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Frankie's still not back

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Chapter Title kinda explains it all...

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Pedicone’s POV…
I returned home to Frankon, totally confused “They thought I’d kidnapped their little sisters.”
“Seriously?” Frankon asked, looking innocent.
But I knew that look so I asked suspiciously “Frankon… Were you the one who kidnapped them?”
“Of course not!” He cried “How could you accuse me of that?”
“Because I know you! And you knew I was stealing the girls iPods so it seriously looked like I was kidnapping them.”
“Pedicone we’re best friends!” He yelled “How the fuck could you accuse me of framing you?”
“I’m not saying you framed me!” I told him “Maybe you thought you were helping but actually you’ve made things worse.”
“I didn’t kidnap them, okay?” Frankon replied, spitting at me “Remember who brought you into their home when you had nowhere to go? It was me, remember! The guy that still believes in you while the rest of the world is against you.”
“And I believe in you too.” I told him “But who else would’ve done it?”
“Well I don’t have a fucking clue.” He snapped “But I know for a fact it wasn’t me. So don’t go around accusing me of things or you’ll find yourself back on the street. You got it?”
I nodded it, dropping the conversation. But I was sure that he’d kidnapped them.

Gerard’s POV…
I put down my phone “I told the police that Pedicone is innocent.” I told the guys “They’ve said they’ll increase their search.”
“I’m terrified.” Frank whispered “What if the girls are dead?”
“They’re probably not!” Kat cried “Don’t worry about it Frank, they’ll be fine. The girls are strong.”
Jasmine sat down next to me “Gerard, you remember that you’ve scheduled the wedding for next week right?”
“Do we need to discuss this now?”
“Well I just wanted to say that I understand if you want to wait until your sister is found before we go through with the marriage.” She said quietly “I know you wanted her to be there to be a bridesmaid.”
I took her hand and squeezed it gratefully “Thanks for understanding.”
“At least there are no more children for them to kidnap!” Bob said. We all looked at him “You know, on the bright side…”
“Shut up Bob.” Frank snapped.
Kat put her arm round him “Frank I know you’re upset but you can’t get mad at everyone. It wasn’t their fault, it wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t Frankie’s fault. It’s the kidnappers fault.”
“So when I find out who kidnapped her, I can kick his ass?”
“Well I’m not saying that exactly.” Kat said quickly “But just please calm down. You’re so het up all the time.”
“I can’t help it!” Frank replied “I really miss her.”
“I really miss her too.” Kat told him “Obviously not as much as you since she’s your sister.”
Frank didn’t anything, just bent his head so that the rest of us wouldn’t see him cry.

Allison’s POV…
“Frankie still isn’t back!” I whispered when I woke up. Melanie was still snoring lightly next to me “What is he doing?” I wondered, looking up the stairs towards the door.
I ran my fingers through my hair and caught my hand on something. I pulled it out. A hairgrip!
“Reckon I could pick the lock?” I asked Melanie. She snored in reply “I’ll take that as a yes!”
I tiptoed up the stairs and bent down by the door. I took the hairgrip and shoved it into the lock, twisting it around. “Would you fucking work?” I asked, twisting it was much as I could.
I went on for about ten minutes when suddenly the hairgrip snapped “Oh shit!” I whispered, looking through the lock. Could he unlock it from the outside if there was a bit of hairgrip on the inside?
I didn’t know the answer. I threw the other half of the broken hairgrip on the floor and stomped back down the stairs “Stupid lock!” I snapped, startling Melanie awake “Sorry, did I wake you up?”
“Yeah but it’s no big deal.” Melanie replied, sitting up “What are you muttering about?”
“I tried to pick the lock with a hairgrip.” I told her “But the thing fucking snapped and now I don’t know what to do because Frankie’s not back yet.”
“Don’t get upset Allison… But you can’t help her.” Melanie whispered “Even if you had managed to pick the lock, what would you have achieved? That guy would’ve probably killed you!”
I sighed heavily, admitting defeat. I knew what she was saying was right. But I was going to help Frankie, one way or another…

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