Review for Auditions


(#) MidnightSNoise 2011-11-16

Name (full name): Kate Juliet Armstrong Marcicano
Part-either a best friend for Frank (I need about two or three, girls or guys) one of the murdered teens, or one of the killers.: Best friend of Frankie please :3 And, I want to be one of the killers.
Age- 16, but you can change it if you want ^^
Looks-I`ve split it as I need a lot of detail
Hair (cut, colour how it is usually worn): Well, is nothing hard. The hair is black, darkest!. The cut is kinda short and messy, whit a long fringe falling near of her left eye. -
Clothes. If it is band tees and jeans, what bands? Include shoes and any jewellery.: Well, she love the stripes, so, she love use shirts with stripes (black and white, black or red, black or purple...), black, red ripped skinnie jeans, something use band hoodies or tees of Green Day, Black Flag, Muse, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Panic! At The Disco, Smashing Pumpkins..... Wear vans or converse, alway have something like a bracelet or wristband in her left hand. ;)
Any birthmarks/scars: She has a burn mark in her right hand. And a scar in her back.
Tattoos/piercings. Left lipring of course (:
Eye colour/shape. Green eyes, round and not so big, but really notables.
Make up: A lot of black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, red lips or something without lipstick but never without eyeliner.... :3
Body(height, weight, skin tone ect): 5,4 (not tall), thin, pretty pale skin....
Personality: Loyal, hugs giver, prankster, funny, a great friend, responsible but really child and sometimes really mature, love laugh, adventuress, comprehensive, shy.... ^^
Do you believe in supernatural stuff? opinion of it?: Yep, I really believe it. I think are things that we can't explain it, more than demons and angels, things that we can see them, feel them but still can't explain it. I mean, I dont's have words to say what it means to me.
Thoughts on death: Well, I think a person can't live so much time, is a tipe of "rest" of the world, to reincarnate again (I believe in that).
Likes: Loves the music, concerts, stay with her friends, read, play the guitar, laugh....
Dislikes: dance, spiders, heights, discrimination, ignorance...
Habits: nail bitter, pyromaniac (is a habit?)
Music you like/dislike: She loves rock, punk, kind of metal, some old music, she hear almost everything.:D
Do you have a phrase you use often?
Well, she use often the word "fuck" and "bastard" x3
How you act in uncomfortable/scary situations.: She try to hide behind her fringe and blush a little, putting down her head (in a unconfortable situation). In a scary one, she try to be in calm but she freaks out easily :T
Something you DON`T want to happen. Like die(probably not gonna happen)
Something you`d like (not sayin it will definitely happen, but I`ll try): I honestly don't like to be die.
Anything else: Mmhhhh her stepfather gave her the worst childhood, she always was controled by him, was always mistreated, forced to do things that she doesn't wanted (and should not) do, she was hit by him, that sort of thing ... and she has a lot of resentment. When she was a baby, his real father died of cancer. Now, she have a lot of problems, living with her stepfather.

Oh! Thanks for read :D!
I hope you the better to write this ;)
xoxoMidnight's Noise