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Break Me And Take Me

by monstrice901

I want you to abuse me, use me, shut up and do me. Grab me, stab me, come on and have me.

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Hello again. I know I took a while to update me but please don't hate me too much. With any luck this'll make up for it. :D Bit of sex for all you dirty minded freaks! Enjoy and don't forget to review and rate and all that shit. Especially if you want updates fast. Nothing encourages me to write more than that! XD

Title from The Pretty Reckless


All things considered, the day hadn't gone too badly. The Way brothers and their captive were in a taxi, driving through the dark streets of London to the penthouse apartment Mikey and Gerard rented.

The younger of the two hadn't commented on the sight that met him when he woke in the morning, though it had surprised him to see that Frank and Gerard had slept in each other's arms. Well, Gerard had slept in one of Frank's arms; the other was handcuffed to the headboard. Actually, it made Mikey hopeful - if Gerard was warming to the boy, perhaps he would go easier on the kid and he'd have some hope of surviving. But then, looking at how roughly the vampire clung on to his captive's forearm now, probably not. And anyway, if he did survive the next few weeks, what were they going to do with the kid? Turn him into a vampire? Let Gerard keep him as a sex toy? The boy's situation was hopeless. All thanks to Mikey.

Getting Frank though customs had been surprisingly easy. Gerard had injected just enough drugs into him for he to be spaced out, without giving them away. When anyone had asked about the boy's dopey expression, it had been easy enough for the Ways to pass him off as being tired. And no one recognised Frank as being a reported teenage 'runaway'.

On the plane, the kid had sat between to two vampires before passing out before the plane even took off. Unfortunately, Frank had slept the drugs off on the long journey across the Atlantic and had woken up extremely hyper. It was like dealing with a two year old. He was continually trying to get up out of his seat, singing along to the music he played through the headset and just generally being irritating. Gerard muttered many death threats but Frank seemed completely oblivious. It was only right at the end of the flight that he had calmed down.

Worse still, at the airport, the Ways had almost lost their captive. It was sheer luck that Gerard had spotted him before the kid had found any security guards, or worse - cops. Not wanting to make a scene in the middle on an airport, Gerard had simply gripped Frank's arm with all of his vampire strength and hadn't let go - even now they were in the taxi. Just leaving a few more bruises on the already broken body.

When they taxi arrived outside the block of flats, Mikey shoved the right amount of money at the driver, grabbed the bag that was the only bit of luggage they had and got out of the car. Gerard was literally dragging Frank out of the other side, his fingers still wrapped around the younger's arm. The three entered the building in silence. It was late so there was no one manning reception. Mikey had the key to their apartment in his wallet though, so it wasn't too important.

The ride in the elevator up to the penthouse flat was awkward to say the least. Gerard was still furious, Mikey was tired and Frank was defeated. He kept on thinking he couldn't be broken any further, only to be proved wrong by the man standing next to him. Hurting him. Again.

The flat was obviously massive. It had four bedrooms, a kitchen bigger than those found in most houses and a huge lounge. There was a balcony running round the outside, partitionned where the bedrooms were. Mikey dumped the bag in the lounge and went in to the kitchen. Gerard dragged Frank into one of the bedrooms.

"Get on the bed!" The older growled. The other obeyed him, feeling numb inside. "I didn't think you'd be stupid enough to pull a stunt like that at the airport!" Gerard snapped. "Not after what happened the first time you tried to get away! I know I went soft on you last night - but that was a one off. You get me?" Frank nodded. "Answer me! Out loud!"

"Yes... I get you." The boy's voice was hollow, empty. Gerard did not like this. The lack of emotion in his victim. He wanted terror - sadness, anything other then the apathetic way the kid was acting right now. A small stab of pity struck him at the sight of the short boy sitting on the edge of the bed, arms wrapped around his waist to protect himself, and head hung pathetically, the black Mohawk hanging over one eye. The vampire dismissed this feeling, focusing on his anger and lust.

"Well. Let's see shall we?" He approached Frank, who immediately began shaking in fear. That was better.

Gerard encircled the boy's wrists with his hands and pushed him gently backwards so he was lying on the bed. The latter whimpered and closed his eyes, the shaking never ceasing. The vampire grinned evilly and positioned himself between the boy's legs, lying on top of him and pressing his lips to the younger ones'.

His mouth moved slowly, passion and anger building up behind it. The vampire ground his hips down and moaned at the feeling of his member rubbing against another's, even if it was through two sets of boxers and jeans. He wanted so badly to remove those layers and feel Frank against him. First, he was going to tease himself though. Just because he could.

So Gerard continued his grinding, feeling his blood rush south, and feeling that Frank was having a similar response - even if it was unwanted contact. This horizontal dance was kept up until Gerard's jean were uncomfortably tight and restricting. He wanted so badly to take Frank for his own - regardless of whether it was against the boy's will.

