Review for I Wanna Be In The Band

I Wanna Be In The Band

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-11-08

I have an idea you can use later on. Okay so theres me, Tiereny, and Frankie. Frankon comes in and the girls have a plan. One of the girls flirts with Frankon and distracts him while she steals the keys. Whoever is flirting with Frankon gives one of the girls the keys. And now the girl thats flirting punches him which makes him get knocked out. Now the girl with the keys unlocks the lock and they run out. And the girl that didn't do anything gets to kick Frankon in the balls and run out. So when they get out the girl that was flirting says to not tell whoever. But in the next chapter the two girls in Teleford go talk to the police, but the police don't listen and tells them to get out. Just some ideas you can use.