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Fearing You, Loving You

by monstrice901

I can feel you pull me down - saving me, raping me, watching me

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Hello again people! C'est moi - Sophie! Well, this is another sex chapter (let me hear your cheers!) but after that I'm definitely putting some more work in to the plot and take this story somewhere. There'll still be sex though ;)

Also sorry that it took me so long to post this. Life has been beyond crazy. I hate GCSEs. Grrrrrr. And having motherfucking tension head aches don't help. Sorry - you don't want to listen to me moan. You want to read smut. So here we go!

I just put my foot in my brother's mango.

Title from Evanescence.

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Mikey glanced at his brother when Frank walked in the kitchen. Gerard was just leaning against the counter, coffee cup in hand, eyes fixed on the newspaper he was flicking through.

The younger vampire glanced back to the new arrival. He was shaking - clearly terrified - and had his eyes fixed on the two brothers. He kept on glancing down to the food on the table. Mikey guessed he was hungry, after all the kid hadn't had a proper meal in days. He glanced back towards Gerard, who was now staring at Frank. The latter visibly recoiled under his gaze.

"You hungry?" The older vampire broke the silence. Frank nodded, his eyes drifting back to the table of food. "Help yourself."

It was almost comical how the boy's face lit up when Gerard said that. Almost. He made towards the table and Mikey noted how he winced with every step. Again, pity washed through him. When exactly did Gerard become so cruel? The answer was lost on the younger vampire. As far as he was concerned, his brother had always been kind, a little cold truth be told, but compared to some of the people - humans and vampires alike - Mikey had met over the years, Gerard was a good-hearted person. Looks like he had only ever seen one side of his brother. Who was still staring at Frank.

The boy hadn't noticed this - he was too absorbed with the delicious food he was now helping himself to. But Mikey was watching his brother very closely. Gerard's eyes radiated nothing but lust. However, his face told a different story. There was pity there, and affection. At the same time, his top lip was curled up, as if in disgust. It was a confusing paradox of emotions. Mikey resolved to keep a closer eye on Frank from now on. Goodness only knows what his brother was planning. The only thing that was for certain was that he was definitely planning something.

Be this point, Frank had retreated with a full plate to the corner of the kitchen furthest away from Gerard. He had taken some of everything, bar the bacon and black pudding. It smelt enticingly delicious, but the boy was almost too nervous to eat with the vampire staring at him so intently.

Thankfully, Mikey diverted Gerard's attention away. "So what are you planning on doing today?"

The elder shrugged. "Dunno yet. You?"

"Gonna meet up with some of the locals, I think. Haven't seen them in ages after all. You gonna come?"

Gerard swept his eyes back over to Frank and the boy felt his stomach tighten in fear. "Nah, don't think I'll bother." The boy blanched and Mikey frowned.

"Come on - why don't you? It'll be fun." He tried to persuade his brother. Gerard only raised his eyebrow, guessing what Mikey was trying to do. Ok, he hadn't seen the London vamps in a while, but he could think of a million better things to do involving his captive. And he said so.

His younger brother closed his eyes in despair for a moment, then said "Frank go into the bedroom please."

The teen stood up reluctantly, holding his plate and apparently unsure as to what to do with it.

"Just take it with you." Gerard snapped, rolling his eyes. Frank winced at his harsh words, but headed out of the room, food laden plate in hand. "And don't try anything stupid!" The vampire called after him, eyes dragging over the boy's arse.

The moment Frank was out of the room, Mikey turned to his brother. "Look, I know you didn't listen to me last time I said this but please, just lay off the kid for a bit. He's just gonna break and then we're gonna have a massive mess to clean up."

"What did you think was going to happen Mikey? That it'd be all smiles and roses for fuck's sake?"

"No, I just never realised you were so ruthless! It's ridiculous. I don't even wanna know what happened last night - but that kid could barely walk this morning."

