Review for Auditions


(#) I_am_a_Graveyard 2011-11-15

Name: Xaviara (x-avi-ara) Stewart but her friends call her Zavy
Part-either a best friend for Frank (I need about two or three, girls or guys) one of the murders teens, or one of the killers.: I don't really mind but bestfriend would be good
Age- 15
Looks-I`ve split it as I need a lot of detail
Hair (cut, colour how it is usually worn): longish hair, just past shoulders, short layers, fringe comes accross forehead and accross covering a tiny bit of her eye, naturally black, usually worn down but layers slightly teased
Clothes. If it is band tees and jeans, what bands? Include shoes and any jewellery.: Band tees (Green Day, The Misfits, Blackflag, Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold...)Skinny jeans, usually black and distressed (sorry if I spelt that wrong)
Any birthmarks/scars: One scar along her leg from falling out a tree (lame I know :L)
Tattoos/piercings.: no piercings, one tattoo on her wrist that says, "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it..."
Eye colour/shape.: Big, green eyes, when shes upset or scared they go brown
Make up: quite a lot of eyeliner and a little mascara
Body(height, weight, skin tone ect):5"5, slightly underweight for her age, skin is pale but not too pale to look compeletley white
Personality: Likes adventures, hate letting people down, blames herself when things go wrong
Do you believe in supernatural stuff? opinion of it?: She tries not to think the supernatural exsits
Thoughts on death: She's not scared of it, after the tree accident (which she was told could have killed her) she lives life as much as she can and she says when its her time to diem, she will embrase it, not fight it.
Likes: Nature, neon yellow and green, playing bass, horror movies, helping people
Dislikes: disapointing people, the colour pink, people who wear band tees but don't like the band, dresses
Habits: She often touches the tattoo on her wrist, bites her lip
Music you like/dislike: Punk, metal, screamo... (Does not like Iron Maiden)
Do you have a phrase you use often?: "Bite me, bitch" (cheesy? I say it a lot so...)
How you act in uncomfortable/scary situations.: Tries to be the strong one, but freaks out on the inside
Something you DON`T want to happen. Like die(probably not gonna happen): I'd prefer not to die...think thats it
Something you`d like (not sayin it will definitely happen, but I`ll try): Um....she gets a boyfriend or something similar? Maybe something dramatic happens?
Anything else: She's a vegitation

Hope that's good enough :L Good luck writing! (: