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I Wanna Taste You

by monstrice901

I wanna hurt you, just to hear you screaming my name.

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Sorry it's been a long wait. Don't really have an excuse. Love me anyway? XD God, being this hyper before bed really is not a good thing... Meh! Means I can write for longer.

Title from Alice Cooper. You can't not know it. Seriously.


It was about two in the morning that Gerard made his way back to the apartment. It was Friday night, so even at this time, the city was alive. Mostly drunk people heading back from parties. They were all good to drink from though. Anyone was.

Gerard had gone into an underground metal club alone and left with two girls hanging off his arms. They weren't any worse for wear but had both lost rather a lot of blood. They would wake up tomorrow and not remember anything and Gerard figured that as long as he didn't get caught, no harm had been done.

Back in the apartment, Mikey was gone and his older brother guessed it was for the same reason he had left. And of course, he'd take longer than Gerard had - he had no reason to want to return early. He smiled when he thought about the fuckable little boy waiting in his room.

Gerard grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen and downed it, enjoying the cool liquid in his mouth. He went back into the main room then unlocked the door to the bedroom he had used earlier to find Frank curled up fast asleep in bed, looking entirely adorable. And this time, Mikey wasn't here. Gerard could do whatever he wanted.

The vampire didn't bother to turn any lights on, simply crossed over to where Frank was sleeping and sat down next to him. The boy looked so cute and part of Gerard didn't want to disturb him. That was a very small part though. He leaned forward and began to place kissed along the pale jawline of his captive. He could feel the blood moving under his skin, and Gerard was tempted to drain him dry there and then. He'd just drunk though, and killing Frank now would be no fun. He continued to suck and kiss at he bottom of the boy's face and soon felt him stir in bed.

To Gerard's surprise, the kid's first response to his kisses was to smile. But Frank was still half asleep and had forgotten about being raped and held captive. All his groggy mind was registering was the fact that he was being kissed and that it felt very nice. So he just lay there in a state of sleepy bliss and allowed his jaw to carry on being sucked, nipped at and kissed. The boy opened his eyes slightly, to see the top of Gerard's black hair.

That's when he remembered where he was and who he was with. Frank sat up and scrambled up the bed until his back was pressed against the headboard. Just like that, he was terrified again.

Gerard grinned evilly at the sight of the boy. He was still naked from earlier, but clean. Shame really, Gerard thought, he's about to get all dirty again. "That took you a while. To realise what was happening." Frank just sat there wide eyed. "So, you ready for another round?" The vampire smirked. The boy just shrank back, wide-eyed. "Well, to be honest I don't really care." The boy closed his eyes. The vampire's smirk grew.

He crawled forwards towards Frank and captured the teen's lips in his own. Strangely enough, the boy responded and not for the first time, Gerard wondered what was going on in the boy's head. The kiss was slow, sweet almost until the vampire nipped at Frank's bottom lip and tugged on his ring. He didn't seem to mind though, just sat there with his head back, panting slightly.

The vampire pulled him down the bed, so Frank was lying face-up on it and Gerard was lying on top of him. The couple were still kissing, but it was more demanding on Gerard's part.

He ran his hands over the boy's soft skin, all the way down to the backs of his thighs. Here, the man pulled one of the kid's legs up and bent it back across his chest.

Frank winced at the stretch in his muscle, but knew protesting would do no good. When Gerard detached their lips to force his leg up even more though, the kid whimpered.

"Aw, do you not like that?" The vampire smirked. Frank shoot his head. "Tough," the older man said, then jerked the leg up so the boy's foot was practically above his head. Frank screamed. Gerard hooked the ankle on to his shoulder then leaned forward to press their lips back together. This put the kid into an impossibly painful position, the muscle running down the back of his leg on fire. He was unable to move it however, as it was sandwiched in between the two men's bodies. He squirmed on the bed trying to relieve the strain.