"He managed it into the kitchen, didn't he? Anyway, I.. it's not like... oh fuck it!" Gerard snapped. He thought about what had happened earlier that morning. The vampire had woken up, to find Frank shivering and muttering in his sleep next to him. It had been the most natural, normal thing to gather the boy into his arms and hold him until whatever nightmare was haunting him subsided. And then fall asleep still holding him. And then waking up like that.

Gerard hadn't felt like that about anyone in a long time. It scared him; the emotions he felt for Frank and he wasn't entirely sure he was ready to confess them to his brother yet.

"What is it Gerard?" Mikey asked when the elder lapsed in to his thoughts.

"I dunno." Gerard shrugged. Well, it wasn't a lie - just an omission. "I don't want to break Frank though..." He hesitated. "In all honesty, I feel guilty. Fuck only knows why."

This left Mikey feeling confused, yet relieved. Confused as to why Gerard had a fixation with hurting people in the first place, and why he was feeling guilty now. Relieved because he had proof his brother wasn't completely lost - not the kind caring person he has grown up with.

"Then try at set it right." He said softly, placing a hand on Gerard's shoulder. "You can't fix anything, but at least try and make them better." His brother nodded. "Are you sure you don't wanna come with me?"

"Yeah, it's fine Mikes. I got some major-ass thinking to do anyway. Just say 'hi' to the coven for me, eh?"

"Will do," The vampire glanced at the table, still groaning under the weight of a full English breakfast. "Now are we gonna eat this shit or let it go to waste?"

The two sat down, their conversation turning to the coven of vampires that pretty much ran the city of London. They were respected world wide, and even Vibia Palera had been a member at one point. The Way brothers had met them a little while back and they had become good friends. The Londoners weren't exactly royalty - just the lords and ladies of the vampire world.

After finishing the breakfast, Mikey and Gerard hugged one another and the younger left the apartment to try and track down their old friends. The older went into the lounge, turned on a Muse CD (when in Rome... or London, for that matter) and collapsed on the couch to try and clear his head. It was buzzing with thoughts, most of which had something to do with Frank. How cute the boy was. How hot it was to pound into him. How satisfying it was to just hold him. How pleasurable it was to hurt him. How peaceful he looked asleep. How Goddamn erotic it was listening to him squeak, and scream, and squeal. How Gerard actually wanted to pleasure him.

With the last two thoughts, the vampire rolled off the couch, growling under his breathe. He knew what he wanted. Without bothering to turn off the speakers, Gerard left the lounge and went into the bedroom that he had slept in the previous night.

Frank was in there - obviously - perched on thee windowsill and gazing across the foggy, grey city. His back was turned towards the door, so obviously, he didn't see Gerard come in. The vampire padded silently over the plush carpet to where the boy was sitting. He didn't notice until the man was right behind him and had ran a finger down his spine.

The boy jumped, adrenaline coursing through him. He turned to see Gerard smiling down at him. In the pale light, the man really was beautiful. That didn't make him any less terrifying though and Frank shrank back away from him.

"Awww, what's wrong sugar?" Gerard asked. To the boy's deep surprise, he didn't sound mocking, or menacing. It almost sounded as though he was concerned. Almost sounded as though he was human.

So Frank responded as if he were. "Mainly that you're here and I'm not in Jersey!"

"Why would you want to go to Jersey? It's a tiny little island that doesn't have half of the past-time activities London has. It used to be quite nice, I suppose. Really rural and and quaint. The other Channel Islands are still like that; Guernsey and Alderney. and then there's the fact that the flights are bloody expensive, considering it's a half hour journey from London."

"What?" Frank blurted, momentarily de-railed by Gerard's short rant.

"Jersey, honey. It's a tiny island that is just off the coast of northern France and a British Crown Dependency. You said you wanted to go there." The vampire said patronisingly.

"New Jersey! My home. I want to go back!" Frank shouted. Frustration fuelled him into pacing the way he had the previous night. "And I hate having to be with you!"

