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Shot Four Times

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Someone dies...

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Pedicone’s POV…
I turned to Frankon “You would tell me if you had kidnapped the kids, right?”
“Listen to me.” Frankon said slowly “I haven’t done anything. Okay? Rosa’s coming over in about two minutes. So could you just drop it please?”
“But Frankon, you can trust me.” I sighed heavily “I wouldn’t tell a soul.”
Frankon rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. The doorbell rang “I’ll get it!” I called, running down the hall and pulling open the door.
I smiled at Rosa “Hey, you can come in.”
“Thank you.” Rosa replied with a small smile, stepping into the house.
She went to walk down the hall when suddenly I had an idea. I grabbed her arm “Hey Rosa, could you tell me something?”
“Yeah, sure…”
“Where’s Frankon hiding the kids?” I asked innocently “I just wanted to go check up on them… But he’s in the shower so I couldn’t tell him.”
“Oh!” Rosa said “They’re in my basement actually. Do you want my house key?”
“Uhh yeah sure…” I replied, taking her house key “I’ll see you later.”
“Alright, see ya.” Rosa muttered, walking down the hall.
I opened the door and ran down the street. I knew he’d kidnapped them! “Pedicone,” I heard Rosa call behind me. I turned around and stopped running “Why are you in such a rush?”
“Oh, I just wanted to for a run.” I blushed “What is it?”
“Well you said ‘the kids’. And it’s just that… Frankon shipped two of the kids over to England.” My eyes widened “And now it’s just Frankie, Tierney and Jasmine.”
“Oh yeah well it was just quicker to say ‘the kids’.” I told her “Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got things to do…”
“Okay.” Rosa smiled “Just making sure you knew. You know how forgetful Frankon can be.”
“Yeah…” I said, before turning and running off again. Why didn’t Frankon just tell me? And what am I going to do now I know where the key is? Let them go? Frankon would kill me… But maybe it’d be worth it.
I started to think practically. Of course Frankon didn’t tell me. He knew that I’d beg him to free them. And then he’d be stuck in a terrible position. I had to free them. I had to do something.
I ran down another street until finally I reached Rosa’s house. I unlocked the door and stepped inside, shutting the door quietly behind me “In the basement…” I repeated under my breath.
Looking around, I walked down the corridor. There were three doors down the corridor. One door was already open and I could see that it led to a small kitchen. I tried the door to my left. Rosa’s living room ‘It must be the room to the right…’ I thought to myself, turning to look at it. I tried the door and of course it was locked.
But I couldn’t give up. I ran into the kitchen, opening every cupboard and looking on every shelf. There wasn’t any kind of key anywhere. I tried the living room but I still couldn’t find anything.
Suddenly I heard Rosa’s front door open “Pedicone!” Frankon snapped, entering the house “Where are you?”
“Living room…” I replied quietly.
He heard me. He stormed into the room and glared at me “Why couldn’t you just keep your nose outta things?” He asked “Why couldn’t you just leave well enough alone?”
“What are you gonna gain from all this?” I wanted to know “Why are you doing this?”
“I did it for you.” Frankon muttered “I did it because MCR deserve to know what true pain feels like.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You had everything taken away from you!” He cried “You couldn’t get a new job, everywhere you went people called you names and spat at you like you were scum. I’m sure they deserved to know how it felt to be in your shoes!”
“But they’ve written a blog claiming that I’m innocent.” I said calmly “We can stop this now. Just let them go.”
“Oh but that’s the trouble.” Frankon replied “If I let them go, they’ll describe me to the police. And then I’ll get arrested. It won’t be like when MCR told you they didn’t want to press charges. They will want to press charges when they find out I kidnapped them.”
“Well how could you ship Melanie and Allison over to England?” I cried “What kind of sick person would-“
I stopped talking because Frankon pulled something out of his back pocket. It was a gun. He pointed it at me “Don’t make me do this Pedicone.”
“Frankon, I’m your best friend.” I said shakily “How could you even point that gun at me?”
“Don’t make me pull the trigger.” Frankon yelled “Do you really want me to do this?”
“You need to stop this!”
Frankon pulled the trigger and I was shot in the stomach. I fell back to the floor, bleeding and screaming.

Tierney’s POV…
“Do you hear that?” Jasmine asked “Someone’s screaming.”
“Is it Frankie?” I wondered.
Jasmine shook her head “No, she’s over there Silly.”
I looked into the corner of the room to find Frankie had been brought down here. She was lying on the floor, fast asleep in a pink dress. “Well at least we know she’s still alive.” I said “I hope we can say the same for Melanie and Allison.”
“We haven’t seen them in days.” Jasmine mumbled “What could he have done with them?”

Mikey’s POV…
Gerard ran into the room with a pale white face “Y-You’ll never believe this…” He said “But it’s Pedicone! He was found dead this morning!”
“What do you mean he was found dead?” I asked, my own face turning a pale white “How did he die?”
“Someone shot him four times.” Gerard told me “The police found him in a dustbin. They don’t know who killed him yet but they’re investigating the case.”
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