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I'm Starting To Get An Attraction

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Now take a trip with me but don't be surprised when things aren't what they seem. Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay.

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Sorry 'bout the repost - I was reading this and realised something really, really stupid. They arrived in a taxi, and left in a car. Major blonde moment on my part! Grrrrrr

Shopping time! Very manly... XD And to amos222 I hope this satisfies your request ;)

The plot develops a bit in this - finally taking the story somewhere as opposed to mindless fucking. I think I said that at the end of the last chapter actually... Meh. The point is, I can't remember what the point is I am fucking exhausted.

By the way, just out of sheer interest, was anyone else in Nantes seeing 30 Seconds To Mars on Sunday? (Just in case you were wondering, they were fucking amazing.) Cos I was talking to someone earlier on Facebook, and they were like 'Oh yeah, I was there too.' and I was like SHIT how did I not see you? But there were like eight thousand people there so... yeah!

The title is from Avenged Sevenfold. I am addicted to their music at the mo'.



London had a massive shopping centre - in fact, it had several. The one Gerard and Frank were going to happened to be the third largest in the entire country. Not that England was huge.

The cab ride there was uncomfortable - neither the vampire nor the human had any idea what to say to one another. Thankfully, the streets were relatively empty as it was half one on a Monday, and most people were locked up in offices; longing for the end of the day that would grant them freedom from their dead end jobs. As a result, the journey took a little less then twenty minutes. In no time at all, Gerard had paid the taxi driver and was standing next to Frank in front of the huge mall.

"So where d'you want to go?" The elder asked conversationally.

"I have no idea - how many shops are in this place anyway?"

"I don't know." Gerard shrugged. "About two hundred and fifty, maybe? Bit more?"

"Wow. That's massive." Frank said in awe. The biggest shopping mall in his home town couldn't have had more than fifty shops in total.

"Yeah it is. Not exactly the poshest of places, but there are some decent shops inside."

"Well, shall we go in then?" The boy suggested shyly.

"Uhuh." Gerard took Frank's hand. It wasn't a gesture of affection; more to stop the kid running off and landing him in the shit. That's what the vampire told himself anyway. Frank certainly didn't take it that way - his soft blush confirmed that.

The two walked into the shopping centre hand in hand and where soon immersed in a whirl of colours, fashions and clothes. The stores were brightly lit, with plastic mannequins posing in the windows; enticing people in with the promise of flattering clothes. Gerard steered Frank to one of the smaller stores - one with a gothic logo and painted dark colours. Inside was a world of band t-shirts, skinny jeans, and leather jackets. The two men grinned - this suited both of them.

"Pick out whatever you want." Gerard said, turning to the younger boy. "Just stay in the shop. I'll see if you try and get away."

Frank nodded seriously. He knew by now that trying to run off would be futile and just plain stupid. The two boys walked around the shop, choosing jeans, hoodies, jackets, whatever they thought would look good on them. Gerard picked out some things for his little brother as well before grapping a pair of tiny skinny jeans for Frank. They were black with neon blue tiger stripes across them. Even without the kid trying them of, the vampire knew they'd look great - they were probably two sizes too small and would be incredibly tight right where you didn't want them to be. But then, these were for Gerard's benefit - not the boy's.

The vampire made his way back over to Frank, who was holding an armful of mostly black clothes. Well, that appealed to Gerard's taste.

"You want all of those?" He asked.

The boy winced, worried he had upset the vampire. But then, he had said that Frank could choose whatever he wanted. Hadn't he? "Errr, well, I d-don't want all of them. I j-just chose. I can put the-them back if it's too much." He stuttered nervous.

Gerard chuckled. "It's fine Frank. I've got enough money. Just don't wet yourself." The boy blushed and the vampire laughed again and pressed his lips to his forehead. "And do me a favour - try these on." He handed the kid the jean, whose eyes widened in fear. The elder found it slightly comical. "They're only jeans."

"Yeah, but I think I need a bigger size." Frank muttered, making for the aisle where the jean were on display.

The vampire caught him around the waist and pulled him back. "Oh no you don't! Now go try them on!" He held the boy around the waist and dragged him off to the changing rooms. "Get in there!" Frank was powerless as he was shoved into one of the small changing stalls.

The boy sighed and locked the door, before pulling off his jeans to put on the atrocity Gerard had pick out for him. It took him about ten minutes of struggling to pull the damn things up, never mind zip up the fly's and button them up. Yeah, he may be short, but these were way too small.

"You done yet Frankie?" Gerard's drawl drifted through the thin door.

"Yeah, but I'm not coming out." The boy called back, a little angrily.

"Then I'll have to come in." The vampire was still drawling, and the door rattled slightly as he shook the handle.

"No way!"

"Let me in, Frank." Gerard's voice was menacing now - low and dangerous. The boy bit his lip, before reluctantly turning the lock on the changing room door. The vampire stepped in, and immediately a smirk appeared on his face. He was right - Frank looked fucking hot in those jeans. They fitted him perfectly length wise, but the material strained against even the boy's skinny legs. Better still, they were obscenely tight around his crotch, meaning that his bulge was clearly defined. Gerard's eyes lit up with lust.

