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Well, where are they!?

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The guys decide to post a blog claiming Pedicone was innocent.

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Frank’s POV…
“It’s been two weeks since Allison went missing!” I cried “And one week six days since Frankie went missing! The police are kind of failing at the moment. What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know,” Gerard sighed, putting his head in his hands “Mom keeps phoning me to ask what’s going on but I can’t answer the phone and explain to her.”
“Neither can I.” I groaned “It’s too hard.”
“Maybe we should clear his name.” Gerard said with a small sigh “I mean, it’s the only way…”
“Guys,” Ray cried, running into the room “Melanie’s gone missing.”
“What the fuck?” I shouted, standing up “Look okay, we’ve gotta end this. Can we just clear his name? Please! I want my little sister back!”
“I don’t see any other options.” Gerard said, running his fingers through his hair “Ray, what do you think?”
“I think you might be right.” Ray replied, shuddering a little “At least then they’ll be safe.”
“I’ll go post a blog.” I said quietly “The fans are going to be so pissed off.”
“Say that we made a mistake.” Mikey said quickly “Say that we thought he was stealing but we gave him a chance to explain and it turns out we were wrong. We didn’t actually explain what he’d done so it’d probably work.”
“I’m going to post a blog.” I repeated “Hopefully the fans will still like us afterwards.”

Pedicone’s POV…
“Hey Pedicone!” Frankon called “I was checking MCR’s website to see if they had cleared your name and they have!”
“Seriously?” I asked, running over to look at the screen.

MCR Fans,
We just wanted to say that we gave Pedicone the chance to explain to us why he stole from us… And it turns out we made a mistake. What we saw was a big misunderstanding. We wanted to apologise to Pedicone for jumping to conclusions and if he chooses, he may return to the band.
~ Frank

“I guess I’d better give them back then.” I shrugged “Do I want to go back to that band? No, I want a real job now. If it pops up in an interview about my stealing I have this evidence.”
“Okay you’d better drop them off back at the venue.” Frankon said with a smile “It’ll make everyone happy.”

Gerard’s POV…
Pedicone strolled into the room with a small bag “Thanks for clearing my name,” He grinned “I think I’m going to go get myself a real job now.”
“Where are they?” I asked, jumping up “Where the fuck are they?”
“They’re in this bag!” Pedicone cried, holding it out “Why are you getting so worked up about this?”
“… That bag’s too small.” Mikey said in disbelief “How did they fit in there?”
“Well Allison’s iPod isn’t that big.” Pedicone said, pulling it out with a shrug “Neither was Frankie’s or Melanie’s.”
“… You took their iPod’s?” Frank asked, his jaw dropping “You mean you didn’t kidnap Allison, Frankie or Melanie?”
“No of course not!” Pedicone cried “I’d never go that far, surely you know that?”
“Well if you didn’t take them,” I said slowly “Then who the hell did?”

Melanie’s POV…
I woke up by Allison shaking me “Melanie, what are you doing here?”
“How the fuck should I know?” I cried, throwing my arms round Allison. “Where’s Frankie?”
“I’m here…” Frankie croaked “Allison, I still don’t feel too good.”
“I know Frankie.” Allison whispered “What if he poisoned that bread you ate?”
“Pedicone wouldn’t go that far.” I whispered “He needs us alive to get his good name back.”
The door upstairs finally opened while we were all awake. A bald man walked down the stairs towards us “Your brothers wrote a blog about Pedicone being innocent.” He said “I’m guessing they did it to get their baby sisters back. It’s a shame Pedicone didn’t actually kidnap you, isn’t it?”
“Who are you?” Allison asked, her voice shaking “What do you want with us?”
“I don’t think that’s any of your concern.” He replied. He glanced at Frankie “What’s wrong with her?”
“You poisoned her.” Allison hissed “You gave her that bread and she puked her guts out and she’s been feeling ill ever since.”
“Oh what would I gain from killing you?” The man asked, rolling his eyes “So the poor petal is ill. I guess I’d better take her to my Doctor. Wanna know who my Doctor is?” None of us said anything “I’m my Doctor. Come on little girl.”
“Don’t touch her!” Allison cried, standing up and trying to hit out at him.
He shoved her so hard that she fell over and he began kicking her in the side “Please don’t hurt her!” I cried, bursting into tears.
He glanced at me “Turn off the waterworks, I don’t wanna hear it, I don’t wanna see it.” He walked over to Frankie and lifted her up. Normally she’d say something sarcastic or make him put her down but she was too weak to protest “Time for a visit to the Doctors.”
He carried her up the stairs while I continued to cry and Allison tried to follow him up but now she had a limp.
He quickly shut the door and locked it before Allison could get out. Like me, she started to cry and edged her way back down the stairs “He’s going to hurt her!” Allison cried “What if she dies? Then what am I going to do? What will we tell Frank?”
“If we ever see Frank again…” I whispered dramatically “So I guess Pedicone is innocent. We’re screwed. I thought the police would find you because they were looking for a specific person. But we don’t even know this guy. How are they going to find us?”
“My brothers must know him.” Allison whispered “He knows too much to be a random fan. What are we going to do?”
“Next time he comes down,” I replied bravely “We’ll both attack him. Surely he can’t take on both of us?”

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