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I think that the title is pretty clear. So anyone wanna be in a story?

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Okay so I know that I already have like a hundred (slight exaggeration, not much) stories on the go at the moment, but I just had this idea and I don`t want to forget it.
Anyway I really like including people in stories so here goes. I normally try to include everyone, but this time I only do need a few parts. However, as I only had the idea last night I may re think and come up with a few new parts so if you don`t get the part you Had in mind, you may still be in it. Also, if I don`t use you as a main character I`ll try to include you as a minor one or in a differnt story. (If it`s okay of course)
I won`t go into too much detail as A I don`t want to give too much away and B I`m still editing out the plot but here is a brief description. Between 2003/4 a group of teenagers went missing and were suspected to have been murdered. However no bodies were ever found and a killer was never convicted. Did they really die? Will they be found and will a killer be convicted? A tale of death, revenge, sarcasm the supernatural and lousy attempts at humour. And possibly some romance.
I really need quite a lot of detail for this if you don`t mind, so please be descriptive
Name (full name)
Part-either a best friend for Frank (I need about two or three, girls or guys) one of the murdered teens, or one of the killers.
Looks-I`ve split it as I need a lot of detail
Hair (cut, colour how it is usually worn)
Clothes. If it is band tees and jeans, what bands? Include shoes and any jewellery.
Any birthmarks/scars
Eye colour/shape.
Make up
Body(height, weight, skin tone ect)
Do you believe in supernatural stuff? opinion of it?
Thoughts on death
Music you like/dislike
Do you have a phrase you use often?
How you act in uncomfortable/scary situations.
Something you DON`T want to happen. Like die(probably not gonna happen)
Something you`d like (not sayin it will definitely happen, but I`ll try)
Anything else
Hope you audition. Any suggestions for the story are welcome. XOXODakota
I`m going to try and get the resutls up tonight. If not it shouldn`t be later than tommorow. (Friday the 18th) if you still would like the audition, please feel free as they are not yey closed.
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