Review for Birthday Surprise!

Birthday Surprise!

(#) amos222 2011-11-17

Yes!! Changing room sex was a success. I was very, VERY satisfied ;) You are awesome!! I am so excited for this entire story! I love this so much. Can you write a hundred thousand chapters for me? I would read and review them all if you did. And probably fangirl over all of them. I love Frankie's jeans. They sound so hot. (Wouldn't it be great if he wore those in real life?!?). And this bad-news chick. Can you kill her? She sounds cute or whatever but I hate messengers with sad information like that. IS GERARD GOING TO CHANGE FRANKIE INTO A VAMPIRE?!? That would be so great. I felt like that was where this chapter was going, and I'm kind of glad that it didn't actually get voiced. Then the story would be moving way too fast and I'd be unhappy that the plot didn't fully develop there.
Anyway, I loved this and I can't wait for the next chapter!