyeliner. It was pathetic really.

I filled them in as best I could. Most of it was repeated gossip as I couldn't remember that much of the night myself. They laughed at my story of Jared chatting Ben up, then working up with six girls around him.

"Bloody hell!" said Adrian. "Six? How do you deal with that many girls at one time? What a pimp!"

Me and Ollie laughed at that. Then Adrian cut in again.

"Oh and is it true you're goin' out with Gerard?" How the hell did he know that? It had been less than a day!

"Where did you hear that?"

"Bob was going on about it this morning." That would explain it. But did Bob have a problem with me or something? Why was he always banging on about me and Gerard.

"Well yeah. We are. Together, I mean."

"Cool." Adrian leaned back as me and Ollie carried on talking until first lesson.


At lunch I was one of the first out by the clump of trees where we usually sat. Lissa and Bob were already there but they were kissing each other so I ignored them and lit up a cigarette. They didn't even notice me - Lissa's long dark hair was falling over their faces so the couple couldn't see me standing there.

The rest of the gang arrived one by one. I talked to some of them, but was kinda distracted. I had been day dreaming in class and memories had drifted back to me. Really there was only one person I wanted to talk to, and of course, she had to be late out of class.

Finally, Phin appeared. She was arm in arm with Amy and Lena and three were singing some Disney song at the top of their voices for no apparent reason. I smiled slightly at the sight of the girls. They truthfully were mental. Usually, I would have joined in singing with them, but my good mood from this morning had vanished.

"You 'k Frank?" Amy asked when they got close. I shook my head and walked off, knowing Phin would follow. When we were out of hearing range of the group, I stopped and waited for the older girl to catch up.

"You dream again?" she asked softly. I nodded and collapsed against a tree trunk, bowing my head in shame. I hated feeling like this - so pathetic. "What happened?" Phin crouched down beside me and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Just... flashbacks at first. Then I woke up. When I went back to sleep it wasn't as bad. Just shadows. D'you what I mean? What you're afraid of is there - it just doesn't hurt you."

"Yeah, I get ya."

"I really can't believe I still let this get to me though, after three years. Everyone must think I'm so stupid. So weak."

Phin wrapped her arm around me. "I doubt that Frank. Let's face it - you made your way from the bottom of the shit pile to the top. That's enough to earn anyone's respect. Anyway, you have the right to be haunted by it. No one deserves to be treated liked that; especially a thirteen year old kid."

"I just feel stupid for letting it happen in the first place."

"Frank, there was nothing you could have done to stop it!"

"And I only made it to the top of the shit pile with your help."

"Yeah - but who knows that?" Phin said and I chuckled. She'd always been able to cheer me up, even if only temporarily. I sighed again.

"I bet I lost all face with Gerard last night."

"Why? What happened?"

"I woke him up screaming." Phin looked at me sympathetically. "Then he found me in the bathroom, crying my eyes out. I ended up sleeping with him."

"Oh," was all Phin had to offer.

"Yeah. Fuck only knows what he thinks." I replied.

"Beats me. I don't reckon he minds though - proves you're human!"

"Thanks!" I shot back, pretending to be offended. "He asked me what my dream was about."

Phin raised an eyebrow at that. "Well, that was... tactful of him."

"Yeah, just a bit."

"Are you gonna tell him."

"No!" Then I paused. "Do you think I should?"

"Well, did he look after you last night?"

"Yeah, I mean he tried to comfort me and me sleep in his bed."

"I think it might be an idea to tell him. Then at least he has some clue what's going on in your head. If your going out with him - even if it is only to mess with his head - well, you never know. He might be able to help."

I nodded - she had a point. "Would you tell him?"

"How do mean?"

"If you were... you know. Would you tell Andy?"

Phin thought for a moment. "No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want anyone to know who didn't have to. Boyfriends included. I would have, however, told my parents."

I shrugged at the last part. I know I should have told them, but how do you do that? You can't just go up to your parents and say 'hey, I got beaten up and raped on the way home from school yesterday', could you?

Sooooo - you finally know. I was debating whether to keep you all guessing but hey what the hell, I'm kind like that!

Also does anyone have a link to any stories by Padfoot 001? I was halfway through one of their stories and the computer crashed so of course I can't find it again! :'( It was published back in like 2007 though, so don't bother look at recent stories. If you could help I'd be really grateful 'cos damn - I have got to know what happens! If you can find them, please review with a link. I would be so grateful!

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