Review for Bad News, Mi Amigos.

Bad News, Mi Amigos.

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-11-01

Name:Tanner Riley

Age:Frank's age

Looks:short (5'2), very light (underfed), has big chocolatey brown eyes that turn a hint of gold when I'm angry or scared, I have black glossy 'emo' hair with many layers and a long side fringe,

Usual clothes you chill in: grey ripped skinnies, black converse with neon writing all over, purple beany, black lace finger-less gloves, a hospital mask, star earrings,a long knit t-shirt that is black and has a picture of a wolf on it, a silvery grey seat-belt like belt

Personality:funny, outgoing, energetic, gets scared/angry easily, acts like a bunny, observant, loyal friend, tries to be brave, bouncy,

Background: I lived with my family (mom, dad, older brother) and there was a virus outbreak that turns people into zombies (fast kind), and my family and I tried to escape to a safe zone, but it was a trick to eliminate all 'threats' so the army shot them but I escaped with my abusive boyfriend, but I left him and ran into MCR in the mountains. I fall in love with Frank. (You can decide whether we live or die if you want!)

Likes:playing bass, drawing, being rebellious,

Dislikes: zombies,spiders, heights, hospitals

Who you want to be with: (romantic) Frank

Make-up/Tattoos/Piercings: thick eyeliner, snakebites, two tattoos (DEMOLITION LOVER and BULLETPROOF)

Favorite color: purple

Bands you love/like: MCR, White Stripes, Iron Maiden, Miss May I, Foster The People

Who you would like to be involved with: MCR, but can I fall in love with Frank?

Where you meet: The mountains,I ran away from my boyfriend and bumped (literally!) into Frank

Genre:Angst, Romance, horror, comedy

Anything else you feel I forgot: Can speak Italian, doesn't mind being picked up, has scars on face and body, gets hurt easily

Hope this is interesting for you to write, umm hopefully you'll write this! :)