The vampire tugged at the smaller's top; pulling it off of him, his own quickly following. Their bare torsos pressed against each other and the heat the small boy was emitting just made Gerard that bit more horny. Frank was beginning to feel as well. Needless to say, he was still scared - but there was something about this man that turned him on even through terror and pain. He just supposed he had a fucked up mind.

More clothes came off, Gerard stripping the two of them quickly and methodically. Soon they were both naked, Frank's legs still hanging off the edge of the bed, Gerard still grinding against him. Their bodies were both slicked with sweat and the pleasure was making them gasp for air. The two boy's mouths were still attached, their tongues fighting with each other for dominance, tasting one another, loving every second of it. Then the vampire had an idea. He tore his mouth from Frank's and gazed down at the boy. He was panting, his adorable face flushed, eyes closed, body writhing. It was quite possibly the most erotic sight Gerard had ever seen.

Then he rolled off of Frank. The boy moaned slightly but was relieved over all. Whilst he was enjoying making out with the man, he was pleased his body wouldn't be violated and torn at again. How wrong he was.

"Suck me off," Gerard commanded.

"W-what?" Frank stammered in response.

"You heard me," the vampire said, not caring to repeat himself. "Now do it. And make it good."

Trembling slightly, the boy crawled down to where the man's cock was throbbing with need. Gerard followed him with hungry eyes. Frank peaked up at him, pleading with his eyes the same way he had done the previous day, hoping to get a similar response and be saved from the humiliation he was about to endure. The vampire just smirked at him, lust making him immune to the pitiful eyes.

Frank closed his eyes in despair, before opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around Gerard's length. The latter moaned as hot wetness enclosed around him and he bucked in to the younger's mouth, making him gag. Small sobs began to shake the boy but Gerard just felt the vibrations around his cock and moaned. He glanced down a Frank who was bending over him, looking like a complete whore. Delicious.

The boy wasn't doing anything though - just staying there, frozen. Apparently he needed some help. Gerard grabbed the short hair at the back of Frank's head and dragged it back, the kid's teeth and lips brushing against his length. It throbbed - almost painfully - and the vampire pushed the boy's head back down. He repeated this, until Frank got the idea and moved for himself, leaving Gerard to flop back and just enjoy the waves of ecstasy that washed over him. Although the boy was doing a half-arsed job (in the vampire's opinion at least), he was soon reaching his peak. Not bothering to warn the boy giving him head, the man bucked his hips up and came into Frank's mouth. The boy gagged and spluttered spitting out the degusting substance that had just ejected into his mouth.

Gerard just watched with amusement. By the time the kid recovered, he had already decided on his next course of action.

Frank sat on the edge of the bed, glaring at his captor. He hated this man with every atom in his body, yet was a slave in every sense of the word. Whilst being rightfully terrified of Gerard, the boy felt... connected to him. In a sexual way. Despite despising the man, Frank felt a large - entirely abnormal to his situation - amount of lust for him. It scared him, and rightly so. Whilst all this whirled around the abused boy's head, Gerard just sat there. Looking at Frank. Smiling. Fear rushed through him again.

"Well Frankie, that wasn't very good, was it?" Gerard crooned, his eyes alight with anticipation.

"What else can I do?" Frank suddenly exploded. The hate, the fear, the humiliation, the anger inside him could no longer be contained. He leapt off the bed and began to pace back and forth across the room. "Your brother kidnapped me! You beat me up! You raped me! You locked me in a cupboard! You told me I'm nothing! You took me to a foreign bloody country! You force me to give you head! And then you say I'm not very good? Well, forgive me if I don't give a flying fuck!" He spat, still pacing back and forth across the room. He was fuming at his captive.

"Lie down on the bed." Gerard instructed. His voice was cool, calm - the opposite of Frank's. It was also somewhat amused. Watching the boy explode like that. There was just something comical about it. Of course, the kid had every right to be angry and Gerard was pleased - anger was a passionate emotion. Frank hadn't been broken... yet.

"No," the boy huffed, further proving Gerard's point.

"Do you seriously want to argue with me?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Frank opened his mouth to yell again, thought better of it, closed his mouth and followed Gerard's instruction.The vampire grinned at the sight of they boy lying starkers and unbelievably angry on his bed. He crossed over to him and began playing with Frank's cock. That was the thing about humans, particularly men. No matter how dire their situation, their bodies always managed to override their mind. Frank seemed especially susceptible to that.

Although he tried his hardest to concentrate on anything other than Gerard's hand, soon he was hard again and completely filled with lust. It was at this point the vampire shifted. He straddled Frank's waist and pushed down on to his member so the boy was seated deep inside him. Both gasped at the feeling; an incredible pleasure for both. It was rare Gerard did this and Frank filled him to an almost uncomfortable level. The slight stretch was easy to ignore though when in this position, filled with such ecstasy.

