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I Wanna Be In The Band

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Pedicone doesn't like the bad reputation he's been getting. He'll do anything to clear his name even if it means stealing AGAIN... (Story I made you audition for.)

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[A/N] - Sorry I didn't update this yesterday, it was my Nan's birthday :') I didn't know whether I'd update today because of certain events that took place during lunchtime but apparently I'm a stupid bitch... Anyway, here's the story :D

Gerard’s POV…
Everything went a bit crazy when Pedicone got kicked out of the band. Frank was the most upset of course as he takes things to heart the most. The fans were furious but I only found this out through my little sister Allison. She’s always on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook checking what the fans have to say. I don’t see why she does but she just does.
Pedicone was caught red-handed stealing money from our wallets. At the time it was specifically Mikey’s. But sure enough when Frank, Ray and I checked our wallets nearly all our money was missing. We didn’t ask why, we didn’t press charges, we just wanted him out. Out of our band and out of our lives. I don’t see what reason he could possibly have for stealing from us anyway. If he needed help with something he should’ve known he could’ve asked us at any point.
But it was soon okay because we found a new drummer and we started to forget all about Pedicone. The next time we thought of him was summer 2012…
One morning I got a phone call of my Mom “Hello?”
“Hi Gerard! How’s tour going?”
We had a normal conversation for a while before finally my Mom got to the point of why she phoned me. Mom never phones people up just for a chat, there always has to be a reason she called “Allison was talking to me this morning. She really misses you.”
“Yeah, I really miss her too.” I admitted. I missed having my little sister around to tease every so often.
Mom coughed before saying “Well she was wondering if she could come on tour with you. It’s the summer holidays next week anyway so she could come down then?”
“Oh yeah, that’d be great!” I smiled “Tell her that she can bring a friend too so she doesn’t get lonely while we’re on stage.”
“Okay, thanks Gerard!” Mom didn’t even bother to say bye, she just hung up the phone. It didn’t upset me though because Mom doesn’t really bother saying goodbye because she says it upsets her too much.
I told the rest of the band that Allison and a friend were going to come on tour with us over the same. Frank spoke up “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I’ve invited my little sister Frankie over too. Apparently there’s this gang of people at her new school that are giving her a hard time in and outside of school so Dad thinks it’d be good to get her away from it for a while.”
“Gerard…” Ray said “You do remember that you invited Jasmine over, right?”
Jasmine was my girlfriend. I’d invited her over for the summer because I was planning to propose to her on stage at one of our gigs. Out of the entire band, Frank is the only one already married to a lovely girl called Kat.
I nodded “Yeah, I remember. All our girlfriends, or in Frank’s case wife, are coming over.”
“Does Allison get on with Jasmine?” Mikey asked smugly.
I considered this. One afternoon back in New Jersey Mikey and I had invited our girlfriends over for lunch to meet our family. Allison had adored Emily (Mikey’s girlfriend) and they chatted none stop for the entire meal. Whenever Jasmine put in her opinion or input Emily did reply but Allison practically ignored her.
I shrugged my shoulders “It won’t really matter though will it? Allison isn’t here to see Jasmine; she’s here to see us. And while we’re on stage she can hang around with Emily, Frankie and the friend she’s bringing over.”
“I have some very exciting news!” Brian, our band manager, announced walking into the room. He did indeed look rather excited “I found you a new drummer just for the summer tour!”
“What’s wrong with our current one?” Ray asked, looking confused.
Brian sighed “Nothing, I’ve just made an arrangement that’ll be great for you and for the fans. I’ve managed to convince Bob to come back and play for you just for the summer!”
“I thought he had wrist problems,” Mikey asked “That was the entire reason he left the band?”
“Bob had a word with his Doctor. His Doctor says that he can play but only for this summer as like a last time. Once the summer holidays are over we’ll have to start looking for an official drummer to join the band. Okay?”
“So Bob’s coming back?” I grinned “This is going to be great!”
“Yeah, like a giant reunion.” Frank laughed “I’m going out for a bit. Buy a present for Frankie; see if it cheers her up.”
You might think it’s weird that Frank and his little sister share the same name but that isn’t true. Frankie is short for Francesca but nobody calls her that. One time on tour a fan yelled “Francesca!” at her to get her attention and Frankie nearly tore their head off their shoulders. Frank had to go and pull her away; making the fan delighted “Oh my god, Frank Iero is saving me!” It was rather weird actually…
Ray got up next to him “I’ll come too, I need something for Tierney. It’s her birthday soon.”
Tierney is Ray’s girlfriend. They’ve been together now for five years now.
Mikey switched on the Wii and started playing Guitar Hero. I flopped down onto one of the sofas, not knowing what to do. Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket. I had a text message off Allison.
Thanks for inviting me over! By the way, the friend I’m bringing is Melanie. You probably don’t remember her but oh well
I smiled but didn’t bother to reply. I was going to see her in a week anyway and then we’d have the entire summer holidays together.
So I thought…
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