Gerard chuckled and grabbed the boy's other leg and wrapped it around his waist. This made the position slightly more comfortable for Frank but also meant that the vampire's erection was pressed against his bare ass. The older groaned and began to grind into him, the heat and pleasure building with the increased friction.

Eventually, the vampire broke the kiss to pull his shirt and pants off. He stared at the boy in front of him for a moment, then thrusted into him. Both faces contorted - one with pleasure, the other with pain.

Gerard could only feel the heat around his throbbing cock, the skin unbelievably tight around him as he pulled out again, his nerve endings alive. The sensation was over whelming and entirely pleasurable.

Frank was only registering pain. For the second time in three nights, it felt as though his lower body was being ripped open. His insides were being torn at and it was excruciating. Everything was on fire and it felt as though the muscle, which was being forced even further back by Gerard's movements. He was screaming senselessly, just wishing for the pain to end.

The vampire thrust back and forth, fucking him victim into the sheets. His nails were digging into the boy's waist; holding him still and drawing blood in crescent shaped cuts. Gerard could feel blood on his cock, and it lubricated his movements, allowing him to thrust faster still. It was at this point he hit that small bundle of nerves inside Frank and the boy's screams changed subtly. Whilst he was still in unbearable pain, there was pleasure there too now. Frank could actually feel himself getting hard.

Gerard grinned and just sped up, revelling in the blood soaked ecstasy. The boy moaned beneath him and that beautiful sound made him come. He buried himself in Frank and let himself go inside the boy.

The kid screamed again and hot liquid exploded inside him, mixing with his blood and stinging his cuts. He writhed desperately and tried to escape the pain. It was an effort as doomed as his previous attempts had been. Gerard bucked, riding out his orgasm, then collapsed forward, putting even more pressure on Frank's leg. The boy felt as though a muscle or tendon was going to snap at any moment. The strain coupled with the burn in his lower body was unbearable. He whined, and Gerard pressed their lips together again, before pulling out of the boy.

He didn't release the teen however, but pressed his lips harder on to the boy's, demanding a response. Frank reluctantly kissed back. Then Gerard struck. He hadn't been intending to drink from Frank, but the smell of blood mixed with cum, had reignited his want, and after all, he could do whatever he wanted with his little sex toy.

He dragged his lips over the Frank's soft skin until he reached his neck. He then sunk his teeth into the flesh there and began to pull blood out. The salty, metallic taste exploded on to his tongue and the vampire moaned in pleasure. The feeling of sucking someone's rich, intense blood was beyond anything else on the planet and Gerard loved it.

However, he had already drank a fair amount tonight, so didn't extract much from Frank. Although with the amount of hormones rushing around the boy, his blood did taste delicious.

The experience wasn't half as pleasurable for Frank. Having your blood pulled out hurt and Frank was no masochist. He just wanted this nightmare to end. Thankfully Gerard didn't drink for too long and when he was done he rolled off of the boy, releasing his leg.

Frank lowered it with a sigh of relief, and a wince as it disturbed his torn insides. The boy didn't dare move as Gerard pressed his mouth back against his skin and began kissing down to his waist. The man licked up the blood that his nails had drawn, before taking Frank's cock in his mouth and teasing it. The boy tried to remain as unresponsive as possible, but he could already fell his blood going south again. Thankfully, the vampire didn't keep this up for too long and when he was done, he crawled back up the bed to on the bed next to Frank. It was then that the boy asked the obvious: "What was that?" He was terrified, but Gerard had already broken him beyond belief and besides, he was curious.

The vampire chuckled, knowing what he meant, but avoiding the question. "That was called screwing, dear Frankie."

The boy winced at the term of false endearment, but didn't protest, wanting his question answered. "That isn't what I meant," he muttered.

"Oh, what did you mean then, sugar-pop?"

"The attaching yourself to my neck and drinking blood!"

"Oh that!" Gerard laughed. "I'm a vampire."

Frank didn't exactly expect a response that direct, nor did he believe the man. He already knew the guy was insane, and remorseless for that matter. But he wanted a straight answer. "Yeah, right."