"Let's see if I can change that then." Gerard whispered, his voice as smooth as silk and more menacing than anything else the boy had ever heard. Suddenly, he was scared again. "Lie on the bed." Gerard's voice was still silky smooth and Frank was powerless to disobey.

Closing his eyes, as though having his vision cut off from him would lesson his ordeal, the boy lay down on the dark red sheets. The vampire followed and straddled his victim's waist. Today though, he was determined Frank wasn't going to get hurt. Just plunged into ecstatic pleasure. And Gerard knew exactly how to make that happen.

He slowly began to work and the highest button on Frank's shirt, undoing it to reveal the pale skin beneath the fabric. The vampire pressed his lips to that skin then began on the next button down. The boy remained unresponsive beneath him, but that just egged Gerard forward. When he was done with the buttons, he reached up to grasp one of the teen's nipples and began to twist it and run his fingers over the sensitive spot. Frank gasped in response and the man grinned into his neck. Still rolling the nipple, he began suckling and nipping at the skin under his mouth, leaving a small love bites as he went.

Slowly, so as to not alarm the boy, Gerard kissed and nipped and sucked his way down to Frank's abdomen. They boy was writhing on the sheets now - overcome with sexual pleasure at the kissed, the twisting of his nipple, and the vampire's other hand, which was stroking down his waist; leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake. The boy shivered and didn't even protest when he felt the hands leaving his body to work at the button and zipper on his pants.

Frank glanced down his body to see Gerard smiling up at him from round about his crotch area. The boy knew he should be trying to get away - not wanting more. But he was so consumed with pleasure he was beyond caring. The boy gasped when Gerard tugged his pants down, revealing his semi. The vampire just grinned and licked a warm, wet line up it. Frank felt his blood rush south and knew without even looking that he was fully erect. Hell, he could feel it, feel Gerard's warm breathe against his skin.

Then the teasing began. The vampire pressed his lips back against the boy's skin, so close to where he most wanted that mouth to be. Gerard knew this of course, but instead travelled his mouth down the inside of Frank's thigh, sucking and licking and pushing the boy further into the pleasurable haze that was clouding his head. When he reached about half way down the thigh, be began trekking back up the smooth skin of the leg, until his mouth was right next the kid's impressive erection. He'd breathe over it; making it spill pre-cum, or lick his way up it; making it throb deliciously. Then he'd work his way down the opposite leg.

Frank was going crazy having this sweet torture inflicted. He tried to buck his hips up whenever Gerard went near his cock, only to have the vampire's hands on his hips; pushing him down. It was driving his insane.

"Uhhh, please..." The boy groaned. He had swallowed his pride along with his common sense - the need he was presently feeling overwhelmed anything else.

And that's what Gerard had been waiting for. To hear Frank ask for him, to want him. Even if it was pure lust. He kissed the way back up his leg before wrapping his lips around the boy's tip. The latter gasped at the damp warmth and bucked his hips up. Gerard dodged and grinned again.

"Gently now," he crooned before returning to servicing Frank's length. He pushed his mouth down, enclosing it heat and wetness. Frank groaned again and was only prevented from bucking his hips by the strong hands that gripped them. Gerard drew his mouth up and smirked around the boy's tip.

Using the very edge of his tongue, he pushed the foreskin back and licked at the pre cum that had gathered there. Frank shuddered as sparks flew down his length at this simple touch. Then the vampire's mouth was wrapped around him again, sending shock waves of pleasure through the boy's body. Gerard hollowed his cheeks out and sucked for all he was worth. Frank moaned harshly and bucked his hips up. The man let him this time, suppressing his gag reflex.

When the boy relaxed back on to the bed, he pulled his head back, dragging his teeth against Frank's length. He whined, but Gerard just smiled.

"Shhhh..." He whispered.

