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The girls arrive.

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Frank's POV...
Gerard and Mikey aren't exactly morning people. So neither of them could be bothered to get their arses out of bed to pick up their little sister from the airport. This meant that I had to go pick up all three girls from the airport.
However I still ended up arriving nearly an hour late because I got held up two girls begging for an autograph and a photo which soon ended up becoming a really long chat. I didn't want to push them away or tell them to leave me alone. I did say "I uhh need to-" But then they bust into another conversation so I just left it.
When I finally met up with Frankie, Allison and Melanie they were a little annoyed. Especially Frankie because we're related "We've been waiting around here for an hour!" She snapped "Where the fuck have you been?"
"It's nice to see you too Frankie!" I laughed, giving her a hug "I've missed you so much as well and yes it was kind of me to agree to look after you over the summer holidays."
Frankie sighed heavily and hugged me back "Okay, okay, I'm happy to see you really. I was just bored of waiting around."
"Sorry, I was held up by two crazy fans!"
"Well, yeah, you would be." Frankie giggled, pulling away from me "'Oh Frank, I love you so much with all my heart and soul! PLEASE marry me so I can be Mrs.Iero!'"
I ruffled her hair and we all walked back to the car together. I chatted to Frankie to the car and during the journey back but Allison and Melaine remained silent until we reached the tour bus.
Gerard and Mikey finally decided to get their arses out of bed which was just as well since our girlfriends were arriving in about half-an-hour but luckily we didn't have to drive out to pick them up, they'd arranged lifts by themselves.
Allison leaped out of the car and ran over to the tour bus, forgetting all about her suitcase. Melaine rolled her eyes and grabbed Allison's suitcase as well as her own. Frankie turned to me and asked "Get my suitcase for me, yeah?"
To which I replied "No way, get it yourself!"
Frankie groaned and stormed round the back of the car to drag onto the bus. I laughed and stepped onto the bus to find Gerard hugging Allison "I missed you soooooooooo much!" Allison was saying.
Mikey rasied his eye-brows at me "They've been like that for about five minutes now. Does she want to see her other brother? Nope. Nobody cares about Mikey..."
"I missed you too silly!" Allison giggled pulling away from Gerard to hug Mikey.
Melanie climbed onto the bus behind me "Allison, I brought your case for you..."
Allison ignored her, giving her other brother a hug "I missed you Miiiiiiiiiiikey!"
Frankie was the next one to hop onto the bus "Making me bring on my own suitcase. Whatever happened to 'Be Our Guest'?"
"You're thinking of a film Frankie!" I reminded her, sitting down on the sofa "A film that I deny ever liking."
Frankie smirked at me "Yeah, so it was me who went trick or treating as Belle?"
"I deny that ever happening!"
We both laughed and I agreed to take the three suitcases over to their bunks before we all sat around to wait for our girlfriends to show up.
"You guys do know that Kat, Tierney, Jasmine and Emily are coming over right?" I asked the girls.
Bob looked over "Oh I invited my girlfriend too. Her name's Jenna, I hope that's okay?"
"Oh yeah, that's fine."
"Do they have to come over?" Frankie asked, pulling a face "Emily's okay, but I think the others are a bit boring."
"What's wrong with Kat?" I asked, throwing a cushion at her.
Bob smiled "And you've never even met Jenna so you won't even know what she's like."

[A/N] - Sorry there was no official ending to this chapter. I promise this story gets more interesting!
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