Review for Auditions


(#) gunpowderandlead 2011-11-15

Name : Analeigh Grace Blackburn

Part: best friend, but I don't mind being a killer if you need one.

Age: 21, feel free to change.


Hair : Ebony black. Long and pin straight. Front ends are layered and straight across bangs.

Clothes: Band tees that are mostly Nirvana, Flyleaf, Fall Out Boy, or Hawthorne Heights. Cardigans or hoodies. Vans or red converse. Short sleeved shirts with black vests. Any color skinny jeans, but tends to wear neon blue and gray the most. Striped shirts or off the shoulder shirts. Shirts with cheesy sayings on them. Tends to wear a beret or beanie. Jelly bracelets, always wears a rubber band for the hair. Chinese bead bracelets.

Any birthmarks/scars: 3 births mark on face, almost in the shape of a heart. No far :P

Tattoos/piercings: Two Large Blue butterflies with a swirl of black and silver tattoo on right wrist. A dream catcher on the left wrist. "Fully Alive" underneath it.

Eye colour/shape: Icy blue.

Make up : Earth tones, or a shimmery silver and black smokey look. Eyeliner on top and bottom of lids in a winged shaped. Red lipstick.

Body(height, weight, skin tone ect): 5'6. Slim hourglass shape. 125. Beige skin tone. Australian and has an accent.

Personality: Quirky, talks like a typical Aussie. Has a Kat Dennings/Emma Stone kind of attitude. Thoughtful, tends to daydream quite a bit. Friendly to new people, a little too upbeat. Opinionated and will tell you when you are wrong. Doesn't like being pushed around. Independent, but also has a huge heart. Forgives even when a person doesn't deserve it, doesn't believe in hate. Optimistic about most things. Tries to find the good in people, even the bad ones. Not a violent person, but rather uses words to defend herself. Again, slightly goofy because of the way she talks.

Do you believe in supernatural stuff? opinion of it?: Believes in the higher power and believes in spirits stay on earth to watch over loved ones. Fears the evil spirits though.

Thoughts on death : Accepts it for what it is, if it's her time to go, then it's her time go. We all die eventually. Believes the world is already in hell, so why be afraid of something better in the afterlife?

Likes: Adventures, traveling, reading, solving problems, driving, night time, animals, trees, rain, food, Australia, tattoos, music, pulling pranks.

Dislikes: Rude people, people who make fun of her accent. Loud noises. Bugs. Large crowds. Spicy food. Cheaters, liars, or fakes. People who chew their food with mouths open. Gossip. Abuse to any living creature. Violence. The media. Reality TV shows. Girls who act inappropriately.

Habits: Nail biter. Laughs a lot, especially when nervous. Analyzes people unintentionally.

Music you like/dislike: Rock (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Flyleaf, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Academy Is, Skrillex.) Hip hop (Kid Cudi). Likes some pop (Katy Perry, Adele, Kimbra.) Hates bubble gum pop like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, etc.

Do you have a phrase you use often?:
"That's ace!"
"Beg ya pardon?"
"Rack (fuck) off."
"I need to use the loo." is the most often one sadly.

How you act in uncomfortable/scary situations: Nervous, teeth will chatter in an annoying way. Jumpy.

Something you DON`T want to happen: I have no objections except for acting like a douche or something :P