Review for Auditions


(#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-11-17

Name (full name)Hester Ellery
Part-either a best friend for Frank (I need about two or three, girls or guys) one of the murdered teens, or one of the killers.Frank's best friend please
Age- around 17
Looks-I`ve split it as I need a lot of detail
Hair (cut, colour how it is usually worn)Just below shoulders with blue yellow and mint green pastel coulours throughout it very wavey worn down with no bangs
Clothes. If it is band tees and jeans, what bands? Include shoes and any jewellery. Lots over layered lacey tops (usualy sleavless)lots of golds and browns with either black wet look jeans (skinnies) or punk girl type skirts, then with Doc martins (powder blue) orblack pumps
Any birthmarks/scars
Tattoos/piercings. Scared of needles so none
Eye colour/ and very Asian (kinda Korean)
Make up Tight liner and nude lipstick
Body(height, weight, skin tone ect) mid height pale skin verly slim flat chested
Personality kooky and crazy a little out of it very sweet a bit like Cassie from skins very posh background
Do you believe in supernatural stuff? opinion of it? Well, my whole Family is Buhdist so I've been kind of brought up to elive in something greater and supernatural and Angels Ghosts and deamons are all part of what I have been lead to belive exist, i haven't completely made up my own mind yet though I do belive that there are strange things in the world that we don't understand
Thoughts on death I'm not scared of it I belive in life after death and that if people are taken from this world then there is a reason
Likes Cats, Macs (computers) reading pastel colours
Dislikes the cold needles peas
Habits: I chew my nails and have an obssesion with having something in my eye
Music you like/dislike Like: Msi Panic! atl Steriophonics green day, theres more but its quite a long list and I feel I'm going on a bit anyway Dislike: Birdi christina Perry (though apparently I look like her face lawnmover katy perry Justin Beiber One Direction (and any other boy band) Slipknot (I know olot of peopel think they're really good I just don't like them :/)
Do you have a phrase you use often?
Oh i have olot of fraises some are quotes that I repeat all the time others are from my mind Quotes: 'This is the part where you lie down and bleed to death'
'You punched my boob, prepare to die obviosly
'if my cathedral of cutting edge taste holds no interest for your tragically canadian sensibilities, im afraid i'm going to have to grant you a swift exit from the premises and a fast entrace to hell!'
'Its liek I've got 99 problems and they're all a duck wearing a hat'

My own:
It seems my insert subject skills are limited
These are my quantity describing words; Crap Gram, Shit load, Fuck tonn and Hooka gallon eg So last night I drank a Hooka gallon of beer

How you act in uncomfortable/scary situations. Close up, don't speak much
Something you DON`T want to happen. Like die(probably not gonna happen)
Something you`d like (not sayin it will definitely happen, but I`ll try)I'd prefer not to die, but also no slef harm I'm very anti it and I'd love a romance if thats possible (prefrably Mikey) but I'm completely cool without one
Anything else: i'm vedgy sorry this was so long facedesk