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In A Box

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Frankie talks to the guy, Gerard's depressed, Allison + Melanie are scared.

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Frankie's POV...
I shuffled around, trying to get comfortable but it was impossible. I was lying in my own waste, puke and blood. The guy hadn't returned for two days. It's been two days since he cut me. He took some of my blood and ran off, insisting he was going to test it. Since then I've just been lying here.
Suddenly he walked into the room "Are you feeling any better?"
"You just left me lying here!" I cried "It's fucking disgusting."
"Oh don't worry, I'll let you wash yourself off now." He said "Remember what you said to me a couple of days ago? Well where is your brother Sweetie?"
"H-He's looking for me..." I muttered shakily.
The guy raised an eye-brow "Your friends have gone, you know. I let them free."
"What are you on about?"
"I let... What are their names? Oh yeah! Allison and Melaine are gone. I set them free. Tierney's still here. Oh and her new friend Jasmine."
"You're a demon." I told him.
He unhandcuffed my wrists and feet. I tried to hit him but he grabbed my wrist easily. Having not slept or eaten in two days, I was feeling pretty weak. He lifted me up and carried me down the corridor. "Get in the shower." He hissed "You better be done when I get back."
"What about my clothes?" I asked "And a towel...?"
He walked off before I could ask any further questions. He locked the door behind him, I did check. I sighed heavily and pulled off my clothes. I stepped into the shower and turned it on. It felt quite good to shower. Like my brother once said 'Having a hot shower can often make you feel human again'
Had he really let Allison and Melanie go free? Or was that a metaphore for something? I don't understand. Why let Allison and Melanie go but leave me, Tierney and Jasmine behind? If he's even abuducted Tierney and Jasmine. My head hurt from thinking about it.
I finished cleaning myself, turned off the shower and stepped out. I looked around. There were no towels. And there was no way I was getting back into my disgusting, now stained clothes.
He knocked three times on the door, making me jump "Are you fucking done?"
"Uhh yeah but-"
He walked into the room before I could finish my sentence. I glared at him "Do you not see that I'm naked?"
"Whatever, you have a nice body." He commented. I didn't like him looking at me when I was naked so I blushed a bright red. "Towel!" He announced, throwing a small black towel at me. The kind that you use to dry your hair "And here's some clean clothes." He let them down onto the toilet seat. He picked up my dirty clothes and walked out of the room.
I started drying myself, looking at the new clothes in disgust. It was a dress. A pink ballerinas dress. Was he trying to be funny? He'd even got me pink tights to match. Bastard.

Gerard's POV...
"Gerard, you've gotta get up." Mikey muttered, prodding me in the side "Please, get out of bed."
"What's the point?" I asked him "Jasmine's gone. Allison's gone. Why should I bother?"
"Because they'd want you to bother!" Mikey cried "Come on!"
When I still didn't move, Mikey wrapped his arms round my waist and pulled me out of my bunk. I still didn't re-act. Mikey sighed heavily "Don't make me dress you Gerard."
I groaned and stood up "Okay, fine, I'll get ready to face another crappy day."
I put on some black jeans and an old Iron Maiden tee-shirt. Mikey smiled weakly at me "Thank you Gerard."
"You're welcome your higness." I replied sarcastically.
Mikey nodded slowly "Gerard, I'm not too happy about this myself."
"At least you've still got Emily."
"Yeah, for now!" Mikey cried "Gerard you can't take this out on the rest of us."
"What do you except Mikey? For me to be fucking happy about this?"
"You're the older brother!" Mikey suddenly burst into tears "I don't know how you put up with it Gerard! All your life you were there for me and Allison when things got hard and you managed to make them better and I'm trying my hardest but it doesn't work and I want you to be happy but I understand if..." Mikey was rambling.
I stood up and hugged him close "Don't worry Mikey, they're gonna be fine. And stop worrying. You don't have to be the older brother. I'm okay now, see?"
Mikey didn't say anything, just continued to sob into my arms.

Allison's POV...
"Melaine?" I whispered "Are we... Are we in a box?"
Melanie woke up properly and started feeling around "Uhh... I think so."
"Well... Why?" I asked, suddenly really scared.
I started trying to claw my way out of the box. "Shush, what's that noise?" Melanie cried.
It was like a... Like a plane.

[A/N] - Sorry about lack of updates. I'll try harder to update:)
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