Despite he was once again being raped, Frank felt amazing. It was bliss being in this position compared to be invaded as he had been previously. The boy's eyes were closed and he was focused on the tight enclosure his cock was now in. Before Gerard had come along he hadn't exactly been a virgin, but all of this was new. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't enjoying it though. Mind you, Gerard was still right now and being inside someone like this without them providing any relief by moving was painful in the most delicious way. Frank bucked his hips and both men gasped at the feeling that rocketed through them. It was beyond pleasure, beyond ecstasy, beyond amazing.

It was then that Gerard began to move. He pulled up and down, Frank sliding around inside him and bucking to increase the amazing friction. It did sting, but Gerard didn't mind - the overall feeling was worth it. His head was tilted back in pleasure, so when he reached down to grab Frank's hand it was a completely blind movement. Either way, he found what he was looking for and wrapped the boys hand around his own cock which already erect and throbbing with need, forcing him to pump it. The boy did so and it was then Gerard chose to look down.

Frank was lying with his eyes half closed, staring through his lids at the man fucking him. His skin shone with sweat, highlighting the muscle and as he moved, his tattoos seemed to writhe over his body. In short, he was singularly the hottest thing Gerard had ever seen. And it wasn't the first time he had thought that about the kid.

His thrusts became more violent, the vampire muscles providing the strength and power he needed to keep up his demanding pace. Frank was lost completely, bucking with no real rhythm - just absorbed in the amazing feeling that came from the beautiful man moving above him. The boy was mewling and moaning like a bitch, making it harder and harder for Gerard to control himself. He was close anyway, what with pounding Frank into his prostate and having the boy pump at his member.

"Awww shit." He heard the kid mutter, then felt him cum inside him. That feeling, of having Frank's hot seed eject on to his prostate was enough to push him over the edge. The vampire came on to the kid's hand and the two rode out their orgasms in thrusts, rocking, groans and undeniable pleasure.

When they were done, Gerard pulled off the younger man and waltzed into the bathroom; high from the afterglow. Frank - who was completely exhausted, despite having the less physically demanding job - wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep, preferably with Gerard. He thought of how nice it had been the previous night. God, he was fucked up to feel like that. But then, after sex that amazing, who wouldn't want to hold the person who made them feel such pleasure? However, the boy doubted that his rapist would feel the same way so resigned himself to sleeping alone.

Gerard came out of the bathroom, still naked but sopping wet and clean. Was it wrong that the sight turned Frank on? Probably. The boy lay back and tried to keep him emotions off of his face.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" The man laughed.

"Who'd enjoy being raped?" Frank sat up and glared.

"It isn't rape if you wanted it!" Gerard chuckled, pulling his skinny jeans.

"And I didn't!" The teen insisted. It was partially true - he hadn't wanted sex. He had enjoyed it though. As awful as it sounded, Gerard was good in bed.

"Sure." The vampire smirked and grabbed his top. "I'm going out, but Mikey is still here so don't try anything stupid. I'm gonna lock the door anyway. Other that that, feel free to do whatever. I'll be back sooner or later - then maybe we'll do that again! You'd like that, wouldn't you?" And with one last mischievous grin, Gerard left the room, locking the door behind him.

Inside, Frank collapsed back on to the bed. He was still high from the afterglow and perfectly happy to just lie there for a while. Sort out his thoughts.

There was no denying that Frank was developing some sort of messed up feeling for Gerard. Fuck only knows why - the two had only known each other for three days. But there was affection there. He was terrified of the man of course, but he no longer hated him. It was stupid feeling like that though, Frank thought to himself. Gerard was only going to hurt him and doing any less than hating him was idiotic. But the boy couldn't bring himself to hate his captor. He sighed and pulled himself off of the bed. he hadn't actually washed since being kidnapped so probably stunk. He was also covered in cum, which was less than pleasant.

Thankfully, the bathroom was fully equipped for his needs and Frank enjoyed a long, hot shower. He felt so much better afterwards, so much more alive. A sign by the sink said the water was drinkable so the boy let the cold tap flow into his mouth. He washed it out a few times to rid it of any remains of Gerard's cum before drinking long and deep.

Then he returned to the bedroom. It was an amazing room really - painted a pale cream with mahogany and dark red furniture. The bed covers matched this theme and there was a floor to ceiling window looking out over the city. It was lit up, small dots of colour against a deep black. If he wasn't being help there against his will, Frank would have loved London. Because whether he felt for Gerard or not, the boy really just wanted to go home.

Exhausted, he lay down under the sheets and fell asleep.

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