Review for Bad News, Mi Amigos.

Bad News, Mi Amigos.

(#) xxPanicFanxx 2011-11-01

Name: Alexis Gabriella Rae

Age: 18

Looks: (I need detail) Dark auburn(almost red) hair down to her elbows, about 118, curvy, 5'1, pale, bright baby blue eyes.

Usual clothes you chill in: Skinny jeans,sweatpants, tanktops, t-sirts that hang off her shoulder.

Personality: Happy most of the time, quiet until you get to know her, hates to be touched and will declare any touch from someone she doesn't know as rape, swears alot, random, likes to pull pranks, blushes way too easily, kind of an attention whore, MAJOR camerawhore (xD)

Background: Lived with her mother and twin brother, Max, for 16 years after her dad died. Max is really protective of her especially around guys.

Likes: Animals, pulling pranks, when guys kiss her for no reason, being hugged by guys(even though she hates being touched), attention from guys, gets depressd alot but doesn't tell anyone because she doesn't want to feel like a burden.

Dislikes: Being called short, 2-faced people, liars.

Who you want to be with (Doesn’t need to be romantic): Frank

Make-up/Tattoos/Piercings: Eyeliner on the top and bottom of her eyes, mascara, blush, tattoo on her back of a butterfly, tattoo on her ankle of the words 'My One And Lonely', tattoo on both of her wrists the left one says 'Mad As A Hatter' the right one says 'Thin as a dime', belly button piercing, lip piercing.

Favorite color: Blue

Bands you love/like: Panic! at the disco, The Academy is..., Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Skillet, H.I.M, Tool, Taylor Swift(only when no one is around), Blue October, Avril Lavigne.

Who you would like to be involved with: Frank

How/Where you meet: Through Mikey and Gerard.

Genre: Romance, drama

Anything else you feel I forgot: Her nickname is Alex or Gabe, she perfers to be called Gabe though. She is definately no girly at all. Gerard and Mikey are her best friends. She has a pure white husky puppy with blue eyes named Shadow that's exacly like her.