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Melanie and Allison appear on the news. Gerard and Mikey panic.

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Allison’s POV…
I was woken up by Melanie shaking me to wake up. “Allison, please wake up!” She hissed “Please, just wake up!”
“I’m awake goddamn it.” I muttered, sitting up “What is it?”
“I dunno where we are!” Melanie cried “Look around!”
We looked around. We were in some kind of small, sloped field surrounded by bushes. “Do… Do you think we should look around?” I asked.
Melanie shrugged her shoulders “On one hand we’re away from the creepy guy who kidnapped us… But on the other, what if someone recognises you? They’d kidnap you again and hold you ransom for money or something.”
“But if we find someone nice then maybe they’ll help us find my brothers.” I whispered. But I realised how hard that would be. Who could we honestly trust?
Melanie nodded slowly “Maybe we could convince someone to lend us a bit of money? We could use a payphone to ring your brothers…”
“I don’t know my brothers numbers off by heart.” I admitted “I don’t know my home number off by heart either. I’m so stupid!”
“Let’s just find out where we are.” Melanie said, standing up “Once we know where we are, we can maybe start making our way back to where your brothers are.”
“They could’ve moved on somewhere else.” I cried but I stood up too “They are on tour, you know.”
“We’ll find someone wearing a MCR shirt.” Melanie told me smartly “And we’ll ask them if they’ve heard any news. Well I will because they won’t know. You’d better disguise yourself actually.”
Melanie yanked her hoodie off and handed it to me “Put it on and put up the hood.”
I did as she said without complaining. We walked out of the field, to a sort of hill but then Melanie noticed some steps going down. We stomped down all the stairs and reached a road. “Look over there!” Melanie whispered.
I looked in the direction she was pointing and saw a sort of shopping centre. “Let’s go over.” I replied, taking Melanie’s hand and pulling her over to the shopping centre.
We both found a sign that said ‘Telford Town Centre’. “Have you ever heard of Telford?” I asked Melanie.
Melanie shook her head “Nope, doesn’t sound familiar.”
I noticed a girl standing near us. She was wearing a blue All Time Low t-shirt, black jeans and white converse. She had dark brown hair with red streaks and small black glasses. She looked friendly so I nudged Melanie “Ask her how to get to LA.” I muttered “I’d go over but she might be an MCR fan.”
Melanie rolled her eyes and walked over to her to ask her the question. All Time Low girl looked confused. I sighed heavily. She clearly didn’t know the way to LA.
Melanie walked back over, her cheeks bright red “She didn’t know the way?” I asked.
Melanie shook her head “No… But that’s because… Well you see…”
“What is it?”
“We’re in England!” Melanie blurted out “I don’t know how we got to England but…”
I burst into tears before she could finish her sentence. Melanie threw my arms round me but I couldn’t stop crying. How were we supposed to get home now?

Mikey’s POV…
“Can you turn on the news please?” Gerard asked “See if there’s any news about Pedicone’s death and stuff.”
I flicked on the news. We waited through a report on tax increases or whatever was on… But then something popped on that caught our attention. Only it was nothing to do with Pedicone…
A picture of Melanie and Allison popped up onto the TV screen. Melanie was pointing at something, in midsentence and Allison had her hood pulled up, trying to hide her face. “My Chemical Romance’s Way brothers claimed that their little sister had been kidnapped.” The news reported announced “But is that true? This recent photo shows Abigail Way out and about with her friend Petunia… Are My Chemical Romance looking for sympathy? Or for attention? We’ll have to wait and find out.”
“Who the fuck are Abigail and Petunia?” I asked, disgusted “Was that really a recent photo?”
Gerard grabbed the remote and rewound the news article. He paused it on the picture of our sister and her best friend. He examined it and said “Yeah. We brought that hoodie for Melanie the day before she was kidnapped.”
“Oh yeah.” We’d made an attempt to cheer her up when Frankie and Allison were kidnapped by buying her a new hoodie. Obviously it didn’t cheer up too much but it was a good thing we got it for her.
Gerard looked closely at the picture “I don’t recognise the place that they’re at in the picture.”
“Neither do I.” I said, getting up and getting closer to the screen “Is there a sign or anything?”
“Nope, not from what I can see.” Gerard replied, running his fingers through his hair “I don’t suppose they’ll have their phones on them either.”
“At least we know they’re still alive.”
“And free. But free where?” Gerard asked “And now thanks to that news report, people aren’t going to believe Frankie, Jasmine and Tierney were abducted. Maybe the police won’t believe us. What if they give up on the search?”
“I’m sure they won’t.” I told him calmly but on the inside I started to panic. “They couldn’t do that, could they?”
“We’ll post a blog.” Gerard replied, reaching for his laptop “We’ll tell people to keep a close eye out for them. And we’ll write about Melanie too so that they’ll recognise them. And we’ll tell them what to do if they recognise them. Okay?”
I nodded.

Melanie’s POV…
“I’m starving.” Allison complained “It sucked being kidnapped but at least we were fed.”
“Yeah, me too.” I replied “But we have no money. What are we gonna do?”
“Do you think… Do you think we should steal something?”
I thought about it “But stealing is wrong.”
“I know but I think in certain circumstances it’s necessary.”
“No, I don’t think it is.” I replied with a sigh “But I guess we’d better do it.”
“Oh my god, are you Allison Way?” A sudden voice cried “Oh my god, I knew you were in Telford from the picture!” The girl with dark brown hair babbled. She had a Scottish accent, brown hair, tanned skin and a really loud voice “Now listen, you’ve gotta come with me…”
“Run!” Allison cried, grabbing my hand and dragging me away.
I ran behind her. Allison turned back “She’s running after us!”
“Why are we running away from her anyway?”
“We can’t trust anyone!” Allison told me as we continued to run “Don’t trust anyone Melanie!”
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