He turned to lock the changing room door, before pressing his lips to Frank's. The smaller whined in response, really not wanting to do this but having no choice but to respond. Gerard walked him backwards until he was sandwiched between the wall and the vampire, jeans still horribly tight. The man kissing him didn't help matters when he moved his hand down to rub in between the boy's legs. Frank whined pitifully, as blood rushed down, the restricting jeans only tightening.

Gerard didn't stop though, just continued to tease the boy through the denim until he was a squirming, whining mess.

"Ger... Gerard. I w-want..." The boys head was light and breathy.

"Yes, tell me what you want. Tell me..." The vampire muttered back, his own jeans beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"Uhhh..." was the only thing the teenager could manage in response.

Gerard massaged him through his jeans, increasing the rate of those delicious breathy little moan. "Tell me, does it ache, Frankie? Does it hurt? Does it throb?"

"Yeah... Oh God.. Gerard!"

"Yes; that's it tell me what you want. Do you want me?"

"Yes!" This came out as a squeak as Gerard's hand pressed at Frank's cock through the tight jeans. The vampire grinned and unbuttoned the jeans that were making the small boy look so hot. He erection was now fully visible under the black boxers he was wearing. Gerard pulled off his own jeans, stepping out of them before returning his attention to the half naked Frank.

Their mouths meshed together in a hot, wet kiss and the man pushed his hips forward to grind his erection against Frank's. The boy moaned and linked his arms around Gerard's back to pull him forward. In response, the vampire pushed his hands down the back of the boy's boxers to squeeze the pert little butt he had become infatuated with over the last few days. More moans, on both men's account this time.

Frank leaned forward into the kiss, snaking his tongue around the elder's mouth as the latter paid close attention to his lower half, making him feel so good. The grinding continued, pushing Frank into ecstasy for the second time that day. The vampire really was some sort of sex addict. Too soon, he felt his lower stomach muscles clench and he came all over his and Gerard's abdomens. Squeals of lust and pleasure escaped Frank's mouth and into the man's who was making him feel so amazing.

"Oh shit.. feels so good." The boy panted as he broke the kiss and leaned back against the wall. Gerard wasn't done with him though - he continued to grind and captured Frank's mouth in his own again to continue the kiss. The boy didn't care, he launched into the kiss, enthusiastic as though he had instigated it. Another small moan escaped and soon, Gerard was pushed over the edge, spurting cum across their stomachs.

He leaned forward to rest against Frank and pressed small, butterfly kisses on the boy's neck. The kid shifted his position, overwhelmed with satisfaction and entirely spent. He didn't complain when the kisses began to shift down his body, just stood there and enjoyed the sensation of a hot wet mouth on his torso. Gerard dragged his lips further and further down, until he was licking the white liquid dribbling down Frank's stomach. The kid groaned at the sensation, making the skin that Gerard was licking quiver under his tongue. He grinned and continued to clean the boy's stomach until it was clear of cum. Then he straightened back up.

"I think we need to buy those jeans." Frank breathed in that beautiful heady voice.

Gerard chuckled. "I think we do..." And they pressed their lips together, in another sweet passionate kiss. Shame about what was going to happen.

Hours later, after more shopping, the couple were sitting inside a Starbucks, both drinking coffee. Gerard's was a strong, slight sugary, black mixture whilst Frank's was white with surplus cream and sugar. It was a good representation of their personalities really.

Both were surrounded by shopping bags full of new clothes, and were laughing happily whilst sipping their coffees. It was a strange situation really - a kidnapper and rapist taking his victim out for drinks and enjoying each other's company.

"Do you want to get anything else, or head back?" Gerard asked, happily. He wasn't sure why he was in such a good mood, maybe something to do with the spending spree... More likely the fact he had just spent the afternoon with Frank, although he was never going to admit that. The kid turned out to be completely bonkers, running around everywhere, cracking jokes, and once - just for the hell of it - dressing up in drag whilst trying on new clothes.

"I've had enough." Frank said happily. "But I could care less what we do - s'up to you!"

"I know. But just wondering what suited you."

"N'awwww - Gerard's worried 'bout me?" The boy laughed in a mock baby voice. The vampire laughed along with him. This side of Frank was so much more enjoyable to be around than that snivelling terrified creature he'd been fucking over the last few days.

"Of course. It'd be a shame to lose you now." Gerard smirked and Frank blushed at the not so subtle reminder of who was in control.

"To be fair, it'd be a shame to ever lose anything as adorable as that." A cool voice said behind Gerard as a small hand rested on his shoulder. He spun round to see one of the London vampires he was such good friends with. Right now though, he was less than pleased to see her.

"Hello Abby." Gerard addressed the petit vampire standing behind him. She had mahogany hair, and freckles across her nose - she looked no older than fifteen. Obviously enough, in the vampire world, appearances were deceptive (she was really nearing the hundered mark). The way her warm brown eyes were staring at Frank was enough to back that point. Despite their colour, they were like flints of ice.

"Hey Gerard!" Abby lowered her head back down to look at the other vampire. The rest of her gang was behind her, looking bored and vaguely put out. That was normal for these people though - apart from when they were mugging, torturing or tearing humans. Blood-thirsty was an understatement.

