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Police and Plane Tickets

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Tierney’s POV…
I looked up as Jasmine stormed over to me. Frankie had fallen asleep and Jasmine suddenly seemed mad at me “Cheer up!” She snapped. I don’t know why but it made me burst out laughing. Jasmine’s eyes clouded “What is so funny?”
“How on earth am I supposed to cheer up?” I asked, spluttering with laughter “I’ll probably never see Ray again! What do you want me to do?”
“I’m not expecting you to be over the moon.” Jasmine told me, sitting down opposite me “But you’re scaring poor Frankie.”
“Well how do you expect her to feel?”
“I know she’s scared obviously.” Jasmine scowled “But you could make it a little easier for her, you know?”
“And we could use this spare time to think of something useful!” I cried “You know… Like an escape plan?”
“Don’t fill me with false hope.” Jasmine pouted but then she looked at me properly “Are you being serious T?”
“Yes I’m being serious.” I replied “I’ve been thinking of an escape route ever since I got here. While the rest of you have been moping around I’ve been trying to think of a plan to get outta here.”
“Well… What have you come up with?”
I lowered my voice and began telling her my plan.

Allison’s POV…
Melanie grabbed my arm “Look!” She cried “Look, it’s a police station!”
“Oh thank Christ!” I smiled, walking over to the station. We both paused outside “We need to get our story straight.” I said to her “So, what happened?”
Melanie glanced around “You’re making it look like we’re telling a lie!” Melanie suddenly giggled “Come on, it’ll be fine. Let’s just go in.”
“I don’t know if…” But Melanie grabbed my arm again and we both walked inside together.
Melanie spotted a man in a proper uniform and marched us over to him “Excuse me, are you a police officer?”
“Yes.” The man replied but he looked a bit disgusted “Look, I don’t have time to be wasting girls.”
“We’re not time wasters, we really need some help.” Melanie explained. She told him the story of what had happened over the past few weeks.
The policeman looked down at her “I told you I didn’t have time to be wasting!”
“No, it’s the truth!” I cried “You have to believe us, Google my name!”
“Why don’t you get outta here before you get in real trouble?” The man snarled at us and walked away.
Melanie blinked “B-But we’re telling the truth…” Melanie’s eyes welled with tears “We’re telling the truth!” She cried.
I put my arm round her “Don’t worry about it Mel.” I said “We’ll find someone else to help us.”
“The authorities won’t help us!” Melanie yelled “Who else is gonna help us?”
“I’ll try and remember Gerard’s mobile phone number.” I replied “It started with… I don’t even know that!” I started crying too “Oh my god, we’re never getting home!”
“Don’t say that!” Melanie hissed “We’re getting back to LA. I have an idea.”
“What’s your idea?” I asked with a small sigh.
Melanie raised her eye-brow “Same way we got here.” Melanie told me “We’re gonna fly back to LA.”
“How are we supposed to afford plane tickets?” I asked “And we don’t have our passports.”
“We’re gonna sneak over to LA.” Melanie nodded “Somehow.” Suddenly she remembered where we were standing “Let’s get outta here.” She muttered, grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the police station.

Emily’s POV…
I walked over to Mikey “I was going through the comments on that blog on your website.” I told him “A lot of people are saying that the girls are in Telford.”
“Yeah I know but Telford’s in England.”
“And…?” I asked “They could be in England you know, it’s not totally impossible.”
“I highly doubt it Em.”
I rolled my eyes “Well Kat believes me.” I told him “We’ve got two plane tickets over to England. We’re going to Telford to look for the girls ourselves.”
“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Mikey asked, putting his hands on my arms “What if the two of you get abducted?”
“I think we can handle ourselves.” I replied.
Mikey looked down “I’d feel way more comfortable if you stayed in LA, Em.”
“You’re welcome to come with me.” I nodded “But I’m going whether you like it or not because I think they’re over there. I just hope we get there before something bad happens.”
“When are you gonna go?”
“First thing tomorrow morning,” I muttered “Are you gonna come with me?”
“No, I can’t.” He replied quietly “I’ve gotta stay here to look after Gee.”
“Oh okay.” I smiled at him “That’s quite sweet of you actually.”
Mikey smiled back at me and kissed me gently.

Frankon’s POV…
I looked at Rosa who was sitting on the very edge of her seat “What’s wrong Honey?”
“I feel so guilty.” Rosa muttered “You’ve gotta let them go, please Frankon.”
“You were fine with being mean to them yesterday.”
“That’s because you made me!” Rosa cried, sudden tears appearing in her eyes “Please Frankon, let them go.”
“Don’t make me turn on you too.” I hissed, standing up “We’re in this together Rosa. If I go down then you go down with me.”
“I don’t care if I go to prison!” Rosa told me “I just want you to let them go!”
“Never gonna happen.” I replied, walking out of the room and yelling “Over my dead body, Rosa!”
I heard Rosa mutter something but I didn’t hear what it was. I shrugged it off and continued walking away.
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