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Can I get a drum roll please? First Chapter Up!!!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-11-17 - Updated: 2011-11-18 - 561 words

Everyone who auditioned is in, read on to find out what part you got.
Frank`s friends
Gabriella Sage-Adrianna Rae but just call her Gabe. (xxPanicFanxx)
Kate Juliet Armstrong Marcicano(MidnightSNoise)
Hester Ellery(AhoyMikeyo)
Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham(Cookie_monster)
Murdered teens
Emily Jane Toye but everyone calls her Ems, Em or E.T(Vengefulscout)
Xaviara (x-avi-ara) Stewart but her friends call her Zavy(I_am_a_Graveyard)
Sarah Johnstone(Sarahkilljoykid)
Analeigh Grace Blackburn(gunpowderandlead)
Rose Emily Eleby(KilljoyMCRmy)
Frankie Corleone(ilovefrankieieroxx) I know you have a love of being evil so here ya go. I`ll try to make it gorey for you, I know how twisted you are. I’m kidding, kind of.
Tanner Riley (fatherfuckingmeese)
And the others who auditioned after this was firsr posted are in as well, as I needed some more killers. Sorry for the long wiat, I actually thought I had told you.
So yeah, there it is. I liked everyone’s auditions so much I just had to include you all. Obviously some will be more main characters than others, but everyone will play some role in the story.
If anyone else wanted to audition for the part of a killer, please do as I need more than one. I know that some of you said that you would be a killer, but I just felt that you would fit better as a friend or murdered teenager. Plus, I also needed quite a few dead people for the story. Wow, I sound like such a happy, sane person don`t I? Please don`t answer that. If I don`t get another killer I will just include a few of my own characters if that is aright with you all.
I hope that you are happy with your parts, I tried to place everyone where they wanted to be. If you are not please feel free to let me know and I shall see what I can do. Oh and I know a people few asked if they could be in a relationship with Frank and one asked for Mikey. Most of my stories have romance in them and I shall include some in this as well, though it probably won’t be the main focus.
If anyone who is in the murdered teen category would like to be with a single member of MCR (also dead) please let me know. This is now only Ray and Gerard. But I will tell you know that it will be the first to ask who will get the part of the girlfriend.
Mikey will be with AhoyMikeyo, Bob with gunpowderandlead and Frank with Cookie_monster. Apologies to the other person who wanted to be with him, she was first to ask. It is really my fault, I stupidly forget to mention if anyone wanted to be a girlfriend on the audition page.
Anyway, sorry for this incredibly long note, I do tend to go on a bit, you get used to it. I can’t guarantee when the story will be put up, but I will hopefully get the first chapter written soon. I am aiming to get it up before Monday if I can. It will be called “Dream for the dead” so please keep an eye out.
Thank you all so much for auditioning, I hope you will like the story
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