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Frankie loses some blood, Mikey gets protective over Emily and someone else goes missing

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Frankie's POV...
I woke up, stretching. I tried to rub my eyes but I realised that I couldn't because my wrists were tied together above my head to the bed I found myself lying on. I looked down and of course, my ankles were tied to the bed too.
"... The fuck?" I asked, trying to pull away but after a while I realised that it was completely impossible.
Why was I up here? I remembered some guy coming down the stairs last night and commenting on how I was ill but I couldn't remember anything after that. Wait, I remembered Allison yelling something... But I don't know what she said or why she was crying out.
Suddenly I looked across the room and saw the guy staring over at me "You're awake Frankie." He stated "How're you feeling?"
"So much better!" I lied "So I can go back to my friends now?"
"After a quick check up." The guy smiled, walking over "I thought we could check some of your blood."
"I don't think I'm too comfortable with that."
"I don't think I give a shit but whatever." The guy said with a shrug "It won't even hurt a bit." We both waited. I knew what the joke was so I mouthed it along with him "It's gonna hurt a lot!"
"You know, when my brother finds me here, he's gonna kick your ass!" I cried, trying to pull away again "And trust me, he will find me."
"Whatever helps you sleep at night Hun." He said, seeming to study something at a random desk in the room "You appear to have been very ill."
"Oh well done Captain-State-The-Obvious!" I cried unwisely. I started retching and suddenly puked all over myself. "Oh shit..." I mumbled.
He nodded "Feel better, huh?"
I rolled my eyes, not bothering to reply, worried that I'd puke again. The guy just looked down at me before saying "I guess we'd better draw that blood."
'What's the point?' I thought 'You're not a Doctor!' And then I realised what the answer was.
Guy grabbed my arm and held a knife against it "I'm not gonna lie, this is gonna hurt."
He dragged the knife across the my arm and I shrieked. When I was eleven I used to cut myself until Frank found out. He promised not to tell Mom and Dad so long as I promised not to do it again. It wasn't my fault that this guy had cut me but it still felt like I was letting Frank down for some weird reason.
"I don't think we got enough blood." The guy commented, with a small smile "We'd better get some more."

Mikey's POV...
"Emily!" I yelled, running through the building "Em, where are you?"
"I'm here!" Emily cried, coming out of dressing room "What is it?"
I threw my arms around her "I thought you'd been abducted!"
"Mikey, I know your little sister's gone missing which entitles you to go a little bit crazy." Emily sighed "But you keep panicking if I'm out of your sight for two minutes. You gotta calm down."
"I'm sorry, I can't help it." I told her "I'm just a really paranoid person. I'm worried you'll go missing too."
"Guys, have you seen Tierney?" Ray asked, coming over to us "I haven't seen her since breakfast."
"Shit, you don't think..." I muttered, biting my lip.
Emily shook her head, pulling away from "No, she can't have..."
We all started searching for her of course. Until we realised that she wasn't here anymore. Tierney had been abducted.

Allison's POV...
"Tierney?" I asked, shaking her "Please wake up Tierney."
"Huh?" She mumbled, opening her eyes "Where am I?"
I took a deep breath and told her what I knew "And it looks like we're gonna be here a while."
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