Review for Auditions


(#) KilljoyMCRmy 2011-11-16

Name: Rose Emily Eleby
Part: franks friend it one of the murdered teens or franks best friend please
Age: 16 (birthday is 18 April)
Hair: shoulder length dark brown hair with electric blue and red streaks with side bangs, normally has it just down not straightened as it is naturally straight, only tied up if she's doing something active
Clothes: band tees- green day, Blink 182, Paamore, the blackout, smashing pumpkins, AC/DC, she wears black or faded black skinny jeans but when shes really happy she wears a pair of bright red skinny jeans, any pair of bright coloured converses, always weds a necklace with a bright green guitar pick on it, and she like to wear shirts with things she's written on.
Birthmarks/ scars: one under foot from where se stood on a nail and it went through her foot and that's it
Tattoos/ peircings: ears are pierced one and she got a tattoo secretly when she was 15 of a heart, it hasna crack down the middle, one half is shaded black and the other clear, it on the back of er left hand below her index finger.
Eyes: blue with a dark green circle around the edge, very round eyes
Make up: she only wears a thin line of black eyeline to make er eyes look bigger
Body: height- 5 4", 10 stone, slightly tanned skin.
Personality: very outgoing. Speaks her mind when shes with frineds, shes only shy around complete strangers, but she'll talk to people if she's said at least a 'hi' to
Them, hyper alot of the timeif she's not then she is very bored, she has a dirty mind with people she
Knows, she makes sure as many people as possible know about how much she loves animals.and she doesn't like people to see her cry cos she always makes out she's
Strong emotionally when certain things brake her inside, like people mentioning sad
Things (animals dieing, saying mean things about her and her friends).
Supernatural stuff: she completely believes in it,she loves stuff like that!
Thoughts on death: everything has a time to die, she personally hates things dieing tho
Likes: listening to music, drawing, playing guitar, relaxing, being hyper, hanging with friends,
Dislikes: slides, the idea of aliens coming and probing her, people seeing her cry,
Habits: saying 'oi' to get people's attention and sounding like she's got a cockney accent (she doesn't)
Music: she loves rock music, almost all good rock bands, she hates pop and rap, unless its by eminem
Phrases: if it gets too quiet she'll say 'why's everything so quiet' or something like that, if it's anything awkard she'll normally shout 'AWKWARD'
Reaction in an uncomfortable/ scary situation: she would probably stet thinking about her friends and family, her heart would start beating really fast and stuff
Something I don't want to happen: I don't wanna die!!!
Something inwant to happen: date Frank, do something awesome and memorable, or go bungee jumping or skydiving or something!!!
Other things: I have a pet leopard gecko called Ruby and nothing else really!!! Thanks!