"How you've been then?" Gerard asked out of sheer politeness.

"I'm good." The brunette was eyeing Frank again. Then she snapped her attention to the older man once again. "Heard you ran into Vibia."

"How on earth do you know that!?" Gerard exclaimed. "It happened three days ago!"

"Yeah - once of her henchmen called me. Why she has hench men is beyond me, but there you go. The point is, she - well he said that she said - to tell you that you better not stay in London too long. After she's done in the US she's coming back here and this time dealing with you good."

The older vampire paled as much as his milky skin would allow him to. "How the fuck did she know I was coming to England?"

"I dunno man - that woman has powers beyond our limited imaginations."

Gerard snorted. "You can say that again."

It was at this point one of Abby's gang spoke up. "You seriously scared of that bitch? I bet I could take her." He smirked unattractively, looking exactly like one of those human muscle heads who were as thick as two short planks.

"Then you're unbelievably stupid!" Abby snapped. "You've gotta to be a fool not to be afraid of Vibia Palera, 'specially if you're on her hit list."

"And I happen to be number one." Gerard muttered under his breathe, causing Frank to give him a shocked look.

"Yeah - sucks for you!" Abby grinned ironically. "Look Gerard, stick around for a few days. If rumours are true, she ain't gonna be in the country for a good couple of months yet. Winter's prime time for vamps around here 'n' you'll enjoy yourself I reckon."

"And running doesn't exactly appeal." He said softly, apparently deep in thought.

"Exactly. You're gonna have to run eventually though. And here's some advice for when you do - ditch the kid. You don't want any baggage holding you up." Frank visibly shook in his seat at Abby's suggestion. She grinned evilly and flounced out of the shop, her brooding gang close behind.

"Great, just fucking typical." Gerard muttered.

"What's wrong?" Frank asked tentatively.

"Everything - so just shut the fuck up!" Was the snapped reply. "Grab your stuff. We're leaving."

Obediently, the human bent to gather the bags from the floor and follow Gerard out of the coffee shop. The walked out to the front of the mall in silence. Frank kept quiet because he was scared again - Gerard made no noise because he was deep in thought.

There were tens of taxis waiting outside for shoppers to catch rides back home. The vampire chose one, put the bags in the boot and got in, Frank following. Gerard hated having to run from someone - from anything - but if he wanted to stay alive he had no choice. He had a feeling his next meeting with the vampire queen would be his last, and would be fatal from him. But he had settled in here in London, and after Halloween the city really did become a haven for vampires, with its long busy nights. The vampire sighed - he didn't want to be driven out.

"What do you think?" He asked abruptly. The boy he was addressing started with a small squeak, which made Gerard chuckle. The kid really was cute.

"What d'you mean?" Frank asked softly, scared that he'd say something wrong and the monster in Gerard would resurface.

"I don't want to go. If I stay and Vibia finds me, chances are I'm dead."

"Why? Is she going to kill you?"

"Well done." Gerard's reply was slightly sarcastic. "I killed her sister about a century ago. I don't blame her for wanting to get back at me in all honestly. It'd be the same for me if someone got Mikey."

"Oh." Frank hesitated before answering. "Well, if she is gonna kill you, I'd run. It's better to be somewhere you don't like than dead... isn't it?"

"I suppose kid. It's the fact that I have to run that irritates me as much as anything else."

"Still better than being dead." The boy paused here, then said his next couple of sentences in a panicked rush. "But if you go, please don't ditch me like that girl said. I don't wanna stay stuck in London when I don't know anyone or anything! And please don't kill me either. I really don't want to die."

"Then what should I do with you?" Gerard smirked at the boy's panic. Truthfully, he had no idea what to do with the kid. He liked him too much to abandon, or kill, but at the same time - like Abby had said - he couldn't take a human with him on the run. That left only two options.

"Please, just let me go home. I promise I won't tell anyone what happened, or who you are, or anything about Mikey. Please, I really want to go home."

"Well, that's not going to happen Frank."

"Why not? I won't tell anyone!"

"It just isn't going to happen! Face it!" Gerard snapped. So really - he was only left with one option. Then, in a softer voice he said "You're not going home anytime soon kid. Just get over it. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not."

Frank leaned back into his seat and stared out of his window in a sulk. "What are you going to do with me then?" He muttered angrily.

"I don't know, kid." Gerard felt like banging his head against the glass division between the cab driver and his passengers. "I genuinely have no idea." It was the truth.

When the boy remained silent, the vampire reached over and took Frank's hand in his own. He meant it as a gesture of comfort, and to his surprise, the boy didn't reject it; just squeezed gently and continued to stare out of the window.

Right, I just randomly stood up and yelled 'to the bat mobile!' My mum and little bro were both in the room and they just stared at me. Slightly embarrassing but they know I'm crazy anyway.

Just so you know I was exhausted when I wrote this so A) please make it up to me by rating and reviewing and B) if there are loads of atrocious spelling mistakes, don't be surprised.

Thank you for reading and I hope you're enjoying it!

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