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You'd Better Watch Your Mouth Kid

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Melanie gets irritated, Gerard and Mikey think the girls are in Telford and Tierney gives up.

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Gerard’s POV…
“Nobody’s contacted us!” I moaned “Someone must’ve found them. Why aren’t they ringing up?”
“I don’t know.” Mikey replied. I guess that was the answer I was expecting I just needed to talk to someone.
I stood up and started pacing backwards and forwards “Has anybody commented on the blog with ‘Wow, I know where that picture was taken!’?”
“Do you want me to check?” Mikey asked. I nodded and he went to sit at the computer.
I ran my fingers through my bright red hair, praying under my breath “Please say someone found out where they are…” I muttered “Please say someone knows where that picture was taken.”
“Someone has commented someone called Nyan Cat MCR.” Mikey told me “They said that this picture looks like it was taken outside Telford Town Centre but she’s not too sure.”
“Well it’s better than anything we’ve got.” I replied, running over to the screen “Where’s Telford?”
Mikey typed in the word Telford to Google. “Oh…” Mikey said “It’s in England.”
“Do you think whoever kidnapped them would’ve been able to get them to England?”
“Probably not, it’s probably just some crazy fan wanting us to go to their town so they have a chance of meeting us.”
“Some people are sick.” I commented, beginning to pace again. Where could they be?

Frankie’s POV…
“What’s the date?” I asked Jasmine.
Jasmine shrugged her shoulders “September 3rd I think.”
“It’s my birthday in two weeks.” I muttered, hugging my knees “Am I really going to have to spend my birthday locked down here?”
“I hope not.” Jasmine replied, edging closer to me and wrapping her arm round my shoulders. I was still wearing the stupid pink tutu.
I leaned my head on her shoulder “I miss Frank.” I told her “I wanna go home.”
“I wanna go home too.” Jasmine smiled at me “I was meant to be getting married tomorrow actually.”
“Were you?”
“Yeah it was the day Gerard and I had planned before Allison went missing. He didn’t say anything but I knew he wanted Allison to be a bridesmaid so I told him to cancel it until she came home.” Jasmine sniffed “And now I don’t even know if I’ll be coming home.”
“No, don’t start saying that!” I cried “We’re gonna get out of this, right?”
Jasmine smiled at me “Yeah, that’s right. The guys won’t give up looking for us.”
Tierney sat up “You two can be as optimistic as you want.” She snapped “But there’s only one way we're getting out of this and that’s death. You think that guy cares whether we live or die? No, he doesn’t. Because he’s not gaining anything out of this… It’s not like he’s threatening the guys for money or anything. We’re just here for his sick pleasure.”
“Tierney, don’t, you’re upsetting Frankie.” Jasmine said gently.
Tierney shrugged her shoulders “She deserves to know the truth. Instead of being filled with false hope.”
“It’s not false hope!” I said angrily “We’re gonna get out of here! You might’ve given up so easily but I do have a little hope in my older brother.”
“Well good luck on that.” Tierney snorted, lying back down.
The door at the top of the stairs opened and down walked someone we’d never met before. A rather young girl about twenty years old “Hi, my name’s Rosa.” She smiled at us “I was just coming down to tell you that your friends Allison and Melanie have been on the news. But there was no mention of you guys.”
“Okay?” Jasmine asked, looking confused.
Rosa’s smile grew wider “Don’t you get what that means? It means that the guys have given up looking for you.”
“Not necessarily.” I pointed out.
Rosa’s smile faded and she glared at me “You’d better watch your mouth kid.” She told me smoothly “Children should be seen and not heard. Or you’ll end up getting hurt.”
She turned away and walked back up the stairs. None of us made any attempt to follow her, we couldn’t be bothered to anymore. When she was gone Tierney gave us a look as if to say “See?”
I sighed heavily and looked at Jasmine “The guys are looking for us, right?”
“Right.” Jasmine replied. But she sounded just as worried as I was.

Allison’s POV…
Melanie and I found a small arena at one side of a large lake with no one around, just occasionally the odd dog walker. We wandered down to the bottom of the arena and sat down “We can’t keep doing this.” Melanie told me “We can’t keep walking around aimlessly. We have to think of a plan.”
“We weren’t walking around aimlessly.” I pointed out “We were running away from that girl.”
“But what if she really could’ve helped us?”
“How are we supposed to know the difference?” I asked “Do you still have the food?”
Melanie had searched her pockets and I’d searched my pockets. Between us we found one pound which was just enough for a small fries from McDonalds which we managed to locate.
Melanie nodded and pulled out the chips and we started eating hungrily “We need to go to the police.” Melanie said, popping a fry in her mouth “They’ll know what to do. They could help us get back to your brothers.”
“But are they going to believe us?” I asked “The police were informed in LA but over here our story is going to seem a bit unlikely.”
Melanie rolled her eyes “How come every plan I think of you have to complain about?”
“I’m not complaining, I’m just saying what if?”
“Well stop it!” Melanie suddenly snapped “I keep trying and trying to think of ideas of how to get back home and you just shoot them down all the time! It couldn’t hurt to try! If they don’t believe us then fuck it, they don’t believe us but we’ll be better off than we are now.”
“How so?”
“Even if they don’t believe that you have two brothers in a world famous band on the other side of the world, they’ll still know that we’re two kids on our own.” Melanie said “And they’ll do something to help us.”
“Put in a foster home?” I asked “Is that what you want?”
“Well if we don’t then we’ll just die.” Melanie told me “We were lucky that we just managed to eat. But what about when it comes to night time? Where are we gonna sleep? If it rains, where will we go for shelter? What about when it comes to winter? And it starts to snow? Then what do we do? And what if-“
“I get the point.” I sighed, a little irritated “Where are we supposed to find the police then?”
Melanie stood up “Let’s go find them, shall we?”
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