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Waking Up

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Allison wakes up, Pedicone talks to Frankon, Gerard calls the police...

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Gerard’s POV…
Obviously the first thing we did was phone the police. We showed them the note, told them what Pedicone had said and exactly what had been going on. They told us they’d do their best to find our little sister and then they were gone. We were left together to wait. We all knew the possibility they’d find her over night was pretty impossible but we still hoped.
We got a call in the morning (none of us had slept the night before) from the police to say they hadn’t found her and that they were increasing the search.
Melanie couldn’t stop sobbing “I should’ve gone with her when she wanted to use the bathroom…” She cried “I should’ve realised something was up when she didn’t come back. If I’d gone looking for her…”
“It’s not your fault!” Mikey told her, putting his arm round her “I’m sure they’ll find her and it’ll be alright.”
“How are we supposed to play a show tonight,” Frank asked “If we’re all so worried about Allison?”
“Maybe it’ll help take our minds off it for a bit?” I suggested “The girls could stay backstage in case the police call with news of Allison.”
“Of course we will.” Jasmine said, nodding “But the thing is… You guys know why Pedicone kidnapped your little sister. So why don’t you just give him what he wants?”
“We can’t do that.” Mikey said firmly “We can’t just give in so easily.”
“But what if he hurts her or something?” Kat asked “Then you’ll regret not just giving in from the start.”
“Can you imagine what’ll happen if we tell the world we lied about Pedicone?” Frank asked, looking irritated “Our fans will hate us and then our little sister’s will probably be in more danger. And Pedicone will start getting sympathy when he doesn’t deserve it.”
“You’ve got a point.” Frankie said quietly “Allison will be okay, right?”
“Of course she will.” Frank told her “Don’t worry about her, the police will find her.”

Pedicone’s POV…
“I don’t know how you think you’re going to get away with it,” Frankon told me as soon as I returned back to the flat we were sharing. Frankon’s my best friend/henchman. He’s not that bad but he’s a bit dim “I mean you already stole from them once…”
“I wanted them to pay.” I hissed “Admittedly their sister will probably suffer more than her brothers…”
“Well maybe you should re-think your plans.” Frankon said with a shrug “Not that I should be encouraging you to steal.”
“Frankon, you’ve been encouraging me to steal for as long as I can remember.” I laughed “I doubt it’ll make much difference.”
Frankon laughed too “Where did you leave the note then?”
“Under the girls pillow. I wanted to see their faces when they read the note. But I couldn’t hang around for long.”
“And you think that they’ll tell their entire fan base that you’re not a thief?”
“Of course they will!” I said “Why wouldn’t they? They’d have to put Allison first, right?”
Frankon nodded “I guess that does make sense…”
“Of course it does!”
“Oh my girlfriend’s coming round later.” Frankon told me “So could you maybe big me up a little?”
“You mean not tell her you’re a lying thief?” Frankon grinned and nodded “Yeah I’m sure I can handle that.”

Allison’s POV…
I woke up, dying of thirst and my head killing me. I groaned and sat up slowly, looking around “Where on earth am I?” I asked aloud.
I appeared to be in some kind of cellar/basement. So I guessed I wasn’t on the tour bus or at one of the venues. How did I get here?
I thought back to last night. I remembered Gerard proposing to Jasmine, feeling a bit emotional and telling the others I needed to pee. I ran to the toilets and had a private cry to myself because everything was changing. I came back out and then everything just kind of faded… It’s all I can remember.
I looked down in front of me and saw a small bowl of water and a plate with a hunk of bread on it. I sniffed on it suspiciously wondering if it was poisoned. After deciding it was safe to eat I lapped down the water and chewed up the bread quickly. It tasted foul but I was starving.
I sat back thinking. What was I going to do when I needed the bathroom? How was I supposed to brush my teeth and stuff? And what about changing my underwear!?
I looked to the side of the room. There were some steps leading up to a small door. I stood up, clutching my head and I walked over. I climbed up all the steps and tried the door. Of course it was locked. Holding back tears, I stumbled back down the steps.
I sat down cross-legged on the floor, comprehending the situation. So I’ve been kidnapped… But who, who would want to kidnap me? Who hated me that much? Surely not some crazed fan, they’d have been watching the show and would’ve waited to kidnap me afterwards… A hater would never go that far. What have I ever done to deserve this?
I finally let the tears fall from my eyes. I thought about Gerard, Mikey, Melanie, Frankie, all the others… Would I ever see them again?
I hugged my knees and hid my face, sobbing myself to sleep.
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