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Pedicone takes something else...

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Pedicone’s POV…
Frankon came into the room with his arm round a pretty young girl “This is my girlfriend Rosa Bell,” Frankon told me “Rosa this is my best friend and roommate Michael Pedicone but you can just call him Pedicone.”
“It’s nice to-“ I started to say.
But she interrupted me “Oh yeah I read about you. You were the guy that worked for My Chemical Romance but stole from them and got kicked out.”
I sighed deeply “It’s a really long story but I had no choice. And now I can’t get a job.”
“Frankon’s already told me everything.” Rosa said with a shrug “You could always sell it?”
I laughed “As tempting as that is, I can’t. I promised to give it back so long as they cleared up my name.”
“Well have they cleared it yet?” Rosa asked, smiling.
I shook my head “No so I think I’ll have to make things worse.”
“That reminds me,” Frankon said “I’m going to go and check it’s still there.”
“I doubt it’s gone for a walk about!” I laughed “Trust me, I locked it up tight.”

Jasmine’s POV…
Frank came running onto the bus “Frankie!” He called “Frankie!”
“She’s not on here.” Gerard told him “I thought she was with you.”
“Well I thought she was with you!” Frank snapped, jumping off the bus and running back to the venue.
I sat up “… Frankie hasn’t gone missing. Has she?”
“I think she must’ve.” Gerard said quietly “How could he do this? How could he go so far?”
“Why aren’t the police doing anything about this?” I asked “Surely they must’ve found him by now.”
“I don’t know.” Gerard shrugged “Maybe they don’t know where he is.”
“Well they should try harder to find her!” I sighed “I know she never really liked me that much but I’m so worried about her. And now what if Frankie’s going missing too?”
“Let’s go help Frank find her.” Gerard suggested, standing up “You know what Frankie’s like. She doesn’t like people seeing her cry; she’s probably hiding in a corner and weeping.”
We looked everywhere, hoping we’d find her in a corner like Gerard thought. But we couldn’t find her. “Frank,” Bob said at about ten at night “She’s not here. You’ve gotta stop looking for her.”
“I can’t!” Frank cried, starting to sob “She’s my little sister and she’s gone missing! You wouldn’t know what it feels like!”
Gerard put his hand on Frank’s shoulder “I know what it feels like Frank. And searching and searching around here when she’s not here is not going to help. Trust me. We’ll report to the police that she’s missing and maybe they’ll increase their search. Then they’ll find Frankie and Allison.”
Frank started shaking so Kat went and put her arms round his neck “I know you’re worried.” She whispered to him “But Frankie’s a tough girl. And at least we know who took them. I know you’re going to hate me saying this but things could be worse.”
“But they could be better.” Frank said sulkily, putting his arms round her “I mean, my sister could still be here…”
“But she’s not.” Kat reminded him “And the only thing we can do now is sit back and wait and hope they find her.”
“And if they don’t?” Frank asked.
Kat sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. She didn’t reply because none of us knew the answer.
What if they didn’t find them?

Allison’s POV…
“Frankie!” I cried as soon as I woke up. I’d cried myself to sleep and when I woke up she was just lying there.
I started shaking her “Please wake up Frankie, please be okay…”
“Wha?” Frankie asked, her eyes opening a little “Where am I? What happened?”
“Umm… I’m not sure…” I admitted “We could be anywhere. And this is just a guess but I think we were kidnapped…”
“By Pedicone!” Frankie cried “I remember the note that was hidden under your pillow. Your brother’s just about went bananas! But on the bright side, they are looking for you!” Frankie sat up “But now they’ve taken me too. And nobody noticed me getting taken away by Pedicone…”
“Are you sure it was Pedicone?” I asked doubtfully “I mean it could be anybody…”
“No, he left a note!” Frankie told me “I’m starving, is there any food?”
“There was before I fell asleep…” I looked around “Oh yeah there’s some more water and bread.”
“Great we can dine like kings.” Frankie said sarcastically, sitting up to help herself.
Her sarcasm comforted me. Now that Frankie was here I felt a little less insane. Of course I was upset she’d been kidnapped but at least we weren’t here alone.
We both finished eating and Frankie whispered “I don’t feel so good…” Suddenly she ran to the corner of the room and started puking.
I ran to her side and rubbed her back “Did you eat something funny before you were kidnapped?”
“No!” Frankie cried, sitting back “It was that manky bread.”
“Well…” I said gently “I didn’t puke it up and I didn’t puke last night either.”
“I’m like Frank.” Frankie told me stubbornly “Weak immune system.”
I didn’t think this mattered but I didn’t say anything. “Your puke is starting to smell. Can we go to the other side of the room please? I think you need to get some sleep.”
“Alright.” Frankie mumbled, getting to her feet.
I stood up next to her. Frankie took one step and stumbled. I put my arms round her and helped her over to the other side of the room. We both sat down and Frankie suddenly started crying “What if they never find us?”
I’d never seen Frankie cry before. It was really scary “You said they’re looking for us! I’m sure they’ll find us. We can’t give up, can we?”
“Of course not.” Frankie said determinedly, wiping her eyes “Let’s get some sleep. I bet they’ve found us by morning.”
I nodded and we lay down. We held each other’s hands as we drifted off to sleep, both of us thinking the same thing ‘No one will ever find us…’
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