Review for Bad News, Mi Amigos.

Bad News, Mi Amigos.

(#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-11-01

Name:Hester Ellery


Looks: (I need detail)Olot like Cassie from skins so very skinny big eyes wavey blonde hair heatr shaped face

Usual clothes you chill in:Shorts and big jumpers or ponchos or shift dresses

Personality:seemingly shy and quiet, and a bit out of it but kinda crazy and very airy kind but has a temper and gets kinda depressed easily

Background:Gypsie parents traveled all her life and raised to stay in her place (washing cooking etc) but has a rebelious streak

Likes:Fires, Marshmellows, Jumpers, running and dogs

Dislikes:Doing chores, saying in one place to long, her dad

Who you want to be with (Doesn’t need to be romantic):Frank please (romance)


Favorite color:dark Blue

Bands you love/like:MSI Panic! The Blackout The Specials, The Hoosiers

Who you would like to be involved with:Frank

How/Where you meet:At a gypsie party type thing, they are forced in to marrige

Genre:Romance, drama

Anything else you feel I forgot:I think thats it!

That kinda sucks about Head First For Halos, it was really awesome so far, but I guess its imposible to write if you don't know where your taking it :/