Review for Auditions


(#) Vengefulscout 2011-11-15

Name: Emily Jane Toye but everyone calls her Ems, Em or E.T
Part-Throw me anywhere! But i dont mind being a best friend or being killed :)
Age- 14
Hair: long brown, side fringe, middle length, is always loose
Clothes: Band tees (like Nightwish, sonata acrtica, three days grace and Avenged Sevenfold) dark blue jeans, black converse, black jacket with flaming skull on the back. Wears a gold necklace that says "perpetuum" which means forever in latin.
Any birthmarks/scars: Has two scars on her left arm after a motorbike accident with her father. She was riding with him and she fell off, snapping the bone in two and was replaced with a metal plate.
Tattoos/piercings: No piercings, Has the tattooed words " Je t'aimerai toujours, le frère" which means I will always love you brother.
Eye colour/shape: silver-blue, rather large eyes. Has conjuctivitus (I know i spelt it wrong!) so her eyes sometimes go blood-shot
Make up: Doesnt wear a lot, just a little mascara
Body: 5'5, 8 stone, pale skin, rather curvy body
Personality: shy, quiet, self-concious and caring but can be easily offended, can cry VERY easily and will lash out at anyone who hurts her friends
Do you believe in supernatural stuff? opinion of it?: Yes, She is very interested in the paranormal and wants to investigate it someday. She does believe in ghosts but has never seen one.
Thoughts on death: Sometimes she is afraid and cries about it, until someone conforts her, she knows it will be okay.
Likes: candy, coffee, animals, the winter, snow, friends and family, the paranormal.
Dislikes: spiders, fire, knifes and loosing friends
Habits: iches her arms a lot because she has exma
Music you like/dislike: Loves rock and metal but cant stand pop and hip-hop
Do you have a phrase you use often?: "The least I could do" and " E.T at your service"
How you act in uncomfortable/scary situations: rather calm and is always ready to investigate if anything happens. When it involves a friend, she get very protective and if they go missing, wont stop searching till they are found
Something you DON`T want to happen: I really dont mind. But I dont wanna be a mean bitch :)
Something you`d like: Tells the whole gang about her brother (details below) and stands in front of danger.
Anything else: Lost her brother when she was 11. He was killed in a car crash along with his friend. She cries often about him and she is desperate to find out what happened to him. This is why she is into the paranormal

Hope thats okay! Happy Story Writing