The man sat up to look at him. "You don't believe me. But why would I lie? You don't have to believe me - but it's the truth." Gerard lay back down. "I'm going to sleep. Don't try and leave the room. I won't go as easy on you as I did last night."

The vampire tucked himself under the sheets, but didn't fall asleep immediately. His eyes were closed but every other sense was focused on Frank. From what he could tell, the boy was shocked. Well, he supposed most humans would be in his situation.

The kid sat around for a while, not doing anything, just thinking. After a good half hour, he lay down next to Gerard. It was only then the vampire allowed himself to drift off.

Needless to say Frank was confused. Gerard had said, he had no reason to lie. But who in their right minds would believe that he was a vampire? They didn't exist. And yet, he had bit Frank twice now. And on the second time, he could feel the blood being pulled out of him. It had hurt like hell. Strange how he hadn't noticed it the first time. But then, his brain had been majorly messed up that night.

And then, Gerard had a freakish amount of strength and speed. Frank remembered how the man had ended up over taking him on his first escape attempt. And then the power with which he had pulled Frank back to the bed the previous night. It hadn't really registered at the time, but now the kid thought back, the strength had not been in accordance to the amount of muscles Gerard had. So maybe he was a vampire... Or a mentally fucked person on steroids.

Strangely enough, they boy had stopped worrying about what was going to happen to him. It was almost as though Frank had accepted that he was going to spend the rest of his life being drank from, tortured, raped and abused. And then one of the Way brothers was going to kill him.

Frank's sleep was troubled that night. It took him ages to drop off and when he had, his dreams had been full of pain, mystery and shadows. Nightmares woke him up every hour.

Then he had been jerked out of a nightmare to find himself resting in Gerard's arms. Although Frank had taken a lot longer to fallen asleep after that, he didn't have anymore bad dreams.

The next morning, the boy woke up to an empty bed - much to his relief. He was hungry and needed to use the toilet, but didn't want to wake completely and be plunged back into the horror movie his life had become. And that was before motherfucking vampires had come into the equation.

Still, eventually his body's needs overcame his mind's wants. Frank heaved himself out of bed and nearly screamed. His arse and left leg was still on fire from last night's treatment. He hobbled across the room to the en suite bathroom ,each step causing unbearable agony. He had to keep his teeth clenched to hold back screams. When in the bathroom he pissed, before deciding it'd be a good idea to have another shower.

He climbed in and turned the tap on. The jets were strong and hot and soothed his aching muscles. The heat also allowed his mind to relax, something he really needed.

When Frank was done showering, he used one of the incredibly soft, fluffy towels to dry himself, then took another drink from the cold water tap. After doing so, the teen went back into the bedroom. He was surprised to find a clean change of clothes had been lain out on the bed in his absence. Or maybe they had been there the entire time, he just hadn't noticed when he first woke up.

Frank put the clothes on. They fit perfectly, and were obviously very expensive. Again, the boy was surprised. It was at that point that the delicious smell of a cooked breakfast drifted through the door and reached Frank. His mouth began to water. He was starving.

The boy went up to the door, then hesitated. Gerard had told him not to leave the room But then, he was starving and the food smelt delicious. And it wasn't as if the vampire (if that's what he was) could do any worse to him than he had last night. Ok - that probably wasn't true; Frank dreaded to think what other forms of torture Gerard could inflict on him. But he was so fucking hungry.

Eventually, the need for food won out and the boy cautiously pushed the unlocked door open. He followed his nose to the kitchen, wincing with every step. Despite the fact the two brothers were nowhere in sight, Frank wasn't going to try and get away again. He just walked in to the room where the delicious, enticing smell was coming from.

When he finally reached the kitchen, the first thing Frank's eyes fell on was the huge table groaning under the weight of a massive full English breakfast.

The second thing was the two vampires, standing still and staring at the boy with shocked expressions on their faces.

And I'm gonna leave you all in suspense!

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