"Gerard, please. Come on." Frank begged. The vampire was surprised, to say the least. Surprised that not only was his captive begging for this, but the fact that it was his name that the boy used. It pleased him in a strange way. Made him happy for no reason.

"Shhhh..." He hushed the boy again, then pushed his own fingers in to his mouth. When Gerard was sure they were completely coated in saliva, be removed them and took Frank's throbbing cock back in to his mouth. The boy was soon moaning in ecstasy again and it was at this point that Gerard pushed one of his fingers into him. The kid gasped and arched his, so the man pushed further inside of him, seeking out the spot that would cause thy boy to explode. He moved slowly, not wanting to hurt the boy any more than he already had. Finally, he located that small bundle of nerves. As his finger brushed over it Frank gasped and pushed down on to the digit.

Gerard smiled and began bobbing his head up down with increased speed; brushing the length with his teeth and twirling his tongue around it. Simultaneously, he buried his finger inside of Frank and rubbed against his prostate. This was too much for the boy and with a scream of pleasure, and a clench of muscles, he exploded into Gerard's mouth. The vampire swallowed the cum down willingly, before pulling his finger out and letting Frank's now flaccid cock drop from his mouth. Then he mirrored his earlier actions by kissing his way back up the boy's bare torso. Then he just lay with his head on the heaving chest of the still panting boy.

Frank glanced down at him. The vampire truthfully was beautiful. Gorgeous. Without thinking, the boy moved his head to press his lips against Gerard's.

The vampire tensed in surprise, then melted into the kiss. It was so nice to feel it being reciprocated. He licked Frank's lips and they opened, allowing the two men's tongues to touch. The boy could taste himself in the other's mouth and it just turned him on further. He wrapped his arms around the man lying on his chest and pressed harder against Gerard's lips. The latter moaned. The kiss grew more heated, their tongues battling for dominance until they had to come up for air.

Gerard put his head back on the other's chest and looked up through his eyelashes. Frank was struck how beautiful he was.

"What was that for?" The elder asked softly.

Frank shrugged. "Dunno, just felt appropriate."

The vampire's eyes widened. He confused to say the least. He had raped, beaten and torn this boy up - he shouldn't be kissing him. Was it some sort of trick to try and persuade Gerard to take him back home? Well, that wasn't going to let that happen anytime soon.

"Thank-you for that," the boy continued. "For not hurting me."

"Well, I owed you. Felt guilty, I guess," Gerard muttered. He couldn't believe that he'd just confessed that. Baring his emotions to the thing that he should be using as a sex toy, to give himself pleasure - not suck off.

Frank felt sorry for him. He knew how entirely fucked up he was being but he couldn't bring himself to hate the guy. Especially after what had just happened. Actually, it was himself that he loathed - for allowing himself to warm to the man (or vampire? The boy still wasn't entirely sure what to believe) holding him captive.

The two wallowed in self-loathing for ten minutes longer, before Gerard broke the silence. "What do you wanna do today?"

Frank was shocked at the question. Shocked that he was given a choice. "I dunno..." He answered slowly, not wanting to disturb the strange peace that had settled between him and Gerard. "I wouldn't mind getting out of this apartment though."

The vampire frowned - not because he was angry - but because he was thinking. "Well..." he said equally slowly. "Mikey did buy us some stuff, but not enough to last... Wanna go shopping?"

"Shopping?" Frank laughed. "Sure."

Gerard jumped up, stupidly excited. He was a guy for God's sake! But he was still excited - London had some great shops! "Ermmm, you might wanna put some clothes on first though."

Frank blushed and pulled his trousers back on, then buttoned up his shirt. The vampire watched unashamedly. Then the two boys left the building.

Hope you liked! Sorry about putting the thing about the Channel Islands. It bugs me when people say Jersey instead of New Jersey 'cos I live on one of them and I always think of the island instead of the state! Now I'm ranting.

Tell me what you think and if you recognize the the title song. I really do love your feedback!

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