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Jasmine’s POV…
Frankon came down the stairs. Me and Tierney had managed to think of a plan while Frankie had been sleeping. But as Tierney opened her mouth to begin the plan, Frankon said something “You know Jasmine, you’re really pretty.”
“Oh…” I didn’t know what to say “Thanks.”
“You’re prettier than Rosa you know.” Frankon was looking me up and down.
I blushed bright red “Oh uhh…”
“Why don’t we go upstairs and talk?”
I was about to shake my head or say no, anything to get away from him. But Tierney threw me a look. One small look – But I knew what she meant.
Frankon held out his hand to me. Shaking, I took it and he pulled me to my feet. He practically dragged me up the stairs and locked the basement door behind us. “Let’s get comfortable, shall we?” Frankon smiled, pulling me through the house.
I looked around, a little confused. We were in a perfectly normal, quite nice house. You’d never suspect that me, Tierney and Frankie were locked downstairs in this guy’s basement. “I’m not too keen on Rosa’s taste in furniture.” Frankon told me, pulling me into the living room and practically shoving me onto the sofa “I much prefer my house. Maybe you’ll be able to go there sometime.”
“Uhh maybe…” I muttered, trying to think things through. While I’d been paying attention to the furniture in Frankon’s girlfriend’s house, I hadn’t been paying attention to where he’d placed the keys. ‘You’re such an idiot’ I thought ‘Frankie has more sense than you!’
Frankon edged closer to me “I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Rosa.” He said “You see, she thinks that I should let you guys go.”
“How stupid of her to say that!” I cried sarcastically.
Instead of getting irritated, Frankon smiled at me “I know right! So I was thinking of murdering her…”
I blinked at him “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”
“But I don’t want to be with her anymore.” Frankon was talking to me as if I were stupid “If I just break up with her, she’ll run to the police and tell them all about my little schemes. And she wouldn’t let me keep you guys in her basement.” I didn’t know what to say. Everything he was telling me sounded good to me! “So I was thinking of just getting rid of her altogether. I’ve had my eye on someone else actually.”
It took me a while to figure out what he was saying. So even though I already knew, I asked “Who?”
“You!” Frankon smirked, leaning his head closer to mine “I think we were meant to be together.”
“I-I don’t think we were…” I pulled away from him “I’m engaged Frankon, this isn’t right.”
Frankon’s smile faded “I don’t need your permission you know.” He told me “I could just do it, right here and right now. What would you be able to do about it?”
“Get away from me!” I shrieked, standing up and running from him.
Frankon laughed “Oh, you think you can run from me?”
I ran to the front door first and tried to pull it. Of course it was locked. I looked around for a key though I knew by the time I’d managed to unlock the door, Frankon would’ve caught up with me.
I raced into the kitchen and still couldn’t find a key anywhere. I tried all the windows and the back door. All were locked. Frankon had clearly thought this through rather well.
I heard him in the hallway “Come on Sweetie, why don’t you just give up?”
Getting rather desperate, I shut the kitchen door as quietly as I possibly could. I grabbed the fridge and managed to shove it to the floor in front of the door. Praying it’d be enough to keep the door shut, I opened the cupboard nearest me. I kept opening cupboards until I found a saucepan. Gripping the saucepan with both hands, I hit the window with it. It didn’t seem to have any effect. I carried on hitting until I heard the kitchen door handle move. Frankon was trying to get in!
I had to find something heavier. I dumped the saucepan and took the microwave instead. I chucked it at the window and to my relief, the window broke and the microwave went flying out. I got onto the counter, edged out of the window and into the back garden. I ran to one side of the house. There was nothing but the edge of the house. I ran to the other side and found the same thing. There were no gates to get round to the front. So I only had one choice.
I jumped the fence into next doors garden. I considered knocking their back door but decided it was too close to Rosa’s house. I jumped the next garden, and the next, and the next, and the next… And then I was in a small alleyway and in nobody’s garden at all. But I didn’t have time to waste.
I ran down the street, trying to figure out where I was. “It doesn’t matter where you are…” I mumbled “When you’re far enough away from Frankon, ask someone if you can borrow their mobile and phone the police.”
I ran down two more streets before cursing and realising I hadn’t taken down the street name or even the number of the house. I leaned back on the wall next to me, considering what to do. If I ran back, I might get caught and what good would that do? And on the other, I needed to know the street so that I could tell the police where my friends were. So after a moments thinking, I started walking cautiously back towards Rosa’s street.
It didn’t take me long to walk back since I hadn’t ran very far. I found the street sign, memorised it and as I turned to run, I heard a cry down the street. It was someone yelling my name.
Not stopping to consider what to do, I ran for my life.
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