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Pedicone Strikes Again

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I guess the Chapter Title kinda explains what you're in for...

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Mikey’s POV…
The first week went quite well with all the girls over. We met Bob’s girlfriend and she was very nice. Frankie got on well with all our girlfriends even though she had accused must of them of being boring. Allison was starting to be more polite to Jasmine and putting in an effort. I think it’s because Gerard told her about planning to propose to her on stage. I guess Allison felt like she had to get along with Jasmine since they would soon be in the same family. Melanie was extremely polite but that was expected since she was a guest.
Emily was being very sweet too as usual. She didn’t even mind hanging round with the three younger ones while we were playing. In the first week the girls had attended three out of seven shows. And then finally came the day we’d all (Well apart from Jasmine because she wasn’t aware) been waiting for. Tonight Gerard was going to propose to her.
None of us wanted anything to go wrong. We’d convinced each other that it’d be perfect, that we had nothing to worry about. Well we all thought until someone showed up out of the blue…
Pedicone showed up about half an hour before the show was about to start “Guys, why did you have to tell the entire world that I stole from you?”
“Because you did steal from us…” Frank replied angrily, looking tempted to punch him in the face “Now look, just get out of our sight.”
“You might wanna clear up my reputation,” Pedicone said smoothly “Or I’ll make you pay.”
“Pedicone, we’ve been as fair as we can.” Gerard told him “We told the fans for their own sake, because we didn’t want to lie to them. We’ve agreed not to press charges so to be honest you could’ve had it a lot worse.”
“Could I?” Pedicone asked, taking a step closer to him “I can’t get a job now asshole. I’ve been to several interviews but all the interviewers have googled my name and read that I ‘stole’ from you guys. So I’m just saying. Post a new blog saying it was all a lie and let me back in the band.”
“Pedicone, get the fuck out of here.” Frank hissed “We want you out of our lives so if you don’t leave soon, we’ll call security.”
Pedicone winked at Gerard “Oh you’ll be sorry.” He said before walking away.
Gerard rolled his eyes “I doubt that. At least I’m not a thief and a filthy liar.”
So we forgot about him and got onto the stage. We played our hearts out until we’d played about ten songs. Then we knew it was time. Gerard announced to the crowd “There’s something special that I wanted to do tonight. But first… I need my beautiful girlfriend Jasmine to come on stage.”
All our girlfriends were going crazy, all jumping up and down, fanning their faces and grinning widely. Jasmine was pulled onto the stage and she walked over to Gerard looking rather confused. Gerard got down on one knee and Jasmine’s mouth dropped open as she realised what he was about to do. But her surprised expression soon turned into a smile as Gerard asked “Jasmine Price… Will you marry me?”
Speechless, Jasmine nodded as tears filled her eyes. Gerard slipped the ring onto her finger and stood up. She threw her arms round his neck, sobbing with happiness into his shoulder. Gerard grinned, hugging her back “I love you.” I heard him say to her.
She giggled “I love you too!”
Jasmine was shown off the stage and she re-joined our girlfriends. Everyone surrounded her, wanting to see the ring, the fans called out their congratulations to her from the crowd. We were all extremely happy. Until we got off the stage.
Everyone ran backstage to celebrate. Jasmine was very emotional, smiling happily one minute then bursting into tears the next. I spoke to Emily most of the night while she dropped light hints that maybe I should propose soon.
I’ve been wanting to for months but I want it to be special] to be [/secret. So I’ve been thinking up ideas and so far I’ve got nowhere.
When we were all exhausted, we wandered back to the tour bus and crashed into our bunks. I was about to fall asleep when Gerard started shaking my shoulders “Mikey, when was the last time you saw Allison?”
I yawned and sat up. I considered it then said in a slightly panicked tone “Before the show, why?”
“Jasmine says Allison was there before I proposed.” Gerard said, sitting down opposite me “Tierney says while Jazz was hugging me Allison went to the bathroom… And she didn’t come back so everyone assumed she wanted to stay backstage. But I haven’t seen her anywhere, neither has Frankie. And Melanie says she was looking for her everywhere but can’t find her. And she’s not on the tour bus now! Where could she be?”
I jumped out of my bunk “Did she leave a note or anything?”
Gerard ran to her bunk and felt around. He pulled something out from under the pillow “I think I’ve found something…” He read through the small piece of paper and started shaking “Holy shit… Mikey, read this…”
“What is it?” I asked as he handed me the note. He didn’t say anything so I read through the note.
Told you guys you’d be sorry, didn’t I? – Pedicone x
My eyes widened “You think…”
“I know.” Gerard said, his entire face darkening “Pedicone kidnapped our little sister.”
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